Polyjuice Potion OCD Hand Sanitizer from Fortune Cookie Soap

Hey Fangirls!  Today I want to introduce you to an item that I’m a bit in love with: Polyjuice Potion OCD Hand Sanitizer from Fortune Cookie Soap!  Now, I’m not a fan of calling the hand sanitizers “OCD,” because its a serious problem for some people, but the product itself is quite lovely.


Awhile back, I told you about FCS’ Polyjuice Potion Bath Fizzy.  That scent was so fresh and lovely that I knew I needed to incorporate it into more of my life.  I have a lot of soaps, so I thought a good place to start would be with a hand sanitizer.  That way it keeps my hands clean, while smelling great.  Plus I don’t get ragged on for buying too many soaps; it’s a win-win situation!

Just like with the Bath Fizzy, this hand sanitizer smells amazing.  I expected it to be very muted, but when you open the bottle, BAM there’s the scent!  It’s very strong that way, but when it’s on it’s muted like a lotion.  You can smell it, and are aware of it, but it isn’t overpowering.

The bottle isn’t huge (just 1oz), but it lasts, and fits easily in any purse.  I considered it a necessity this summer and even now in the fall, because it’s con season.  At conventions you’re close to a lot of people you (probably) don’t know.  You’re shaking hands with your favorite creators and actors, and you definitely don’t want to catch con crud, or get one of your heroes sick.  Plus when you’re at conventions, it’s sometimes hard to get into the bathrooms (at least as a lady) just to wash your hands.  You really want to make sure your hands are clean when they’re going in or near your mouth.  Having a cute little hand sanitizer for all of those situations is really helpful.

And I really can’t get over the scent!  It’s so cheery.  I found that when I was starting to drag and lose interest, the scent straight from the bottle would wake me right up, and get me back on my feet!  So go grab yourself some hand sanitizer in the Polyjuice Potion scent for $2.89, so you can keep the con crud at bay!










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