Welcome to the Dahl House by Ken Dahl

I picked up this comic a couple weeks ago at Earthworld because I liked the size. It’s a small format book, much like a zine, and seemed to have art I enjoyed in it. I got it home and read it, and was incredibly happy that I picked it up.


Welcome to the Dahl House is a collection of pieces by Ken Dahl. They came from zines, which explains the size. The bi-line of the book is “Alienation, incarceration, and inebriation in the new American Rome,” which is immensely fitting, after reading it.

The introduction warns readers to be mindful of where one piece ends and another begins, and I’m glad I read that, because they melt almost seamlessly together. Though there are titular panels, the pieces picked work so incredibly well together, that it can almost be read as a single piece.


I loved this comic. I love the lack of color and style of the art; it really shows off how upset the main character (Gordon Smalls, through most of the pieces) is with things. He’s upset about the government, about love, and about life in general. I could definitely relate to him, and I really enjoyed that.

This, unlike many of the comics I’ve been reading lately, is not an all ages comic. There is nudity, sex, and profanity all over it, and it’s phenomenal. I highly recommend this to everyone. It allows you to let your inner grump out, and take a step back to reevaluate some stuff.

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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