Heroes Rewatch: Dying of the Light, Eris Quod Sum, and Villains

So, we’re plowing through season 3. We’ve done a few but there’s still so much to get through. I am so glad I chose to do this though. Only remembering vague details, I wanted to go into Reborn with as much knowledge as possible. So, let’s continue with chapters six, seven, and eight.

Chapter six, “Dying of the Light”, takes us to Knox telling Hiro to kill Ando. Daphne doesn’t think he can. Hiro freezes time and teleports. He gets a fake sword and some fake blood. He returns two hours before encountering Knox and tells Ando what’s going to happen before returning to the present. They fake Ando’s death in order to gain the trust of the villains. Knox leaves Daphne with Hiro, and she is pissed at Hiro. She refuses to believe what he did and gives him an assignment to go find the precog Matt was just with. He has to bring him to Pinehearst alive. She leaves and Ando reveals he’s alive. They go after the precog together. Sandra and Claire are going after Meredith, who is with Eric Doyle the Puppet Master. Claire doesn’t want her to come, but Sandra employs the One of Us One of Them rule Noah taught her. Doyle loves Meredith and plans to make her love him. Creep alert. Great acting though. His power is to manipulate people’s movements as if they’re marionettes. Knox has brought Adam to Pinehearst and throws him at Arthur Petrelli. With this reunion, Petrelli simply touches Adam and drains him of his ability. RIP Adam, you were a good villain. Arthur is restored to full health and more now.

Daphne is in an airport looking over files given to her. She gets rid of them but Linderman is there. She tells him she wants out. He convinces her not to, saying they won’t be able to help her anymore if she leaves. And they spot Matt, back from his spirit walk. Matt sees her and knows her, which confuses her. She tells him about Pinehearst, but isn’t as convincing as before. He tells her about the spirit walk, which freaks her out and she runs until he tells her details he shouldn’t. She promises to return as long as he waits where he is.

Nathan and Tracey arrive at Mohinder’s and explain the situation, which of course sets of Mohinder’s crazy brain. He asks about side effects, which they wouldn’t have since they have the proper formula. Mohinder injects them with a “tracker” but it knocks them out because he’s gone insane. I don’t like insane Mohinder. It doesn’t seem like the natural progression of his story would be these experiments on himself and then going crazy cause he messed up. Not that Sendhil Ramamurthy doesn’t do well as crazy, but it doesn’t feel like Mohinder’s storyline progression. But anyways.

Daphne goes to Sylar in level 5 to break him out. But he won’t leave, determined not to be a killer again. But the man she works for wants him to stay the killer. She leaves the card and takes Jesse. Sylar goes to Peter, wanting his help. Peter wants to learn to control the hunger, and Gabriel thinks he knows how. But more importantly, Angela, their mother, is in trouble.

Hiro and Ando arrive at precog’s hut. They think they can sneak up on a man who can see the future, and Hiro becomes a cutie by calling him African-Isaac. He knocks Hiro out quickly. Ando wakes Hiro up and they try again with Hiro going one minute into the past before he got hit. It doesn’t work. Poor Hiro. He wakes up again and won’t try again. They plan to just hide and wait.

Claire and Sandra go in to save Meredith. Doyle continues his creepy until a bell rings. He locks Meredith down and goes out front to find Sandra, who tries really hard to be superspy but she’s so nervous. A sounds comes from the back and as she tries to leave he locks her in place. The sound was Claire “sneaking” in the back. She tries to grab her mother but Doyle comes with Sandra. He gets Claire in his power as well.

Daphne checks on Matt, who is still waiting, and then goes to Mohinder. Pinehearst wants his research, so they can benefit each other. She gives him a card, but hears a groan. She sees Tracey and Nathan and all the others and runs, disappointed that Mohinder could be so bad. Tracey tries to reason with Mohinder, understand him. It works until she uses her power to knock him out and try to escape with Nathan and all the others. Mohinder wakes up during their attempt.

Doyle uses the three women to play Russian Roulette, the deadly version. After a few rounds with no death, the gun points to Claire on Sandra’s turn. Claire convinces her mother to fire until the bullet hits her, releasing her from Doyle’s grasp. Doyle turns his back on her and she knocks him out. Noah grabs Doyle after his family calls him. Noah enlists Meredith as his new partner.

Angela is in a coma, and Sylar is concerned. Remember, Angela told him she’s his mother. He wants Peter to go into her head to find out what’s happening. Peter sees one thing, a symbol. It’s Pinehearst’s symbol on the card. They decide to go there, but not before they fight a little bit, Peter using Sylar’s ability against him. Peter locks him away and goes to Pinehearst alone.

Matt is still waiting for Daphne, and just as he’s about to leave she returns. She knows he’s too good for Pinehearst, knows Pinehearst is villainous. She wants him to stay away, and he wants the same. He tells her he saw her death, and after some arguing (and some preciousness from Matt), she decides to keep running. He offers her protection, but she runs anyways.

Hiro and Ando are on attempt number three which almost works. The man was teaching them a lesson; rely on powers too much and you forget everything else. He shows Hiro the villains he is after, and Ando makes the Pinehearst connection.

Peter arrives at Pinehearst and is in for a surprise. He finds his father alive and hugs Peter. Bad idea, since with touch he steals powers, which is exactly what he does to his own son.  And chapter six is ended.

Chapter seven, “Eris Quod Sum”, takes us back to Africa with Hiro and Ando and African-Isaac. Hiro has to go back in time to find out how to stop the villains, but he refuses, not wanting to destroy the past again. Mohinder is angry at Tracey and Nathan and explains what he thinks his mission is. Mohinder grabs Maya and escapes. Peter is unconscious, remembering the day he was told his father was dead. He wakes up chained to a table. Arthur is there and explains that what he’s doing is the greater good. Peter tells him that he saw the future, and Arthur says that everyone having powers is not what he wants. Peter, in the moment, wants revenge. The Bennets return home and Claire and Sandra have a sweet mother/daughter moment. Which is interrupted by the discovery of an unconscious Lyle and Elle in their home. Her powers are out of whack completely.

Elle and Claire fight and Elle is taken down by Lyle’s smart thinking. Elle needs their help, not knowing who else to turn to. She tries to leave, thinking no help will come here, but her powers stop her. She has lost control of her powers and it’s killing her. She has met Daphne and that she was told Pinehearst would help her. She was looking for Noah. Claire wants to go with Elle to Pinehearst to find out what’s happening to them.

Mohinder has brought Maya to Pinehearst, and I wanna hit him over the head. Arthur introduces himself and tells Mohinder that he and Maya are among friends. Mohinder wants to keep his promise, which Arthur can fulfill. He tries to take Maya’s power and after some struggle succeeds. RED FLAGS ALL OVER THE PLACE THIS IS BAD NEWS. Maya still won’t trust Mohinder because of him being insane briefly. Mohinder wants Arthur to heal him, but what he really wants is his changes stopped and his abilities kept. Arthur shows him the formula but they are at a road block. They want Mohinder to figure out the missing link.

In her coma, Angela dreams. She sees Sylar locked where Peter kept him. She talks to him and tells him Peter needs his help. Sylar is reluctant but the second she says he’s her favorite son he springs into action.

Daphne is confronted by her colleagues about not recruiting Matt. Arthur tells her to kill Matt, which sets Maury off; he agreed to work with Arthur to keep Matt safe. Arthur deals with this by killing Maury. And Daphne won’t agree to it.

Matt tries to call Mohinder to find out where he’s been when Daphne shows up with a gun. She’s scared and tells Matt her situation. He tells her to shoot him, it being the only way to save her. But she won’t face him when she does it. He tells her what he saw in the future and she really can’t do it. He reads her mind and finds out his dad died. (How the hell did Maury get free of the coma from last season? We’re not gonna explain that one?) Matt is shocked that his father would care. As he and Daphne talk, Knox overhears and uses his powers. Daphne tries to run but Knox kills her with her own fear. Matt starts to turn into his father, but his fear of doing that allows Knox to kill him too.

Peter tries to fight without his powers but is taken away as one of Mohinder’s test subjects. He is injected with the new formula. Peter explains the future he saw, but Mohinder’s future self terrifies him now, so it changes nothing. Sylar stops the injection from happening and saves Peter. Mohinder tries to kill Sylar and Peter runs. Arthur tells Mohinder that Gabriel is his son.

Nathan and Tracey have been waiting in Mohinder’s lab for someone from the Company. She wants to free everyone, but when that goes south Noah and Meredith save the day. Noah wants to take Tracey and Nathan into the Company to ensure they’re ok after the run in with Mohinder.

Claire and Elle are on a plane, and Elle is terrified. Her powers almost bring down the plane and Claire lets Elle use her as a conduit to direct her powers into. I love how this volume is allowing enemies to bond. Claire and Elle. Sylar and Peter (Sylar trying to go good, THAT is character progression). Great choices this season.

Knox leaves the dead couple behind, and surprise, it was all an act. Matt used his powers to trick Knox, and Daphne loves it. Daphne is ready to run away for good, but Matt wants to fight them. Daphne says they’d need help no matter what, so Matt decides to turn to the Company.

Arthur has Gabriel suspended in air as the hunt for Peter continues. Gabriel still sides with Angela, but Arthur tells him that she is using him (and what, you’re not you old evil psycho?). Arthur tells him that Angela tried to kill him as a child and that Arthur saved his life. Poor Gabriel….Peter, meanwhile, is hiding trying to escape. And Maya is leaving for good. Mohinder goes to her to say goodbye. She still can’t trust him and never will. I can’t remember if she comes back….I wanna say no but I honestly have no idea. Peter finds Gabriel and wants them to escape together. Peter knows Arthur can’t be trusted, but guess who doesn’t agree? Gabriel makes Peter fly out the window, straight towards Claire and Elle, who have arrived. Claire helps Peter and he tells them what Arthur did. Elle still believes in Pinehearst and goes in as Claire takes Peter away.

Nathan gets a phone call from Claire. She tells him what happened to Peter and where she’s brought him. Arthur, meanwhile, is planning to bring the fight to the Company. Daphne calls Arthur and tells her the plan worked and that she’ll tell them if he calls the Company. But she clearly doesn’t want to betray Matt.

Peter realizes he didn’t die from the fall because Sylar made sure he wouldn’t die. Nathan comes in with Tracey and Peter tells him everything. Nathan doesn’t want to believe, having seen his dad’s body, but he realizes it’s true. Nathan wants to go to him but Peter convinces him they can’t go near Pinehearst. Or so he thinks. Nathan is off to go after his father, with Tracey in tow.

It’s time for Hiro’s spirit walk. Since he doesn’t want to trust his powers, this is the only way. Ando is meant to go but won’t eat the paste. Hiro’s journey begins, and chapter seven is over.

Chapter eight, “Villains”, is our usual time travel one. Seems once per volume we have some awesome time travel. So let’s find out about our villains. We open with clips from season one and season three; this is gonna be good. Hiro’s spirit walk begins, and we travel to 18 months ago (and Peter’s old haircut, I miss the long hair). Arthur is making a speech to congratulate his sons, and he and Angela seem in love. Linderman comes to them to congratulate them all. Nathan and Peter walk away, and Linderman and Arthur agree Nathan’s new job means trouble for them. Arthur wants to talk to Nathan, convince him not to go against Linderman, one last time and if it doesn’t work he’ll kill his own son. Our flame throwing friend is named Flint (ahahaha) and is robbing a store with Meredith, his sister, when they meet Noah’s old boss, the one Noah killed in season 1. Gabriel is working in his store late one night and plans to hang himself. This is after killing Brian Davis; he doesn’t know how to live with the murder and doesn’t want to. But who should walk in and save him? Elle. He asks her for forgiveness.

Elle tells Gabriel that everything will be ok, but he can’t believe that. She wants him to open up but he refuses. He vaguely tells her what he did and she tries to reassure him, tell him he isn’t a bad person. She wants to give him a second chance. She leaves his shop and is working with Noah. Noah wants to study Gabriel rather than capture him, and he wants to use Elle as bait.

Meredith is in Company holding and wants to train her to be an agent for them. She refuses, hating them for her own reasons (like they STOLE HER BABY). She eventually agrees to help as long as the Company won’t go after her brother. He doesn’t make the promise, but she agrees anyway. She is partnered with Thompson and they go to Texas to find Danny, a man who can make his skin steel. This mixes well with Meredith’s heat, and she takes him down.

Arthur won’t go to Peter’s party, which we knew. Nathan stops by and Arthur wants him to hand off the Linderman case. Nathan refuses and his father gets a dark look. We see the car crash again, the one where Nathan discovered his powers. In the hospital, Angela and Arthur come in and Nathan is angry at his father. He knows it was Linderman’s men, and Peter breaks up the fight before it gets too bad. Nathan tells his father to choose, his family or Linderman. Angela confronts her husband, knowing the car crash wasn’t Linderman’s idea alone. Arthur spins more lies and she knows it.

Elle and Noah are watching Gabriel’s apartment. He is trying to remove all traces of finding people with powers when Elle arrives with pie. This is cute, these two, but it obviously won’t last. He tells her he’s feeling better thanks to her. He has a list, one with Brian Davis’s name on it, and when she tries to take it he crumples it away. He tells her about his power (not his real one, the one he stole) and she acts like she’s never seen this before. She steals the list from the garbage. He also tells her about the hunger, something this Gabriel shouldn’t fully understand yet but we’ll let it slide.

Thompson lets Meredith lock Danny away and guess who she finds? Her brother Flint (have I mentioned that her power is normal fire and his is blue?). He tells her that they’ve offered to train him as well. Meredith comes to her brother and busts him out, wanting them to escape. They make it onto a train and plan to run to Mexico. She gets tased by Thompson, but Flint escapes and Thompson goes after him, allowing Meredith to escape for good. She and Thompson fight as he discovers her, and she causes the train to explode. He arrests her again, and she tells him about the Company killing Claire. He realizes the truth and releases her. And the explosion? It’s the one Claire runs into.

Elle is falling for Gabriel, which is bad for Noah and the Company. She thinks he wants to be good, wants to change. Noah wants her to bring Gabriel another with powers but she doesn’t want to do it. He says if she doesn’t she has to leave and be on her own.

Linderman is surprised Nathan survived and talks it all over with Arthur. Linderman is not the killer he always acted like, Arthur is shown to be evil mastermind. Angela overhears all of it and threatens Arthur. She doesn’t want her babies to die. Linderman comes to Angela the next day in concern for Angela, whose mind has been manipulated by her husband. Linderman heals her mind, and she makes a crucial decision.

Elle is terrified of making Gabriel a killer again. They’re having another date when Trevor arrives. Trevor has an ability as well, the ability to use his finger as a pistol, literally. I need to mention, this whole episode the ticking that usually accompanies Sylar has been absent. Elle pushes him into killing Trevor, and the ticking slowly returns. Before he can kill, she uses her powers to shock him, wanting to stop him from becoming the murderer. He lets her leave, but Trevor won’t be heard from again.

Angela has made dinner for her husband, and they’re not alone. The Haitian is there as Angela argues with and eventually kills her husband. She refuses to kill her son, no matter what Arthur says. She has poisoned him, and he dies. Or so everyone thinks. She tells the Haitian to incinerate the body, but Nathan walks in before the plan can occur and finds his father dead. In the hospital, Nathan and Angela are told he is dead. But this doctor is the same from before. He saved his life and worked for Arthur.

Elle knows they created Sylar and destroyed Gabriel Gray. Noah isn’t phased, for now. And apparently we’ve jumped in time a lot because Mohinder is in New York which doesn’t happen til after Sylar kills Chandra. Maybe they just lost track of the timeline…I don’t know, the point is how they’re connecting everything back to season one is beautiful.

Hiro has seen everything, knows the truth of the villains. He has much to do, but African-Isaac screams. His head has been removed (And his name is Usutu, did they say that before I don’t know I didn’t hear it) and Arthur is there to steal Hiro’s powers. And chapter eight is over.

I forgot it ended that way and now I’m angry that I don’t have time for the next set of episodes WHY. Ok…soon we’re gonna have an important two parter, and after that the end of volume three and the start of volume four.














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