Heroes Rewatch: I Am Become Death and Angels & Monsters

Fangirls, I have been looking forward to chapter 4 of volume 3 since I remembered what it was. Why? Because it follows my favorite theme; seeing the future. Not only does it follow that theme, but it gives us one of the most adorable storylines possible with Sylar. You read that right. Everyone’s favorite psychopath is about to be adorable. Prepare yourselves. Now, do I remember chapter 5? Nope. But that’s what this rewatch is for. So let’s strap in and get ready.

Chapter 4, “I Am Become Death”, takes us back to Mohinder and his stupidity. So he fell asleep at his desk and starts listening to his recorded findings while hiding his back. He makes a new recording, but his neighbors fighting distracts him. He runs up to help and finds an abusive ass, and proceeds to hit his head in. Dr. Zimmerman tells Tracey she is one of triplets; herself, Niki, and Barbara. They were so perfect, the doctor performed DNA enhancement research on them. He refers to a “we”, clearly meaning the Company. But some of his memories are missing. She wants her power gone, but he can’t do that. Matt is seeing his future and begins his spirit walk. He is flying through NYC, just like Peter used to dream. In fact, it’s in NYC that the two Peter’s arrive, four years in the future. Everyone in this future has powers thanks to Mohinder’s serum and the formula Hiro was meant to protect. Future!Peter says this many people with powers will destroy the world, the powers allowing people to do whatever damage they want. Future!Peter wants Peter to absorb Sylar’s true power. He says that not everyone Peter knows with powers was born that way; some were born with powers and others were made. Claire and the Haitian arrive to arrest Peter, discovering there are two of them.

Claire has Future!Peter, and Daphne and Knox come in. Claire tells them the younger one is still out there. Claire wants to use Molly, and Daphne resists. The others make their arguments to use her, even threatening Daphne and Molly.

In the present, Hiro and Ando are trapped in Level 2 of the Company looking for a way out. Ando doesn’t want to talk to Hiro because of the trust issues that have been building. Ando knows Hiro is afraid of the future he saw, but believes that he could never hurt Hiro.

Nathan is waiting for Tracey, and still hears Linderman. He’s stopped listening to him though. Nathan knows this isn’t right and doesn’t want to listen to Linderman, though they keep talking. Linderman wants to help Nathan become President still, but Nathan is doing his best to ignore him.

Maya is trying to clean and to get Mohinder to go out, but Mohinder is busy being an asshole to her, and not telling her about the new development in his power. She storms out of his lab. He is afraid of what’s happening as he makes a new message.

Peter in the future goes to Mohinder’s lab looking for help. There are old Isaac paintings from season one, and Mohinder appears hiding in shadow. His voice is altered. Peter wants to know where Sylar is. Peter asks if Mohinder is ok, and he tells him that the formula he used was so wrong but he didn’t see in his arrogance. Peter discovers that Sylar has moved into the Bennet’s house in Costa Verde, and Peter teleports there. He breaks in, ready for a fight, but disarms himself as a child comes running in calling him Uncle Peter. Sylar is making waffles, and is the proud owner of Mr. Muggles. Sylar hugs Peter and is a precious family man.

Sylar’s waffles are ready, and I need to quote this part. SYLAR:”What’s the magic word? (as he holds syrup for his son’s waffles)” CHILD: “Abracadabra.” SYLAR: (looking to Peter) “Well that’s A magic word so…” It’s so cute, I promise, add it to the list of Sylar scenes to find UGH SO PRECIOUS. Anyways, the child notices that Peter doesn’t have his scar, and Sylar pulls him into an adjacent room. He realizes it’s past Peter who doesn’t know Sylar has changed. Sylar tells him they’re brothers and that he won’t give him his ability. Peter tries to take it and tells Sylar what’s happening. But Sylar prefers to go by Gabriel. He won’t give Peter the power because of the hunger, the part of it that can’t be controlled. He fights it every day now to protect his son. But Peter is convinced that he needs the power and the hunger to save the world. He tells Gabriel to paint the future to prove he’s right, and though he agrees he doesn’t want his son to see.

Daphne has gone to Matt to try and convince him they need Molly. Matt is holding a child as they argue. Matt hands the baby, who’s Daphne’s, to Daphne. Matt and Daphne’s family is sweet. Matt wants her to slow down, settle into the life of wife and mother instead of terrorist hunter. Matt finally relents when she convinces him that finding Peter will keep the family safe. Daphne tells the group that Peter is with Sylar, which makes Claire afraid.

Sylar has painted the splitting of the world. He hands Peter the broken watch that gave him his name and tells him to fix it to access the ability. Peter gets the watch working, and Sylar knows that he has his power. Oh, here we find out that Sylar’s son is named Noah (d’awwwwww) and is being held by Knox, Daphne, and Claire (less d’awwwwww). Peter tells them to let the boy go and he’ll go with them. But Claire wants to kill Peter before they release little Noah. Peter uses Daphne’s ability to get Noah free and Gabriel tells him to hide as a battle ensues. Knox uses Noah’s fear against his father, and during the battle is killed. Daphne and Peter see what has happened, and Gabriel embraces Sylar once more. Peter knocks out Daphne as Sylar goes nuclear and destorys half of the coast.

Back in the present, Ando finally wants to help Hiro but Hiro won’t accept. Ando gets the vent door free and tells Hiro to go be free without him. But Hiro still needs his help. I just wanna yell for them to stop fighting. They’re best friends and so sweet. As Ando lifts Hiro to the vent, Hiro see his errors and apologizes to Ando, swearing to never mistrust him again. As they think they succeeded, the Haitian is in their cell.

Tracey is ready to turn herself in for killing the reporter, but her power freezes the phone before she can. Nathan is praying as Tracey comes in. She hands him her resignation, not seeing another choice for herself. Linderman convinces him to go and help her…as she contemplates jumping off of a bridge. She falls and Nathan swoops in to catch her, showing her his abilities. At her place, sh shows him her ability and they connect.

Mohinder can’t figure out how to get rid of his ability as it grows, making his fingers sticky. His neighbor from before shows up and punches him, and Mohinder pulls him in.

In the future, in front of a building named Pinehearst, President Nathan and First Lady Tracey mourn the loss of Costa Verde. Peter has been taken captive and can barely move. Claire walks in with the Haitian to block his abilities. She tortures Peter as he tells her that he can stop it all from happening if he can just go home. Nathan walks in and wants a moment with Peter alone. Claire and the Haitian listen and leave. Nathan knows about the paintings of the world splitting, and frees Peter. Peter reads Nathan’s mind, and understands more about Nathan than he imagined. Sylar’s true ability has kicked in, and so has the hunger. He kills Nathan and teleports home, right into Sylar’s cell in Level 5. He tells Sylar what he has done, fearing becoming like Sylar.

Matt, meanwhile, is still in his spirit walk, in the future watching the news about Costa Verde with Molly. Molly blames herself for finding Peter. A knock on the door shows Daphne, alive but not well. She collapses in Matt’s arms, dead. And Matt wakes up, prepared to save her. And to save the future.

Angela asks Hiro and Ando about the formula, discovering that Kaito’s part has been stolen. Ando tells her they will not rest until the formula is safe. She reveals someone is in hiding manipulating them. Hiro vows to find them, and she tells him he is the only one with the key to unlocking the mystery. The key? Takezo Kensai, aka Adam Monroe. They unbury him. And chapter 4 ends. (Did I lie about the precious Sylar scene?)

Chapter 5, “Angels & Monsters”, begins immediately with Nathan and Tracey in bed together. Nathan is narrating for us this time as we return to Peter coming to Sylar, and Claire going after villains. Hiro and Ando bring Adam to the light, and Mohinder watches people with an odd look. Linderman comes to Nathan, and Nathan stands up to him, still looking for answers. He tells him the answers he wants are within, and Tracey comes out wondering who Nathan is talking to. Mohinder jumps in front of the man he was watching, and says he needs him. Sylar claims Peter is like him and Peter snaps his neck. Angela comes in wanting to help Peter, but Peter holds her with his powers and demands to know her secrets, threatening to kill her to get them. Sylar revives and saves Angela. She is determined to make sure Peter is ok, and Noah summons Sylar for a mission. Sandra is looking through Noah’s files and tells Meredith that Claire lied and is going after one of the villains. We meet a man who can create vortexes. Meredith looks through the files and finds an old nemesis, Eric Doyle the Puppet Master. She decides to go after him in the hopes Claire isn’t there. Sandra wants to go but Meredith tells her to stay home for her own safety. Steven, who makes vortexes, is looking for his family when Claire comes in. She stuns him, proud of herself.

Adam is choking Hiro when Hiro tells him they need his help. Hiro uses his power to trap Adam again. They can’t trust him but they need him to find the true villain. He will free Adam again but only if he behaves. Adam knows about the formula and says he told the Company to destroy it. He agrees to help in exchange for a new cell. He names Angela, but since she was the one who wanted to free Adam, it isn’t her. Hiro puts him back in the coffin, but Adam says he has a plan.

Linderman also talks to Daphne. He wants her to recruit for a new organization for people like them. But of course he isn’t real again. He tells her to invite those like her to join them, giving her files on who to find. Knox, Mohinder, and other unsavory characters.

Noah and Sylar are in the car, Sylar eating and playing with the radio, annoying Noah. Sylar promises that he’s trying to get better. Claire, meanwhile, talks with her new target, promising to bring him back to level 5. He tells her that the Company dragged him away without letting him say goodbye and was away from his family for two years. He knows he isn’t a monster and disarms Claire easily. He tells her his story, that killing someone was an accident. He asks her which company she’s with, the Company or Pinehearst. She begins to crack as she hears his story, feeling sympathy. She plans to help him find his family.

Mohinder is collecting people. A new hobby I suppose. His back is getting worse and of course he tells Maya nothing. She brings him a flyer about a missing neighbor (guess who and where they are). He ignores it, telling her his research is almost there. She sees a trail of blood and leaves. We see that he can web people sort of maybe.

Nathan worries about Tracey, afraid she might jump again. He convinces her to tell him why she is so afraid. He tells her he thinks God gave them the powers, but she knows that it was Zimmerman.

Claire gives him his family’s new number, but they are being watched. He arranges a meeting with his wife before they get cut off thanks to Noah and Sylar. Steven thinks Claire set him up, but she vows she didn’t know. He opens one of his vortexes to escape, and as Claire hangs on for dear life and loses her grip, Sylar is the one to grab her and save her life. The vortex closes without harming anyone, and Sylar tries to go after Steven. But he’s run off. They look at Claire, knowing she knows. She won’t help though, knowing he isn’t as dangerous as they think. Sylar tries to apologize for the pain he caused Claire but Noah shuts him down. Noah wants to just talk to Steven, using Claire’s trust to find out where he’ll be. And she tells him.

Adam takes Hiro and Ando to a bar. It’s where specials for hire go, like Daphne. Turns out Adam isn’t trustworthy. The owner knows him and hates him and escapes. They look but can’t find him. He knows how to hide. As he escapes, Knox hits him and grabs him. He calls someone and asks what’s to be done with Hiro and Ando.

Nathan brings Tracey to see his mother and finds out what changes Peter has gone through. Angela knows Tracey, and knows she saw Zimmerman. She refuses to help Tracey, and Nathan knows Angela is hiding something. She tells him that Zimmerman developed synthetic abilities and gave them to Tracey, Niki, Barbara, and Nathan. She shows them the proof of it all. She tells Nathan that they knew Nathan’s genetics could handle the testing, and that what they did to them was wrong, which is why the formula was separated and hidden. She asks for help in stopping whoever is reuniting the formula, but Nathan refuses as they leave. Nathan tells Tracey they will go to Suresh cause he’s harmless (ahahahahaa).

Maya goes to investigate Mohinder’s lab and finds a horror movie set basically. She sees what he’s done to people and tries to help them, but Mohinder comes in. She hides but doesn’t do it very well. Her power kicks in, which kinda gives everything away. He finds her and convinces her to stop her power, knowing she doesn’t want to kill anyone. She calls him a monster, and things get worse from there. He strings her up like the rest of his test subjects.

Claire goes to meet Steven, who is upset because his wife never showed up. She tells him that her dad is willing to listen and help, but he doesn’t think it matters. Noah breaks his word to Claire slightly. He offers a deal; kill Sylar and he’ll let Steven go. But Steven is determined not to be a killer, and Claire doesn’t want him to do it. Sylar is watching of course, confused. Steven makes his decision, sending himself into a vortex rather than becoming a killer. Noah and Sylar take Claire home. She is disappointed in her father. Sylar knows Claire doesn’t trust him anymore, and he knows what Noah wanted. They really know how to write speeches for Sylar. Claire and Noah burst out of the car to talk more, and Claire reveals that she knows that her father is always just trying to protect the family. She enters the house and finds out Meredith is gone. She’s been trapped by Eric Doyle, and we see his power. He’s creepy as hell.

Hiro and Ando are back at the bar, mourning the loss of their hero status. They think things can’t get worse, but then Daphne and Knox show up. They heard Hiro and Ando are looking for work, and Hiro goes with it, Ando following. Daphne says they have to prove themselves, or rather, Hiro does. He has to kill Ando, the powerless one. Daphne and Hiro are shocked, but Knox insists. And Hiro does it, quite dramatically.

Angela drifts off to sleep and dreams the nightmare again. She sees the dead heroes, this time with Tracey and Nathan included. Peter is the apparent killer, but he’s dead too. And the real killer? He knows what she can see and knows she’s dangerous to his plans. He puts her in a paralysis.

We go to Pinehearst with Daphne, who is asked by Linderman if her task is complete. She never signed up to be a killer. He tells her there’s one more to recruit; it’s Matt. He warns her that he’s dangerous, and she figures out that Linderman isn’t real. And who’s creating Linderman? Matt’s father. He goes to his boss to tell him everything is according to plan. His boss is is incapacitated however, and is also the man from Angela’s dream. And who is he? Mr. Arthur Petrelli, Angela’s dead husband and Nathan and Peter’s dead father. And chapter 5 is over.

I do apologize, everyone. These season 3 posts are proving to be really long. Much longer than all the others. A lot is happening, a lot I had forgotten. And this is only the first half. Yikes. We’re gonna keep on going though, promise.













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