Heroes Rewatch: Four Months Ago, Cautionary Tales, Truth & Consequences and Powerless

Where has the time gone, Fangirls? This is the last one for season two. And don’t get me wrong, part of me is grateful for the short season since there’s four of them to go through before September 24th (I don’t think I’ll get through all of them before the 24th, but they’ll keep going, and be followed by Reborn). Speaking of Reborn, a prequel series has been released for it, so I will be tuning into those soon, cannot wait. Anyways, let’s jump into chapter eight through eleven now.


Chapter eight, “Four Months Ago”, is clearly going to give us some answers as to what happened immediately after the explosion was stopped. I don’t remember if I loved this episode like I loved “Six Months Ago” and “Five Years Gone” from season one, so let’s get a refresher. We begin in the present with Peter meeting Adam, who we have known as Kensai up until now. Adam realizes that the Haitian has messed with Peter’s mind, and Adam speculates that the healing power he has absorbed from Claire and Adam will heal his memories and his mind. Adam reminds him of his brother Nathan, and we flash back four months so Nathan sacrificing himself for his city and his brother. Peter urges Nathan to let him go so he doesn’t die, and though Nathan refuses Peter drops from his arms and explodes. As Nathan falls unconscious Peter catches him and flies him to a hospital. He disappears after dropping off his brother and is stunned by Kristen Bell and Bob (ok, her name is Elle, they haven’t told us this yet and I just remembered so she’s Elle now, ok?). Niki and Micah are waiting for news on DL and discover that he will survive the gunshot. In Mexico, Alejandro is married, and Maya is less than thrilled. At the reception we find that Maya suspects that his new bride is still in love with her ex, though they broke up two years earlier. Maya goes off alone and cries the black liquid, but only a little. She hears laughter and finds the unfaithful bride. In her anger, Maya’s power activates, killing the bride and the boyfriend. When she leaves the room, she finds it was more than just them killed. The entire wedding party is dead. All except Alejandro. She knows what she has done and runs away.

Elle (hey, look, Bob FINALLY, said her name) wakes Peter up, who immediately asks for Nathan. Bob tells him the finest doctors are working on his health. Elle immediately tells Peter that Nathan’s near death was his fault and they both agree that Peter’s powers controlling him make him a hazard, which is why they have the Haitian suppressing his abilities. Elle is creepy and almost psychotic. Bob states that there is research happening that can “cure” powers. Of course, we know it as the virus. Peter agrees to taking it, fearing exploding again. Meanwhile Nathan wakes up to Angela at his bed side. She tells him Peter is missing and that he is lucky to be alive. Nathan wants to see himself, and he sees the burned and broken nightmare we have seen before.

DL is awake and alive to the great joy of Micah and Niki. Niki discovers that the hospital bills have been taken care of thanks to Bob. He says he wants to help fix what Linderman did. He says that Jessica may not really be gone, remaining inside, and even if she isn’t there might be a new personality to emerge. To receive help, she’d have to leave her family. Niki refuses, having gone through hell to get them all back.

Elle gives Peter his haircut (don’t know why but oh well) and they talk about medicine that can suppress abilities. Peter takes them and Elle shows her true crazy. After she leaves, Adam makes contact with Peter through the grate in the wall.

Three months ago, on Micah’s 11th birthday, Niki is distant for a moment and Micah wants to be a family of superheroes. DL wants to be a hero too, and reveals he got a job as a fireman. Niki is still distant, her new medication affecting her. DL doesn’t know how to help other than to be there and to reassure her that things will be ok. Niki makes a decision then to stop the medication.

Adam has still been talking to Peter, though Peter hasn’t been talking back. Adam knows Peter’s story because he lived it himself. And Peter finally begins to open up to Adam.

Two months ago, Peter is visited by Elle, again, and she uses her powers on him every time, causing pain for Peter. Peter asks about her past and she dodges. Kristen Bell is a great actress, playing crazy well, and as she tells why she is the way she is we find she could be an interesting character. When she leaves, Adam tells him to keep his distance and then says that the cure is nothing.

Angela goes to Nathan’s hospital room and finds Heidi, his wife with him. She leaves them to their privacy but Heidi exits a moment later. Nathan has told her the truth and as Angela tries to deflect and cause doubt, she pushes Heidi away from Nathan.

Niki has a new job and is practicing in front of the mirror. She and DL have never been happier, though he still believes she’s taking the medicine. A new personality has emerged in Niki named Gina. Niki asserts her control, but Gina wins out. DL, meanwhile, shows himself to be a hero when he saves a child from a burning building, and he is proud to be himself. Micah is watching the news and sees his father’s heroic moment when DL comes home to find that Niki isn’t home. DL goes to their room to find a note from Gina, though he thinks it’s Jessica.

Peter has asked to see his family, and Bob says not right now. Peter tries options and reasoning but nothing works and he realizes Adam is right when he says its a prison. I love the actor who plays Adam, his name is David Anders. He’s so smooth and persuasive and yet his eyes and face show the darkness he holds. He tells Peter that a drop of his blood could heal Nathan, and Peter is determined to get out.

One month ago, Peter has stopped taking his medicine, though Elle has no idea. Peter is back to his full strength and walks through the wall to finally meet Adam. They escape together to heal Nathan.

Maya has become a nun in Venezuela, but Alejandro finds her. She knows she can’t go back no matter what. But as he begs to know, a police officer has shown up, brought by her brother. Her powers activate and again everyone except Alejandro begins to die. He takes her hands and discovers that he has a power as well, the power to stop hers. He believes her and they begin their run.

Gina is still in control of Niki’s body, partying in L.A. DL finds her and brings Niki back out, getting into a fight with the man Gina was dancing with. As DL takes Niki out, he is shot and killed right in front of her.

Three weeks ago, Micah holds his father’s medal of valor at the funeral, where Niki asks Nana Hawkins for help. Bob arrives and knows Niki is ready to go into the program.

Peter and Adam find Nathan and Adam gives him a shot of blood. But there isn’t time to stick around. They begin to leave as Nathan heals, but they’re path is blocked by Elle and the Haitian. Adam tells him where to meet in Montreal, and Elle goes after Adam while the Haitian chases Peter. Peter tries to hide in a freighter crate but the Haitian finds him and locks him in, but not before taking his memories and giving him his necklace.

We flash back to the present day as Niki leaves to be with her son while accepting her fate, Nathan arrives in Ireland to find his brother, and Peter remembers everything. And that is the end of chapter 8.

Chapter 9, “Cautionary Tales”, brings us back to the present and opens with the Bennets packing up yet again, except for Claire who is off to school, determined not to leave. She fights with her father until her mother steps in and tries to cool things down. Claire leaves still angry. Hiro and Ando are at the funeral for Kaito. Hiro is meant to make a speech, but once he is up at the podium, he walks away. Ando goes after him, and Hiro blames himself for being gone so long. He refuses to let go of his father and goes back in time to see the murder. He sees Kaito and Angela arguing. Matt is trying to piece everything together when Molly comes out, free of nightmares. He fears having her use his powers for him, urging her to be a happy little girl. He thinks “Just do it for me, ok?” and she immediately agrees. He tests out a theory, and his powers have developed significantly. Bob and Mohinder are in Costa Verde to find Claire and get her blood to develop a new cure. Elle is there as well as Mohinder’s new partner.

Claire has called for West by writing out “Sorry” in stones to find him. She wants him to understand but he continues to be betrayed. She tells him she has chosen to stay behind because of him but he can’t trust her.

Matt is still investigating Kaito’s death though his chief believes it is closed. His job is at risk if he keeps it up, and Matt uses his powers to continue the case for 24 hours. Matt goes to Angela and uses his new power to get the truth from her. She fights as hard as she can but it doesn’t work, and Matt gets the truth. She tells him Adam’s true age and that he can’t age anymore. She has some great speeches and some fabulous acting.

Noah tells his wife the truth about his former job and shows her the painting of his death. He wants to talk to West but doesn’t know how. He calls Mohinder to have Molly find West for him. And Mohinder leaves out that he is in town. Noah leaves to find West, but West finds him first. They talk it out, but during this, Noah receives a call from Mohinder with a false location for West. Noah enlists West to help protect Claire. Bob comes to Claire’s school and reveals he knows who she is. She runs from him. Noah goes to the false location and Mohinder asks for Claire’s blood. Noah refuses and Mohinder points his gun. Claire runs home and sees the painting as Bob comes in. Noah asks after Mohinder’s partner and sees Elle. West flies in and takes Elle out. Noah gets the gun away from Mohinder but can’t kill in front of West. He gets home to find Claire gone and West walks in with Elle. They hold Elle captive until they can get Claire back. Noah tells Elle that her father experimented on her and had the Haitian erase the memories. He sets up a trade with Bob, who still takes Claire’s blood. She agrees that her blood can help and lets him take it.

Hiro watches Angela leave and goes to his father. He wants to get him out, tells him of his death. But Kaito won’t leave, accepting his fate. (side note: I’ve just watched this deleted scene from the first episode of the season, go and watch because it shows Kaito’s powers) Hiro is angry and brings his father back in time to relive a moment from Hiro’s childhood; his mother’s funeral. He wants his father to understand his heartache at losing both parents but Kaito won’t comply. Hiro runs into his younger self and explains the traditions of the funeral to him. Young Hiro vows to stop his father from dying, and Hiro understands the truth. Hiro takes his father back to the present. They say goodbye, and Hiro stays to see his father’s killer. He discovers it is Kensai, his former friend and hero.

West wants to help Noah and won’t take no for an answer. Noah knows what this means but accepts it. While waiting for Bob and Claire, Noah talks to West to find out more about him. Bob, Mohinder, and Claire arrive. Noah tells West the plan right in front of Elle (shouldn’t he be more trained than that?) and the exchange begins. Claire reunites with the ones she loves and West tries to fly her away. Elle shocks them down and Noah shoots Elle. Noah plans to kill Bob to protect his family, and Mohinder blows the killing shot just like the painting said. West flies Claire home where she feels guilty for the fight that morning. She tells her mother, who falls to the ground in tears.

Hiro gives his father a proper eulogy, saying that his father lives on in him and his sister through the things he taught them. Mohinder cannot believe his choice. Elle shirks from her father. Matt has become the man he feared, his father. The Bennets mourn. And Noah? He wakes up, an IV of special blood flowing into him. And that is the end of chapter 9.

Let’s talk about a few things. I know I usually end the posts here but we need to have a discussion or two. First thing, DL’s death. The man already nearly died from a gunshot wound and then became an awesome hero and human being. To kill him the way they did feels weak to me. Even remembering some things to come, it feels too weak. Especially when compared to the flood of emotions as Hiro and his father reconnect before Kaito’s death, or even Noah’s death as his beloved daughter watches.

Even though I think that one moment is weak, I’m still against many former fans who think the entire show weakened around this point. To me, the characters still have all the heart and passion from the first season. Hiro is still precious and adorable though he has had to grow up so quickly. Noah can still be terrifying yet has grown into an even more loving father. Even Nathan has grown from the self centered man he was into the man who just wants to do right in the world. Mohinder’s character development has weakened a bit, especially considering certain things which the changes he has gone through will lead to. But most of the characters still possess the wonderful qualities that made us love them before, even if they are the bad guys (looking at the underused but still brilliant when on screen Zachary Quinto). Even the new characters are incredible. I love Adam’s storyline and what it could mean for Claire who shares his power. I love the twins and dread the fact that we don’t get to see as much of their storyline as we could have explored. But I still love them and love the new powers they bring to the table.

Alright everybody. Here comes the end of volume two, “Generations”. I am so excited for volume three cause it’s called “Villains” and historically with this show I love the villains almost more than some of the heroes, and I remember a lot from volume three so I’m so excited. I should note here, and I’ll note it again when I get to season three; season three has two volumes in it. They tried to do the two-stories-in-one-season deal that Once Upon a Time is notorious for, and it kinda worked, but at the same time it didn’t cause with season four they went back to the one-story-per-season thing. But anyways, let’s finish off season two before we discuss seasons 3 and 4 too much.

Chapter 10, “Truth & Consequences”, brings us right back to Peter who has returned to the future he brought Caitlin to, but only in his dreams. He tells Adam what he saw, shows him a notice from the future. Adam says they must go find Victoria Pratt, the woman Matt is looking for. She developed the virus, made stronger versions. He shows Peter the picture of the Company founders and they agree to go. Bob goes to the Bennet’s with Noah’s ashes (but not really) and no Bennet wants him there. He says Claire and her family will be left alone for a normal life, but the cost was too high. In his car, Bob tells Elle to keep an eye on Claire. Bob blames her for Noah’s “death” and for her getting shot and says she has lost his trust. Stand up father, that Bob. Noah meanwhile wakes up from death and finds Mohinder caring for him. Mohinder has uses Claire’s blood to save him, bringing Noah completely back from the death. Mohinder has stopped the mission to bring down the Company and tells Noah that his family thinks he is dead.

Micah and his cousins come home discussing superheroes and comics. He puts down his bag and finds his mom home finally. He is so precious and adorable, this actor is fantastic. Niki tells her son that she has the virus and that it will kill her without a cure. She believes in Suresh and the cure he wants to find. We find out Micah has been carrying his dad’s medal around in his backpack, but when he goes to grab it it’s missing.

Gabriel is treating Maya to a picnic, but his ulterior motives are to separate the twins, make Maya send Alejandro away. Even when he tries to be sweet, he’s so creepy. He pushes her to set off her powers to prove to her that she can control them without her brother, and it works. They’re both so proud – for different reasons. Maya runs and tells Alejandro the good news, but Alejandro has been doing some research on one Gabriel Grey. She refuses to listen, and Gabriel walks in. They confront him about his mother’s murder, and he admits it, but he doesn’t mention the other murders. She thinks he understands how she feels, fearing the murders, but…no. She’ll figure it out soon, don’t worry. She tells Alejandro to go home, that he no longer needs to go with them. Alejandro bursts out of the room and Gabriel creepily comforts her.

Aside time: Something brilliant this show did with Sylar was put a ticking clock sound in the background when he’s being particularly Sylar-esque. Sometimes it’s softer, sometimes it’s prominent, and sometimes it builds in a crescendo or fades away, all depending on the scene. And I love it because of who he is, how he was introduced, I love it.

Hiro and Ando find the photo of the Company founders in Kaito’s things, looking for clues to Kensai’s whereabouts. Hiro finds a photo of Kensai, his father, and Victoria Pratt. He discovers that Kensai has gone by Adam Monroe for a long time, and Hiro decides to go back to the day his father decided to lock up Adam. Hiro finds that he was locked away for trying to release the virus on the world, and that his father also decided not to shut down the experiments on the virus.

Peter and Adam have found Victoria in Maine. Peter goes to her alone at first, not wanting to spook her. He tells her he knows what the future holds and that her virus will cause the death of almost everyone. She invites him inside. Victoria recognizes Peter as a Petrelli but still doesn’t trust him. He tells her about wanting to save Caitlin, and she tells him that he is talking about the strain that Adam tried to release years ago. She lies to Peter about where it is and discovers Adam. Peter stops her from killing Adam and they tie her up. She knows what Adam wants to do, but Peter is adamant that he will destroy it with Adam’s help. Peter reads her mind to get the location and Adam lets her go only for her to defend herself so he can kill her like the others.

Micah’s cousin stole his backpack to find the price of the comics but had it stolen from him. Micah lashes out in anger and urges his mom and Monica to use their powers and get the bag back but Niki says no. Monica comes to him that night and tells him she will get the bag back for him.

As Sylar packs, Alejandro returns to stop him from taking his sister away. So Sylar does what’s natural to him and kills him. Maya comes knocking and he pretends he was showering so Maya suspects nothing. He puts on his sweet act for her and they kiss.

Claire is packing to leave when West comes over. She tells him that she wants the Haitian to make her forget about her father to make the pain go away. He stops her, knowing it’s not what she truly wants. Claire, her family, and West spread Noah’s ashes to sea as a final goodbye. Claire says goodbye to West and notices Elle watching them. She goes to fight Elle and threatens to show the world what she can do if the Company doesn’t leave her alone.

Claire’s blood will work as a cure for Niki, but Mohinder has found out more about the virus, including the strain Adam plans to use. Mohinder plans to destroy every form of the virus possible, and tells Bob as much. He calls Niki to tell her the good news, and she goes to tell Micah, but finds his bed empty, since he went with Monica. They work together to get into the building where his bag is. Monica grabs the bag but doesn’t get out in time; the group who stole it come home and find her. They take her away, and Micah runs home to get his mother.

Mohinder receives a call on his way to cure Niki from Sylar, who is in his apartment watching Molly. He tells him about Maya and knows Mohinder will come back.

Hiro returns to Ando and tells him what Adam is planning. He grabs his sword and goes to Texas, where the virus is held and where the heroes and villains are once again converging. Hiro freezes time as Peter and Adam enter, and everyone but Peter freezes. Hiro goes at Peter with his sword (because Peter is an idiot who still believes Adam), and that is the end of chapter 10.

Chapter 11, the season finale entitled “Powerless”, begins at Mohinder’s apartment. He did not go to give Niki the cure, instead returning home to find Sylar and Maya. Sylar is being nice, and Mohinder is freaked out. They all sit to breakfast together, and Mohinder is completely confused, almost blowing Sylar’s cover. Maya tells him about her powers and Sylar tells him he thinks he has the virus. Mohinder pulls a knife on Sylar and Sylar pulls a gun. Guess he can’t hide himself from Maya anymore. Maya’s powers activate in anger, but as Molly screams in pain Maya controls her powers. Mohinder agrees to help, but only at his lab. Angela, Matt, and Nathan find out about Victoria’s death, and after discovering that Peter is working with Adam Angela tells them that Adam is heading to Texas. She knows Adam is using Peter because he is the only one who could get near the virus. We go back to Hiro and Peter’s fight, Hiro telling Peter AGAIN that Adam can’t be trusted. Peter stops Hiro from killing Adam and tells him about the virus. Peter knocks out Hiro and time resumes. Adam looks on Hiro and discovers that Peter still believes in him. I love David Anders as Adam, so great of an actor.

Claire and her mother are looking through her dad’s records, still planning to reveal everything to the public. Sandra worries that this reveal will ruin Claire’s future and the futures of so many others. Elle is being yelled at by Bob again, having found out about Claire’s threats. He benches Elle from the field, not even listening to her when she tries to apologize. Noah is in his cell being watched by Elle. She asks him about what he told her about her dad experimenting on her. And he eventually does tell her. What he tells her is awful to hear, and Bob walks in as he is speaking. Bob tells Noah about Claire’s plans, and Jack Coleman continues to be a fabulous actor. Bob tells him that measures must be taken to keep her quiet. I wouldn’t anger Noah, but I’m smarter.

Micah tells her mom everything that happened, and Niki tells him she doesn’t have her powers because of the virus. Micah still brings her along so he can rescue Monica, who is in a building that is about to be burned to the ground.

Peter and Adam fight their way into the vault for the virus. Peter is starting to doubt Adam, but being 400 years old Adam knows exactly which buttons to press to make Peter do what he wants. Nathan has flown himself and Matt down to Texas to stop Peter and Adam and find Hiro, who remembers Nathan the flying man.

Mohinder, Molly, Maya, and Sylar go to the lab where Sylar tells Maya he’ll take her powers once his are back. Maya and Molly go and sit on a bed. Again, I’m gonna recommend watching this episode and these scenes because the acting is amazing and I can’t describe it properly. Mohinder takes his blood to find out what strain Sylar has, and he’s also alarmed the Company. And who finds that alarm? Elle, as she looks for her files. She decides to go off task and catch Sylar to make her dad proud.

West comes to Claire to stop her from revealing everything. He’s convinced that revealing everything will ruin their lives forever. She remains convinced that this is the only way, and gives him his file so he doesn’t have to worry. West leaves her to her anger, and when he leaves Noah walks through the door. Noah explains that he didn’t decide to come back to life, didn’t want his family to think him dead. He tells Claire she can’t expose the Company and that he’s made a deal to keep them safe. He has to go back and work with them again and in exchange they get the normal life they wanted. He returns to Bob to fulfill the deal.

Maya and Molly talk about Alejandro and Molly offers to find him. But we know she can’t, and she quickly discovers she can’t either. Maya realizes Sylar killed her brother and goes to confront him, but Sylar shoots her point blank. Mohinder discovers that Sylar was injected with the virus just like Niki injected herself. Sylar forces Mohinder to give him the cure, first testing it on Maya.

Peter is breaking through the vault door and gets it opened, telling Adam to go destroy the virus. Hiro teleports in to stop Kensai but Peter knocks him out. Adam convinces him to try to kill Hiro, but Matt comes in trying to convince Peter to go after Adam. His new powers don’t work on Peter of course so plan B has failed. Plan C should really have been Plan A. Nathan comes in to talk to Peter, and Hiro goes to stop Kensai. But he already has the virus in hand. Nathan tells Peter the truth about Adam, and as Peter counters with Adam saving him, Nathan sees it for what it was, a tool to win Peter’s trust. Nathan breaks through to Peter, who FINALLY hears the truth about Adam. Hiro knows he should kill Adam but can’t be like him and they teleport away. Adam drops the virus as they leave and Peter runs to catch the falling virus. He succeeds, saving the world once again. He destroys the virus with Ted’s power, and the future is once again changed.  Nathan and Matt plan to reveal everything to the world in a press conference, but of course someone is listening in on the plan.

Mohinder gives Maya Claire’s blood and it brings her back to life. As Elle bursts in to stop Sylar, he gets away with the cure, shocked a little by Elle. She loses him, but Mohinder convinces her that she was a hero for saving them.

Niki and Micah are almost to Monica, and when they get to her the house is on fire with her inside. Niki might not have powers but she still is a bad ass. She goes in to save Monica, telling Micah to stay put. She frees Monica and as they escape their path is blocked. Niki lifts the burning beam and has Monica leave. But Niki can’t get out and dies inside the building.

Ando finds Hiro and asks him what happened. Hiro reveals that he left Adam in a coffin buried in the ground.

At Nathan’s press conference, the three of them prepare to reveal themselves to the world. Nathan and Peter reconnect, and it’s sweet. I actually love Nathan here. During the conference, before Nathan can tell what they are, he is shot twice. Matt sees a man in black leaving the conference. Angela hears the news and is talking to someone on the phone, seemingly not caring. And volume two is at an end.

Volume three, “Villains”, begins with Sylar regaining his abilities once again. And we’ll see how that plays out once we start season three.

Let’s talk season two. Like I’ve said, this is where a lot of fans lost interest for various reasons. Back then, I didn’t see it. I loved the show still and couldn’t wait for more. And now, I still feel the same way. Yes, it was shortened. Yes, the story could have benefited from a full length season. But they worked with what they had and I still find it well done. So join me when we jump into two more 23 episode long seasons. And only about a week to go til Reborn. This is gonna be fun.























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