Batgirl Issue 41

Goodness gracious I am behind on Batgirl. As I’m just now finishing up my vacation, I had the opportunity to go pick up some more comics this past week, but I’ve been a busy bee and still haven’t been able to catch all the way up, but I’m getting there! I love Batgirl, though, and I really enjoy taking my time with her comic, and really making sure I catch everything. It’s a really enjoyable read, and this issue is no different.


Issue 41 of Batgirl is loaded with new developments and neat asides to other characters. The first big thing is that when Batgirl starts to fight with the Children of Hooq, her fight is interrupted (and finished by) the new mechanical Batman. He’s kind of popping up all over, he’s been in Catwoman too; is Black Canary the next to see him? He takes down the Children of Hooq after telling Batgirl that she’s under arrest, but she gets away.

The next morning, as she’s telling Frankie about what happened, her father, James Gordon knocks at their door with coffee and a daddy daughter date. He takes Babs out for ice cream and as the reach her favorite childhood spot (a carousel with a unicorn she named Brian), he tells her some big news. He has been promoted to Batman, and it’s his job to bring in the vigilantes and criminals of Gotham. Bad news for Batgirl, right?

While Babs is telling Frankie (not quite all of) the details that evening, the power for the whole block goes out, ruining Frankie’s nearly high score on a Sailor Moon arcade game. They go into the street to see the disturbance, and it’s a woman made out of pure energy. Babe quick changes to Batgirl and heads to the street to talk to Livewire, but ends up jogging her memory of being sent to Strykers prison, and gets her attacked. Frankie tries to help by checking Livewire, but is burned by her electricity. And to make matters even worse, Batman shows up, and tells Batgirl she’s under arrest!


Like I said before, this issue was jam-packed with excitement. It was a fun read that I absolutely burned through, and I can not wait to read the issues I am behind on. I’m thinking of getting a subscription to comics from TFAW, where they’re sent to me every week instead of me having to go to the comic shop. I feel bad, because I love my shop so much, but it’s tough to get there when I’m so busy with work. If you know of any great subscription services where they deliver you comics on time every week, let me know!













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