Heroes Rewatch: The Butterfly Effect and One of Us, One of Them

Ok, this is getting serious now. I have 24 episodes left of season 3 plus all of season 4 which I believe is 18 episodes, and just over a month to watch them before Reborn premieres (also, it’s getting a 2 hour premiere, so in the words of Hiro, “Yatta!”). So let’s get to it with volume 3 chapters 2 and 3.

Chapter 2, “The Butterfly Effect”, begins with Claire at home still in shock from Sylar’s attack. Her mother is cleaning and offers her ear if Claire is ever ready to talk about it. Claire reassures her that he won’t return, that he got what he came for. As they speak, Claire’s hand gets glass in it but she feels nothing. Angela, dreaming, sees the Company with all of our favorite heroes dead. She turns and sees a group of villains, many we have met before, apparently led by Sylar. She wakes up and goes to Future!Peter and tells him that her dream happened because he hasn’t returned home yet. Peter is setting up a timeline to figure out how to save the world. But she fears that he will cause the butterfly effect and not in his favor. Angela tells him that because he told Claire not to run to Nathan’s side Sylar gained her power. Maya goes to Mohinder’s lab and he’s hanging off of the ceiling. He tells her that he took the serum, thinking it’s perfect (spoiler alert, it’s not and we’ll see why soon). He says the serum has heightened his senses (it’s also made him a little creepy). He thinks that if he can give people powers he can figure out how to take them away. (Question time: when did his father’s mission become about giving powers? It was only ever to find people with powers. I guess the writers needed to do something new since he’d found them already, but then make it his own mission, not a continuation of his father’s.)

Matt wanders the desert somewhere. He wanders until he collapses. He is woken up at almost the end of the episode. He thinks a turtle is talking to him, telling him how to survive. But the man who was talking to him arrives in view and tells Matt he is in Africa. He says they must walk more. Matt wants his help to go home, but the man – who knows Matt’s name – says Matt must take a spirit walk and that he has the same powers as Isaac Mendez.

Sylar is walking on air, feeling great after his new acquisition. The Company sent people after them but they get killed trying to stop him. And Bob? Bob blames Elle. Because apparently everything is Elle’s fault to Bob. I wish she would zap him. She comes in to talk with her father about trapping Sylar, and when he doesn’t respond she discovers that Sylar is already in the building. She goes to Noah and frees him, telling him to come help. Sylar is already there and waiting. Noah shoots him and finds out quickly that he has Claire’s power now. As he tries to take Elle’s power, her system goes off, shocking him and taking out the power on level 5, the level where the worst of the worst are kept, including Jesse who is currently Peter Petrelli.

Hiro and Ando are back at work, Hiro more jumpy around Ando than before thanks to what he saw in the future. Hiro has told the authorities about the speedster, and her name is Daphne. Hiro has to go after her at once, and almost goes without Ando. They arrive in Paris in her apartment and find a lot of stolen pieces.

New Ali Larter character, named Tracey Strauss, is trying to get her boss to back Nathan in the next Senator elections. He is convinced and sends her off to find Nathan. As she goes, she is stopped by a reporter who thinks she’s Niki. Tracey knows it isn’t her but the reporter won’t listen.

Claire begins recording herself again, this time questioning her humanity because she has lost the ability to feel pain. She stands in front of a moving train but Peter flies in and grabs her before anything can happen. Claire tells him what happened and he blames himself for obvious reasons that she doesn’t know. He leaves without explaining anything.

Nathan is praying in his hospital room when Tracey comes in. Again, he thinks she’s Niki and she never really tells him who she is. He calls her Niki, and she becomes confused, explaining who she is. She tells him the offer and leaves. Linderman appears and tries to talk him into taking the deal. Nathan doesn’t listen and tells him to leave. Peter goes to see him and Nathan tells him of his dilemma. Peter tells him who he really is and that in his world the specials are hunted because of what Nathan tells the people. Peter fears that though he came to save the future he thinks he made it worse. And he asks for Nathan’s forgiveness. Peter leaves to make things right, and Nathan accepts the offer as long as Tracey is on his staff.

Noah locks Sylar in a newly freed cell. They keep him unconscious as Angela arrives, now in command of the Company. She fires Elle immediately now that her father isn’t around to insist she stay on.

Hiro and Ando are looking for the formula among Daphne’s things, and Ando knows something is wrong with Hiro. Hiro finally tells him what he saw, and Ando can hardly believe it. Hiro decides to take Daphne’s most prized possession to lure her into a trap. Hiro uses Ando as bait, but they fight as Daphne comes home. Daphne agrees to the trade, retrieving the formula half she stole. But she runs forward as Hiro freezes time. Daphne threatens to kill Ando, and Hiro lets her go, having put a tracker on Daphne’s medal. Hiro doesn’t trust Ando as he once did, but they go after her together once more.

After hearing the news, Tracey runs into the reporter again. He shows her the footage of Niki and Nathan, still thinking it’s Tracey. As she tries to get away, the reporter doesn’t stop and as she grabs his arm he freezes and shatters.

Mohinder wakes up to discover something in his veins. A light blinds him, and there are odd ridges on his back. He screwed up big time.

Claire sees her dad in his office once again, hopefully home for good. She sees his gun and realizes he isn’t staying. He tells her that he has to help with what happened. We learn about the new villains. Knox can make people’s fear into his strength. There is a flame thrower, a man who can manipulate metal, and Jesse/Peter who has the label sound manipulation. He wants to go find them, save the world from them again. Claire wants to help him, but he refuses to put her in that situation. Sandra comes in and tells Claire that Noah has called in Claire’s birth mother. Remember her from season one? She’s awesome and she’s back.

Linderman and Nathan are playing chess, but when a nurse comes in, we find that Linderman doesn’t exist except in Nathan’s head. And he realizes it too.

Future!Peter goes to the Company and sees Sylar, then discovers that the others have escaped. He realizes that he has ruined the future and that he has to go and find the real Peter. Jesse/Peter calls Nathan and tries to warn him about what’s happened but is intterupted by Knox coming to tell him they are leaving. Back at the Company, Angela comes and awakens Sylar and tells him that she is his mother. And that ends chapter 2.

Chapter 3, “One of Us, One of Them”, brings us right back to Sylar being told that Angela is his mother. Literally, it’s the same scene as last time. It continues this time with her saying she gave him up for adoption and regrets it, hoping she can take care of him now. A woman named Bridget comes in, a woman with an ability to see an object’s history. Bridget doesn’t realize that she needs to run because Angela just sacrificed her to Sylar. Tracey is at home exploring her new power. Nathan is in a new office waiting for Tracey when Future!Peter arrives. Nathan tells him that Peter, with Jesse’s voice, left him a message. Jesse/Peter and the other villains are about to rob a bank. Like all cliche criminals do. And hey, this bank is in Poughkeepsie! Knox can sense Jesse’s fear but it doesn’t stop their plans. And really, they just escaped why the hell are they being so showy. Noah returns to the Company to find Angela waiting. He tells her he is only there to stop the villains and then he will go home. She agrees and introduces him to his new partner, Sylar.

Peter is trying to play along among the villains but he’s no true villain. He stops the fire one from hurting a woman as the German metal controller opens the safe. The cops arrive because Knox is an idiot and called them, wanting revenge on the Company knowing they’ll show up. Knox kills the German with his power and tells Peter that Noah is coming, which makes Peter happy.

Sandra is nervous about Meredith being in their home, not sure how to handle it. Lyle is mostly just confused. Claire comes down and announces she isn’t going to school anymore, not wanting to pretend to have a normal life anymore. Sandra won’t hear it, and she won’t hear Meredith try to help. Meredith talks to Claire, trying to understand what’s with the new desire to be a superhero. But Meredith knows she doesn’t know how to fight and she and Claire play hooky to practice fighting.

Noah is not happy about his new partner, but Angela believes he is the perfect partner for the job. She wants Noah to give him structure and to make him a better person, and she’ll fix him with or without Noah. Sylar suits up (and looks damn fine), and questions Angela about being his mother. Angela gives a vague answer about how Sylar had always known he wasn’t the child of a watchmaker. Noah comes in and shows Angela the news about the bank robber. She tells Noah that Peter is in Jesse, and the new team heads out.

Hiro and Ando find Daphne in Germany and discover that she has already delivered Hiro’s half of the formula to her boss and is after the other half. She tries to run but her powers stop working. And so do Hiro’s. There’s only one person who could do this as the Haitian walks in with a briefcase. They follow the Haitian, hoping to grab the other half of the formula before Daphne, but she follows them. She doesn’t know that she is causing the end of the world, only hoping to get paid for the things she steals.

Nathan goes to Tracey, who shows him the footage of him and Niki. She can’t find Niki (cause she died) and wants to go to New Orleans to the address she has. She finds a casket surrounded by pictures of Niki. She opens is and sees Niki dead and as she leaves Micah sees her. He realizes she isn’t Niki (I think he has some variant of Sylar’s powers, in that he knows when a human is broken. Sylar can hear when things and people are broken, just like Micah with technology and people.) Tracey asks Micah about his mother, wanting to know more about Niki. As she goes to leave, Micah asks if she has powers like Niki did. Micah already knows the answer, of course, and reassures her that it’ll get easier. He tells her he can talk to machines and asks the computer for information on her and his mother. They discover that they were born in the same hospital on the same day and delivered by the same doctor. He hugs her before she leaves, hitting Tracey’s emotions.

Matt is asking his new friend questions about everything, and he shows Matt a painting of Matt saving Molly. He says that he has painted Matt’s life his entire life, knowing everything he would do. He walks through paintings of his life and sees one that hasn’t happened yet; him with a blonde and a baby. The man tells him that this is no longer his future and paints the new future for Matt.

The villains are waiting for Noah. Peter doesn’t know how to play Jesse, slipping up to Knox. Noah and Sylar arrive, Noah trying to put seeds of doubt about Angela in Sylar. He listens a little and teaches Noah how to work as a team, playing the FBI agent very well. Noah is amazed and Sylar is pleasant. Peter, meanwhile, is being tortured by the villains as they try to find out who he is. Noah is going into the building, telling Sylar to wait outside. Sylar wants to help, and Noah tells him he can stay outside and debrief the hostages but he isn’t allowed near the villains and their powers.

The Haitian takes the other half of the formula and Hiro and Ando follow him, disguising themselves to try and get it. Hiro sees the Haitian leaving and they follow. As he leaves, Hiro tries to take the briefcase, and Ando knocks out the Haitian. They grab the briefcase and fight because Ando went off plan. Daphne has her power back and grabs the briefcase, and Hiro can’t go after her because the Haitian is awake and angry.

As Knox threatens Noah, Peter discovers Jesse’s power using it to stop the villains. Future!Peter stops time and takes Peter out of Jesse. Bad damn timing Future!Peter. Because now, Jesse is Jesse, and Jesse wants Noah dead. Peter wants to stay and help, but Future!Peter has other plans, bringing Peter to the future. As they grab Noah, Sylar arrives and uses his powers to stop Knox and Jesse. Noah shoots the fire guy and Sylar and Noah reach a sort of understanding.

Meredith takes Claire to an empty container to teach her to fight. She begins with survival, heating up the container with her power. Claire thinks she’s already mastered survival, but there’s more to survival than what Claire knows. Meredith uses this time to question Claire about what happened and why she wants to hunt villains. She finally reveals that she wants to hunt villains so that one day she can hurt Sylar the way he hurt her. Meredith stops the training and Claire leaves.

Noah and Sylar are bagging and tagging the villains, but Sylar has another plan. They only get the fire guy; Knox runs away as Sylar fixates on Jesse. Noah tries to talk him out of it, but Sylar’s power is in control now. He takes Jesse’s power.

Claire is angry at Meredith for tricking her and torturing her. She tells Claire that she needs to save herself before she can save the world, and that she should be a normal seventeen year old girl. Claire acts like she understands but sees her dad’s files of other villains.

Matt sees the new future, where he is holding the woman from before in anguish instead of lovingly. Matt believes his spirit walk will help him stop this new future.

Sandra questions Meredith after hearing that Claire didn’t show up at school. They argue about the best way to help Claire, but neither is right. Claire is off to a cheerleading retreat, or so she pretends. She really is off after those in her dad’s file.

Tracey finds the doctor, Dr. Zimmerman, who thinks she is Barbara. He tells her that he created Tracey.

Matt goes into his spirit walk with some help. Hiro and Ando are locked in the Company in level 5, alongside fire guy and Sylar. Noah and the Haitian watch, Noah revealing he still plans to kill Sylar. And chapter 3 is over.

Well. 3 down in the season, only 22 to go. Until next time.











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