Harley Quinn & Powergirl Issues 1-3

Fangirls, I haven’t been to comic shop in about a month, which really stinks. But it also means that I don’t have the most recent Harley Quinn issue to review for you, so today it’s being substituted with Harley Quinn and Powergirl issues 1-3. I’m going to a shop at the end of the week for a Pre SPX party, so I’ll be able to pick up the current stuff then, but until then we’re sticking with HQ & PG.


These issues are a continuation of the storyline in issues 11-13 of Harley Quinn, where she convinced an amnesiac Powergirl that they were a crime fighting duo, and ended up in a different dimension. It starts with the ladies finding a creepy hobbit/Yoda type dude who wanted to sex them up, and when they refused, he set his Hydra on them. They kicked the Hydra’s butt, and found a secret hideout that recognized Powergirl upon their entry.

The head hideout took the ladies to a different area, where they were attacked by jerks who accused them of being prostitutes. After Harley accidentally killed said accusatory jerk, the pair were found by some natives who seem to recognize Powergirl. They claim that she is the original, Vartox’s lover with whom he founded their way of life (free love and art). Though she has no clue what they’re talking about, she agrees to help them get Vartox back, through whatever means she can. Those means seem to be by destroying practically an army. Unfortunately, she tells Harley to take the natives to safety while she fights the army, and she doesn’t fair quite as well as she was hoping.


While Pee Gee is fighting, Harley rushes with the locals to find shelter, but instead comes upon a kilbot instructed to sew their orifices together. Harley and the locals work together to take it down, HQ eventually turns it into a giant version of her stuffed beaver back home.

When Peej is defeated by the armies, she is rescued by the XGF; Vartox’s Ex Girlfriend Force (which includes one man). The XGF saves Power Girl, and then volunteers to help save their Vartox, but prioritizes their mission over helping Power Girl or Harley when the two seem to need it again.

As our ladies get closer to Lustox, the moon where Vartox has been stuck, they are attacked and brought down by none other than Vartox himself. Issue 3 closes with him fighting, and quite possibly destroying, Powergirl. What’s next is something I’ll have to wait and see.


Though I enjoyed the story with these issues, I wasn’t into the obvious push of sex, and claims of prostitution due to the way Harley and Powergirl were dressed. I thought that, along with close-ups of their butts was incredibly unnecessary; I don’t want to see my favorite characters objectified. Both Harley and Pee Gee are powerful ladies, and I want them to be respected as such. I worry that some people are buying the team-up comic not for the silly jokes, but for the boobs and butts. That’s lame, to me. I don’t want that to be reinforced in the comics industry, but it seems like it’s going to be, no matter what.

Overall, it’s an interesting mini series. It’s said to only last 6 issues, so it may be worth it to wait for a trade of them to come out. It’s good, but not a single issue necessity.













All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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