Heroes Rewatch: The Second Coming

Alright, season 3 here we come! That’s right, Fangirls, we are on season 3 of Heroes and we begin with volume 3, “Villains”. Remember, last time I said there were two volumes this season so for half of these posts we’ll be in volume 3 and then we’ll shift to volume 4. And, on the Heroes Reborn front, the premiere will be two hours long! Oh, I cannot wait. But for now, let us jump right in to chapter 1.

Chapter one, “The Second Coming”, opens with Peter running from someone. He looks different, strange. He is four years in the future, and Claire is hunting him. He tells her he’s going back to fix everything, stop Nathan from telling everyone about them. She is cold and not the same, and as she shoots him he freezes time and disappears, taking her gun. He arrives in the present day, and he is the one who shot Nathan in Odessa. Peter goes after the shooter, followed by Matt and the cops. They find Peter who has lost the shooter.

Claire has seen the shooting and runs to call Peter wanting to save Nathan with her blood. He tells her to stay with her family as they take Nathan to the hospital. Peter waits as they work to save his brother, and finally hears that he is gone. As Peter says his goodbyes, Nathan bolts awake.

Hiro is in charge of his father’s company and is bored,using his powers for fun. Ando comes in and their banter is as great as always. Hiro is waiting for his next sign from destiny, and it suddenly appears. His father has left him a message. In it, he says that Hiro must protect something in a safe and that Hiro can never open that safe. Hiro doesn’t heed the warning and finds another DVD warning him that he has half of a formula that must not connect to the other half. If it does, only one person will have the blood to stop the darkness. As Hiro looks, a speedster comes and takes it. Hiro freezes time and follows her trail. As he finds her, she breaks free of the time stopping and they talk to each other before she runs away.

Claire is determined to help, and with a small bag she goes to leave – and finds Sylar at her door. He’s obviously there for one reason only and though she tries to escape it doesn’t work. She tries to defend herself but he’s good at sneaking. She hides but it does no good. He succeeds in getting her power, but it doesn’t kill her. In fact, she’s awake as he pokes her brain. He finds how her power works and takes what he needs in order to adapt and gain her power. He takes files from her father and puts her back together, letting her be his only survivor because she can never die no matter what.

Maya is in Mohinder’s apartment and almost knocks him out as he comes home, thinking Sylar had returned. Molly has been adopted by a new family, hopefully keeping her safe. Mohinder thinks his research is at an end and plans to go home. Her power activates and then calms down, giving him enough clues to continue his research. As they work with their new findings, they connect and Mohinder finds the way to give powers to normal beings. This is obviously a horrible idea, trying to jumpstart evolution.

Future!Peter looks for his gun but Matt has found it first. Turns out Future!Peter was pretending to be present!Peter. He makes Matt disappear to keep up his cover. Nathan wakes up to find a suit waiting for him and when Peter comes in he finds his brother gone. Nathan has wandered into a church, having found God after being resurrected. He collapses and when he wakes up he still feels religiously moved. Peter doesn’t feel the same way, and as Nathan sleeps Peter asks for his forgiveness. Peter leaves, and Linderman appears. Nathan realizes Linderman was the one to heal him. remembering his powers.

Nathan’s story is being watched by a Governor and calls for Tracy to see the news. Tracy, turns out, looks and sounds just like Niki (Tracey is still played by Ali Larter).

Matt wakes up in a desert alone. He runs and runs and finds a painting of the world breaking. We’ll come back to him next time.

Hiro tells Ando about the speedster, but as Ando tries to talk to him, Hiro barely listens, wanting to know what everything means. Hiro decides to go to the future to see what the formula will do, and what he finds is hell. Hiro and Ando are fighting and as Hiro pulls out his sword Ando blasts him with red lightning, killing him. Present!Hiro sees a blackout and the buildings collapse, and he returns home. Ando finds him but Hiro is frightened by what he saw. He knows they need to get that formula back.

Mohinder, being an idiot, injects himself with the new formula he developed. And it goes horribly wrong as he collapses. As he wakes up, he is almost mugged but finds he has superstrength and ninja-like abilities.

Angela is with her son when she sees Peter. She knows he isn’t the real Peter, revealing that his first ability came from her. She can dream the future. He tells her that he had to shoot his brother, justified by the fact that the formula will end the world. She claims that he screwed everything up and must return to where he came from, but not before returning Peter. Peter is in the body of a villain inside of the Company, buried deep inside level 5 with other villains and Noah Bennet.

Mohinder, still not believing his abilities, finds the same painting that Matt found, only this time on the side of a building in NYC. And that ends chapter 1.

Our heroes and villains have returned, even those thought dead. And this begs the question – what does the future truly hold for our characters? We’ll find out, as this season has 25 episodes to go through. So here we go.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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