Welcome to Me

Fangirls, the other day I watched an absolutely amazing movie called Welcome to Me. Welcome to Me stars Kristen Wiig as a young woman with borderline personality disorder. She wins 82 million dollars in the lottery, and decides that she wants to host a talk show about herself.


This movie was in my suggested movies on Netflix, and I’m really glad it did, because I had never heard of it. Welcome to Me came out last year, in May, and it’s really something. It follows Alice (Wiig), as she hosts her television show, and deals with her emotional past.


I really enjoyed watching this, because it showed that personality disorders aren’t cute; they can be damaging to both the person dealing with them and the people around them. In the movie, Alice hurts her best friend, Gina. She also brings up past issues with people by having reenactments of interactions between them and herself on the show. Towards the end of the movie, the studio producing her show gets numerous complaints and suing threats, from the people that were reenacted on Welcome to Me.


Soon after that, Alice is committed briefly to a mental hospital. She burns herself on the air, and breaks down pretty severely. The show had taken a downward spiral recently, and when she is out of the hospital, she decides to do one last show. On her last show, she follows the carousel of life, and shows off parts of her life and thanks several people.

Though Welcome to Me made me quite sad, it also made me incredibly happy. It was fantastic to see the change in Alice and her relationships, and the movie was just a lovely watch. I was expecting a movie to play in the background while I worked, but really ended up enjoying myself.

If you’ve got Netflix, definitely check out Welcome to Me. If not, you should probably get Netflix.











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