Appdicted: Animal Crossing

Fangirls, I’m super into my New 3DS. I love it so much, it comes everywhere with me, and I’m always playing it. One of the games that I was recommended, is Animal Crossing: A New Leaf. And the person that recommended it to me was right, I adore it and am highly addicted to it.


Animal Crossing is about running a township. You move to a new place, and find out that you’re the new mayor, surprise! You’ve got to pay to have a house built for you, along with taking over the town. You have to be active in the community; talking to your neighbors, catching and selling bugs and fish, making donations to the museum. There’s a lot to think about. But it’s definitely a fun game.

On the other hand, I find it kind of stressful. I feel really guilty when I don’t play for a couple days, because Animal Crossing runs in real time, so they know I haven’t been around for a couple days. I don’t like that a game makes me feel guilty, and I feel responsible because I’m the mayor, gosh darnit, and I feel really bad.

Guilt aside, I do enjoy the game. I’m pretty new to it, but it’s fairly simple; you’ve got to attend your mayoral duties, be friendly with the people of the town, and work to pay off the loan you had to take out to have your house built. Since it runs on real time, the local businesses are only open at certain times of the day, and you can only talk to neighbors at certain times. It’s rough, man!

All in all, I do have fun when I play it. I like the cute animals that are my neighbors, and I like the freedom the game has. I do wish I had more room in my Mayor’s pockets; collecting things is the main source of income, and it’s hard to pay off a house loan when I only can fill a couple pockets with stuff to sell. I recommend Animal Crossing to people who don’t feel guilty about leaving a game unattended for a couple days, and / or have time to put into a game daily.












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