Black Widow Issues 18 – 20

Fangirls, I’ve been dreading this day. I am not ready to part with yet another of my fantastic lady comics. I’m upset to the point of avoiding the comics until today. That’s why this didn’t happen last month; I wasn’t ready; but now I have no choice. So, here go the Last Days of Black Widow.


Hooooooly guacamole, Fangirls. These issues are incredibly powerful. They start with Natasha killing CHAOS; she saves herself from drowning and kills a gent with glowing eyes. After that, Bucky Barnes picks her up and takes her to SHIELD, where she quits. She then says goodbye to Isaiah, and goes to Avenger Manor to ask to be a part of the team again. Captain Marvel tells her that they’ve needed her, and she’s welcomed back with open arms.

The final two issues take place on two missions; her first and (quite possibly) last ones. Most of the final two issues is a flashback, to when she was used in Cuba to make a point about dissent. She then had to kill one of her few friends, after killing dissenters. It’s a rough story to read, but it shows how hard Natasha Romanov has always worked.

The current mission is to save some people. The issue doesn’t give details, other than it could be her last mission, and that she’s going to try her hardest. It ends with Romanov thinking, “Save those you can. Do good. Even if it’s a fool’s mission. It’s something that we choose to do. Because we’re heroes.” And that really hit me.


Throughout this series, and many other places I’ve seen Black Widow, she’s the one they call when they want something bad to be done. Since she already has the training and reputation of s bad girl, she is the first choice when they want something bad done. I’m so glad that she has put her foot down (specifically with SHIELD), and is helping people now. We always knew she was good, and this series really showed that so well.

Hopefully this isn't really goodbye, Black Widow.
Hopefully this isn’t really goodbye, Black Widow.

Altogether, this series was amazing. It helped me to see how amazing Black Widow is, along with showing off her compassion and power. She is a good person, and deserved a comic like this. Plus, Phil Noto’s art is astounding, and this series is easily one of my visual favorites (along with Cliff Chiang’s work on his and Brian Azzarello’s run of Wonder Woman). Once the trades and omnibus are out, I highly recommend them. If you haven’t read this, you really need to. And if you have, they could probably use a reread or two.














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