Nerds Gotta Eat: Bee’s Perfect Sandwich

Fangirls, I feel Bee from Bee and Puppycat at a very personal level. She’s shaped like me, likes to eat and is lazy like me, and really is basically just me. Bee and I are so similar that we would hate each other for being the same. Awhile back, I read the first volume of the Bee and Puppycat comic, and absolutely adored it. It’s very true to the show, and just wonderful in all the ways. I was luck enough for it to include a recipe as well.


At noon, one day, Puppycat brings a bunch of junk in to eat, but Bee tells him that noon is the time for sandwiches. Puppycat has never had a sandwich, though, and that’s a big bummer. So Bee decides that she’s going to teach him, with her favorite sandwich.

Here’s what you’ll need (the strike throughs are what Bee uses, but I substituted a couple):

Smoked Salmon Fake Smoked Ham (I substituted for vegetarianism)
2 Eggs
Goat Cheese Honey Goat Cheese (it sounded more exciting)
Whole Wheat Boule Whole Wheat Bread

I was definitely thrown, at first, by the goat cheese, but holy guacamole is this one great sandwich.


I started by frying my 2 eggs. While that went down, I spread the goat cheese onto one piece of bread, sliced up some avocado, and put that on the same piece. I covered that with a little bit of spinach (definitely not my favorite veggie), and topped it with the fake ham. Once the eggs were fried, I popped those bad boys on top, covered it with the second slice of bread, and got to eating.


I understand why this is Bee’s favorite sandwich; I felt like Puppycat the way I scarfed it down! It’s fantastic; I feel like it has all of the tastes you could want in a sandwich, but somehow isn’t too much. It has some tang from the goat cheese, warm flavor from the fake ham, the weirdness of spinach, sweet from avocado, and egg taste from the eggs. I also think this could make a killer salad. Omit the bread, pull apart the fake ham, crumble the cheese and avocado on top, and chop up the fried eggs. Boom, delicious.


I’ve been reading more and more comics with recipes inside, and I’m really loving it. It’s a fun way to be pulled even more into the worlds within comics. Keep your eyes open for upcoming Bob’s Burgers and something from Steven Chewniverse! Stay hungry, Fangirls.













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