Heroes Rewatch: The Kindness of Strangers, Fight or Flight, The Line, and Out of Time

Alright, Fangirls, here we go. Chapters 4 through 7, which for season 2 of Heroes means we’re over the halfway mark (remember it’s only 11 episodes this time around). So, let us dive right in.


Chapter four, “The Kindness of Strangers”, takes us right back to Noah looking at the painting once again. He asks his wife about Claire, worried about the paintings outcome. She comes down the stairs and is asked about her life by her parents. Noah says he’d like to meet a new boy in Claire’s life if there is one (there is, West) and she says there isn’t, knowing how West would react. Molly has another nightmare, waking Matt and Mohinder. They’re such a precious family. Matt is trying to hear the nightmares but he’s constantly thrown back. There’s some tension as neither know how to help Molly. Nathan is outside a school to say hi to his sons. Recall, he’s estranged from his family now. He lets them know about his mother being in the hospital, but when a teacher comes and tells him he isn’t allowed to be there he sends them off. Maya and Alejandro are with their new friend Derek on their way to America. The car stops suddenly as a body is in the road. It’s everyone’s favorite psychopath Sylar, barely alive from walking so much with his injuries.

Micah is woken up by his cousin to go to school. Micah is polite as ever to Nichele Nichols, his nana. His older cousin Monica comes out, ready for her new position at work. She watches a clip her nana is watching of how to make roses out of tomatoes and then leaves for work. At work, Monica is talking with a coworker when she, without even looking, creates a tomato rose. She then learns that the new position she was dreaming about is not going to happen.

In the hospital, Angela admits to killing Kaito Nakamura, but this is obviously not the truth. Matt knows she’s lying, and she thinks to him to play dumb, to let her do this. She tells them if they dig they will discover the people with powers. Nathan questions Matt about what’s going on, and Matt tells him of his powers. Matt thinks Angela is protecting someone, and tells Nathan that the symbol on the photos is the one Molly is drawing. Nathan knows the symbol and the original photo. He agrees to help Matt and then goes to talk to his mother. She rebuffs his efforts to help her, and she tells him to turn his life around, basically implying that he cannot turn into his father.

Claire is approached by a cheerleader about joining the team. West comes over and wants to talk about their abilities but Claire is nervous, not wanting to expose herself too much. West is obnoxious trying to figure everything out and pushing, and Claire really just wants to convince him to keep his distance. He decides that they’ll go on a date that night and then if she still feels the same way after he’ll leave her alone. Claire, having agreed, lies to her family about where she has to go and then meets with West. Noah, not believing her, follows her a little ways until he loses her after West flies her away.

Sylar is in the car with Derek, Maya, and Alejandro, telling lies about who he is. He tells them he is going to New York, and Maya, in her excitement, pulls out Suresh’s book. We all know this as a mistake, a big big mistake. Sylar offers to help them, saying he and Suresh are friends. Again, we all know the lies coming out of his mouth, but she doesn’t see it. Alejandro is suspicious, luckily. Maya asks his name and he says his true name Gabriel Grey. Just like the angel.

Nathan tells Matt about how everyone is connected while looking for the original photo. They bond a little after talking about how they’ve each lost their families, and we learn Matt’s wife was pregnant with another man’s baby, not his. Nathan finds the photo, and we see Bob in it. Nathan points out everyone he knows, and Matt recognizes someone too; his own father. At home, Matt asks Molly to find his father using her power. But when he shows her the picture, she refuses, afraid. He is the nightmare man who can see Molly. Nathan is also going through family photos, and vows to Peter to make things right (remember, he believes Peter is dead).

Claire’s date takes her to the Hollywood sign, where she tells West about her “attempts” in Texas. She can’t tell him everything, for obvious reasons. I remember liking West…now I just find him annoying. He tries to get her to trust him by saying she should jump one last time. She gets up and jumps and as she falls he flies down and catches her, winning her trust. Back at home, to protect West from her father, she lies and says she’s joined the cheerleading squad. A minor heated conversation and both parties have an arrangement. Noah hears chimes and goes out to meet the Haitian. He has a lead on the rest of the paintings, but they have a long journey ahead of them.

Micah shows off his powers a little, getting one of his cousin’s a pay-per-view match. Monica comes home and is disappointed in him, but bounces back quickly. Micah hugs her, being the sweetest child ever. And the show indicates that his powers go beyond electronics. Monica watches the wrestling match with them.

Maya, Derek, Alejandro, and Gabriel stop for a bit, and Derek and Gabriel discover why the siblings are wanted. Derek panics, and while Sylar tells him to go off to call the police, what he really does is use the opportunity to see Maya’s powers – or rather feel it. Alejandro helps her before they can kill Gabriel and he uses it all to further gain their trust. They drive off to New York. Oh, and Derek is dead.

Monica is at work closing up when the store gets robbed. She panics at first but then her brain uses the wrestling moves she learned to get rid of him.

Matt feels terrible about how Molly reacted, but he still needs to find his father, to know if he’s a victim or the murderer. He and Mohinder fight, and as Molly listens she agrees to help. As she looks, she sees the city he’s in but becomes more and more afraid. As she gets closer, he sees her and she falls into a coma. Matt hears her mind screaming for him. And thus ends chapter 4.

Well, that’d be a hell of a cliffhanger if we didn’t have chapter 5 nice and handy and ready to go. Chapter 5, “Fight or Flight”, shows us Molly hooked up to medicine and machines. Matt wants to do anything to help her, feeling guilty. Mohinder tells him he has to go to his father and help Molly that way. Matt is frightened, but he knows he has to. Monica is giving her statement to the police about the attempted robbery. She’s afraid to fully admit what happened. In Ireland, Peter and Caitlin are together and Peter says he could get used to a normal life. He’s still afraid of learning who he is, but she has faith in him. She makes a quip about someone looking for him, but she isn’t wrong. Kristen Bell is at the docks in the box Peter was found in. She finds out from Will (the traitor from before) where he is, revealing she works for a Company. And we see that she’s the one he learned the lightning trick from.

Matt goes to talk to Angela, who tells him nothing. Nathan learns what Matt is planning and wants to go with him. Nathan convinces him to let him join. They get to the apartment Molly found, and when they enter they find his father frightened, He acts like he knows nothing. He too has a picture with the symbol, showing he is marked for death. He claims that what he did to Molly was for his protection, and easily recognizes Nathan. As Matt tries to read his father’s mind, his father fights back, having the same power as Matt.

Ricky comes back to the bar and tells Peter that Kristen Bell is looking for him. Peter is worried, and Ricky tells him to go with Caitlin to a safe flat so he can get Kristen Bell off his scent.

Monica reveals her unknown power to her coworker, who assures her everything will be alright. At home, Micah proves to be great on the piano (seriously, can this kid do no wrong?). Monica comes over to him and as he plays she begins playing too, having watched him do it. Micah realizes her powers easily. He tries to talk to her about them, showing her his powers in return. He tells her about DL and Niki’s abilities, and then shows her a 9th wonders issue written by Isaac about a muscle mimic. She accepts what he’s saying, amazed.

Mohinder calls Noah, wanting to take Molly to the Company for treatment. Noah tries to talk him out of it but it doesn’t work and he takes her there anyways. Matt and Nathan question his father, and he tells them that the group found each other after their powers manifested. He tells Matt his power grew beyond mind reading and gets the two to separate, pushing them both into their biggest fear. For Matt, this means being locked away from his family. For Nathan, that he failed and the city was destroyed. Matt’s father escapes, proving to be the creep Molly fears.

Ando has the scrolls Hiro left him inspected, discovering that they are authentic and looking for help translating the more worn scrolls. Hiro is still with Kensai, going through the trials he heard about as a child from his father. He and Kensai have found the final map piece in order to save the swordsmith. Yaeko, the swordsmith’s daughter, is falling in love with Kensai, as told in the stories. The trio come upon the camp where he is held, and discover it is them against an entire army. Ando’s story is cut off; the next scrolls are too damaged and will take time to repair.

Bob comes to Mohinder with a new patient. Mohinder is resistant, not wanting to leave Molly. Bob gives him a taser just in case, and Mohinder quickly learns why he needs it as Niki bursts through and starts strangling Bob, stopped thanks to Mohinder. Niki wakes up back to her normal self. Bob indicates that Niki and Jessica have once again separated, no longer working as one.

Peter and Caitlin go to the flat  and he finally decides to open the box. He finds his passport, an airline ticket from New York to Montreal, and a picture of him and Nathan, though he doesn’t remember Nathan. He sees a blank canvas (she paints to relax) and a vision comes through. Kristen Bell shows up at the pub and when Ricky tries to deflect her away from Peter she doesn’t buy it and shows off her temper by locking the door and killing him with her power.

Nathan is confronted by his deformed self, the one he blames for killing Peter. And Matt is confronted by Janice and the baby, believing he will be just like his father and abandon everyone he loves. Matt and Nathan get into fights in their fears, but they’re really fighting each other, and Matt figures it out first, pulling Nathan out to save them both. Matt searches the apartment to figure out where he went, angry that he let his guard down. Nathan finds a picture of Bob with the symbol on it.

Monica is developing her new power, and Micah finds her. They talk about why they would have these powers, and Micah says they’re meant to do something with them. They keeps it a secret, and as he goes to bed Mohinder knocks on her door. He has the answers she wants.

Kristen Bell receives a phone call and the person on the other end is not happy about her killing to find Peter. It sounds like she’s being pulled from the assignment, and she’s talking to her father. She leaves as Peter finishes his painting. It’s him and Caitlin on a street corner in France or Montreal. She receives a call, and they discover Ricky’s body. Peter blames himself because they were looking for him, and knows he can’t keep hiding. And that is the end of chapter 5.

Chapter 6, “The Line”, opens with Ricky’s murder investigation. Peter, blaming himself, is determined to find Kristen Bell (I don’t think we’ve learned her name yet. An aside; this season is crap at teaching us names of new characters.) and is going to Montreal. Caitlin is going with him, since she was in the painting too…and she wants revenge. Calire is at cheerleading tryouts and is rejected from the team. Monica is showing her abilities to Mohinder but just wants to go back to her family. Turns out she’s at the Company in New York, a long way from Micah. She’s the first person to exhibit her muscle memory. Bob pulls Mohinder away and wants him to give her the virus in order to remove her abilities without killing her. Mohinder is against this, even when Bob tries to manipulate him with Sylar emotions. Mohinder also sees a file; Adam Monroe. Noah advises that Mohinder play along, but Mohinder doesn’t want to experiment on people. Noah and the Haitian are in the Ukraine to visit an “old friend” named Ivan.

Sylar continues to travel with Maya and Alejandro. He thinks her gift is incredible. He tells her how his powers have disappeared and that he needs to get to Suresh to get them back. Alejandro still definitely doesn’t trust Gabriel, but Maya for once won’t listen to him. They reach the border and drive into America before being stopped by border patrol. Maya’s power kicks in and Gabriel stops Alejandro from stopping her. He convinces her to use her power to get past the men, and she listens. It starts to kill Gabriel, but she drives away and stops it before he can die.

Ando finds that the man hired to restore the scrolls has accomplished more scrolls. He continues to read about Hiro’s adventures in the past. When last we saw, he, Kensai, and Yaeko had arrived at the camp where her father was being held. Hiro continues to love her, though she doesn’t know it. She asks why he is still traveling with them, but he doesn’t get the chance to answer. They begin the rescue that night. Kensai and Hiro’s friendship is cute; Kensai even has his own nickname for Hiro, “Carp”. They have helped each other grow and become better people. They work together to rescue the swordsmith, but he tells them that the White Beard holding him has built an illegal arsenal of guns and that it must be destroyed. They must work together to destroy the arsenal. As a warrior shoots at them, Hiro uses his powers to save Yaeko. She finally figures out that he was the Kensai she fell in love with, and the real Kensai simply became that man. Hiro is frightened of breaking history, but admits to loving her. They begin to kiss, but Hiro freezes time, questioning if he should. He decides to be happy for once and kisses her. And Kensai watched. And that ends the scrolls that were left for Ando.

West continues to push Claire to tell her family about him, but she knows better. So West convinces her to get on the team by standing up to the head cheerleader. Noah asks Ivan, chained to a chair, about the rest of the paintings. We learn Ivan was the one to train Noah and Claude. When Ivan won’t speak, Noah threatens to have the Haitian take away some of his most precious memories. In the middle of the interrogation, Claire calls asking to borrow the car. He says ok, and she is clearly planning something. He lies about where he is before they hang up. He continues the interrogation, and Ivan offers him a deal. If he comes back to the Company he and his family will be safe.

Claire shows up at a cheerleader event to ask for another chance. When she is rejected again, West flies in and picks her up, dropping her from a height. Luckily, Debbie (head cheerleader) is drunk and when she calls the cops Claire is gone and the alcohol is on her breath. Claire walks in and convinces them all that Debbie is off her rocker.

Mohinder comes to Monica to give her the shot, lying about what it is. But when the time comes, he can’t and goes to Bob telling him he is leaving the Company with Molly. As he goes to get Molly, Bob arrives and apologizes for earlier. He asked Mohinder to inject Monica because he is trying to stop Adam Monroe, though we still don’t know who that is yet. Mohinder still doesn’t trust them, but has no other choice since Molly is still unconscious.

Alejandro and Gabriel fight, Alejandro knowing what Sylar is doing. He asks her to choose between himself and Gabriel, but she refuses knowing they both need to get to Suresh. Alejandro agrees but says he won’t save him again. And as she leaves, the real Sylar shows himself, promising to take both Alejandro’s and Maya’s powers. I still love Zachary Quinto.

Claire is angry that West talked her into what just happened, but is calmed by him. The cheerleader who recruited Claire comes and tells her she is on the team. Noah, meanwhile, has considered Ivan’s proposal but rejects it, continuing the interrogation. Ivan finally breaks and tells Noah where to find the paintings. Once he has the answers, Noah and the Haitian stage the house to look like a robbery before killing Ivan.

Kensai reveals that he saw Hiro and Yaeko kiss, admitting that he truly loves her. Hiro admits to falling in love with her, and their friendship is broken. Hiro vows that he will not give in to his feelings one more time, but Kensai’s betrayal of everything Hiro knows has already begun. Kensai has sided with White Beard.

Monica returns home with information on her abilities and a shiny iPod Classic loaded with every skill she could possibly want. Mohinder, meanwhile, is teamed up with Niki as his new partner, or rather watchdog.

The paintings are found and laid out in order. We see Kensai and Hiro fighting, Mohinder with a broken nose and a smoking gun, and Noah dead on the ground.

Caitlin and Peter find the place in the painting and enter some form of shop. There is a tag with Peter’s name on it from Adam. He says that they were right about the Company and that the world is in danger, and its safety is in their hands. As he and Caitlin hug, he asks about the future, and is shown as they teleport to a destroyed NYC. And that is the end of chapter 6.

I do remember a bit of what happens in chapter 7. I’m fairly certain we’re meeting Adam soon. Let’s dive in, shall we? Chapter 7, “Out of Time”, Kensai has Hiro strapped near some opium, stopping his powers from working. Yaeko asks for him to stop this, and Kensai tells her that he was offered anything he wanted. He asked for half the country and Yaeko as his princess. Hiro has truly broken time. Noah and the Haitian are taking photos of all of the paintings, and he calls Mohinder asking if the Company has given him a gun, an important question considering one of the paintings. Their partnership is fractured, and Mohinder is paranoid thanks to Niki always being near him. Noah destroys the paintings after taking photos. The Company building is being evacuated by Matt and Nathan, coming to protect Bob from Matt’s father. Peter and Caitlin are in the future, in a deserted and abandoned NYC. They are caught by a group in hazmat suits who ask if they are sick and take them away to decontamination.

Claire is at home sleeping when she gets a text from West, who it turns out is in her kitchen having invited himself over to bring her breakfast. Claire is unhappy, especially after he shows her that Debbie has told the paper about them and their powers. Claire asks West about his scars, and tries to tell him about her dad. He FINALLY realizes that he’s moving too fast, and she backs down from telling him, just as Noah returns home. She tells him who her father is and he runs away.

Matt, Bob, Mohinder, Nathan, and Niki are discussing what to do to protect Bob, and Bob says that they need to use him as bait to get rid of Maury (Matt’s dad) once and for all. Bob wants Mohinder and Niki to inject Maury with the virus. Bob wants Matt to expand his powers, but Matt says he can’t. He goes to Molly, apologizing for what he’s done and how he hasn’t helped her yet.

Yaeko is not done fighting and breaks out of her chains. She works to get Hiro back, and in the nick of time his powers work. From afar, Hiro and Yaeko watch as White Beard and his army prepare for war. Hiro won’t stop until White Beard is defeated. He still has faith in Kensai, willing to risk his life to get the hero back. Hiro tells her to wait for him as he goes to destroy the guns. While working to destroy the guns, Kensai arrives. Hiro tries to reason with him, and it almost works. They battle, and in the battle Kensai unknowingly destroys the gunpowder.  Kensai swears to make Hiro suffer, and Hiro teleports as the tent blows up, killing Kensai.

Peter and Caitlin are separated, and Peter discovers that in this future he’s dead. He learns that Caitlin is being sent back to Ireland. He is told that the virus being fought in the present day has killed 93% of the population. Peter sees his mother, though he doesn’t know who she is. She wants him to remember who he is, and tells him about himself. She tells him that Nathan is also dead, but he won’t be if Peter changes the future. Peter doesn’t think he can, but Angela helps him and he finally understands.

Mohinder and Niki go to get the virus, but Mohinder is not totally on board with the plan. Niki convinces him that the Company isn’t completely evil; they helped her rather than take her powers away because of who she killed. They want her to have a life. As Mohinder walks away, we see that Maury is in the building. How? Niki sees DL, who tells her she can never have a life because she is a killer who will kill everyone. He says not to tell because they’ll think she’s crazy again and take Micah away. And she listens. Maury continues to use DL and Micah against her, showing Bob shooting him and trying to convince her to fight against them.

Nathan sees files for every family involved in the Company and knows them all except for Adam Monroe. Turns out the Company was all Adam’s idea, to come together and make something good for their families. Adam and Maury are working together, and Adam is crazier than Linderman. He was locked up, but he escaped. Nathan asks why he should care, and Bob tells him that Peter is alive. He shows Nathan video proof of Peter being alive, and then tells him that they lost Peter. Niki begins bashing in the door, falling prey to Maury. Matt goes to fight and finds himself in an apartment with Molly, the real Molly locked away. Matt uses his powers to call his father, and his powers grow. Niki is convinced that Bob killed DL, and Nathan and Bob work to get her back. She injects herself with the virus to stop the nightmare and stop killing. Matt promises to save Molly and confronts his father. Matt realizes that Molly is trapped in Maury’s nightmare, and as he realizes that he isn’t anything like his father he walks out of the nightmare with Molly, trapping Maury in his own mind. The acting here by Greg Grunberg is amazing, again another scene I recommend finding somehow (I mean, hopefully you’re watching the series by now but just in case really try to find this scene). Matt has saved Molly.

Peter and his mother are leaving when Caitlin finds him. But he cannot save her as he returns to Montreal and the present alone.

Hiro goes to Yaeko and brings Kensai’s helmet, telling her he is dead. She calls him the true Kensai and says he can now live happily with the princess, and as he considers it, he knows it cannot be. He is in the last story of Kensai, where he cuts out his heart to save his love and Japan. He gives her the sword and she vows to tell the stories of Kensai that Hiro will hear as a child. He returns home to Ando, bringing the helmet with him. Why can’t Hiro fall in love and be happy for once? Charlie, Yaeko, why? Ando is thrilled to see his best friend again, and even more happy to hear they saved the world from the explosion. He asks for his father, and the happiness is killed.

Mohinder’s nose is broken as he tries to cure Niki. But turns out his usual cure isn’t working thanks to a new strain of the virus. Niki has a death sentence. Mohinder tells Bob that the new strain has no cure. Bob vows to destroy every single vial while also giving Mohinder Claire’s file, hoping her blood can be the new cure. Bob gives Mohinder the gun. Mohinder learns the truth about what Noah is willing to do to protect his family, and tells Bob the truth about trying to destroy the Company. Mohinder doesn’t know what’s right and wrong anymore, he just wants to help the world. And Noah? He just discovered that Claire has a boyfriend. And has discovered the news article. Claire and Noah fight about how they are in danger, and Noah declares that they have to move, but Claire won’t hear it.

Peter is trying to access Hiro’s power again but cannot figure it out. Guess not all of his memories came back. He read the note again and doesn’t know who Adam is. But we do. Adam approaches and Peter zaps him with the blue lighting. But the hand absorbs it, healing from the burns instantly. Adam approaches, and it is Takezo Kensai. And that ends chapter 7.

I remembered this twist but seeing everything again makes me love it all over. Oh, I love twists like that. So Kensai, or Adam, has lived for over 400 years. He was bound to go crazy eventually.

Next episode, we bounce back four months to discover the immediate aftermath of the almost explosion. And then it’s only a couple more episodes until the season finale. Until next time.















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