Golden Egg Bath Bomb from Lush

Fangirls, when this bad baby was delivered to my house, I felt like Charlie finding his golden ticket.  Though it’s a Lush Easter exclusive, you should probably start planning on buying a couple next time they’re selling them.  Easter is only a couple months away.


So let me be straight with you.  This is amazing.  It’s like it came out of the fabled goose’s butt and made your bath magical as all heck.  This beauty is a bath bomb covered in a bath melt.  You know what that means?  You’re past the beanstalk and forever in the clouds, Fangirls.  It isn’t too bubbly, but just enough.  And it’s super soothing, so it’s really the whole package.

I cut my golden egg in half, and so I got two uses out of it.  But if I were you, Fangirls, I would draw a hot, steamy bath, and plan for a long, sweet, soak, and use it all at once.  This is so amazing, I really can’t describe it.  But I’m going to try anyways.


The bath melt softens your skin, and the bomb makes your bath sweet and yellow.  I’m not a huge fan of yellow bath bombs; they make me feel like I’m soaking in urine.  But this egg had me so relaxed that I wasn’t worried about it; at all.  The only other negative was the amount of glitter left everywhere, but with a shower, it was off of me and my bath tub.  Not a huge deal.


But I can’t get over how amazing it felt.  I loved soaking in it; I felt quite decadent and incredibly relaxed.  I know we’ve got a little while until Easter, but once they go on sale again, I’m buying a bunch.  This egg is a necessity in every bathroom.  It astounds me how in love with it I am, and am very glad I only have a few more months before I can buy it again.









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