Space Dumplins by Craig Thompson

As much as I love reading comics with more adult themes, I will always love those intended for children. For me, there is nothing like an all ages comic to help me unwind on my lunch break or when I get home; it’s soothing and fun, but they still tend to have adventurous themes. Space Dumplins is a silly and exciting tale that focuses on one thing everyone wants to read silly things about; poop.


Space Dumplins is about a girl named Violet, whose father goes missing right as whale diarrhea floods space. She decides to get Eliot the abandoned chicken, and the last living lumpkin Zacchaeus to help her as she goes in search of her father.

Though the comic focuses on some heavy themes (death, loss of home, abandonment, environmental safety, and orphaning), it is paired with poop. The defecation of space whales is where energy comes from, and there is a surplus of poo, as there is a flood of whale diarrhea soaking through the Galaxy. It’s a weird combination, but it makes the book more fun (and colorful), and gives a deeper purpose to their mission.
Along with a fabulous story, is the absolutely gorgeous art. The setting, space in the future, gives the artist so much to do whatever he wants, and he does. It’s gorgeous and fun; not so sophisticated that children would be put off, but not childlike to the point of irritation for adults. It’s a perfect mesh.


All around, this comic is phenomenal. I had fun reading it, and was so attached that I polished off all 300+ pages in a day, with time for work and play. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys poop jokes, and space.










All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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