Bob’s Burgers Volume One

Fangirls, I have a strong and passionate love for Bob’s Burgers, the TV show. When I don’t feel like doing stuff, or when I’m knitting and want something good On in the background, I put on BB and really enjoy it. No matter how often I see episodes, I still love them. So when I last went to the comic shop, I picked myself up a copy of Bob’s Burgers Volume One, and fell in love with another aspect of the series.


The first thing that really got me pumped was that the comic is done by the producers, writers, and animators of the show. That made me think that it was going to be just like the show. And even further than that; the comic is considered cannon! So everything in the comic actually happens in the same universe as the show! It feels a little silly to consider Bob’s Burgers to be a universe (especially when there are crazy multiverses in DC and Marvel), but it makes sense, and I’m really glad it’s overseen by the show’s creator.

So Volume One collects the first five issues of the Bob’s Burgers comic. Each issue features five segments; Tina’s Erotic Friend Fiction, Burger of the Day Ideas, Louise’s Unsolved Mysteries, Letters from Linda, and Gene’s Original Musicals! Each segment is amazing, and unique to the character it’s written by.


Tina’s Erotic Friend Fiction is just what the title says: stories from Tina’s collection of erotic friend fiction that she writes. Featuring mostly horses, buts, and zombies, this section of each comic was probably my favorite.

Bob’s Burger of the Day ideas are also hilarious. Though they don’t have recipes, the puns are absolutely amazing. If you’ve ever watched Bob’s Burgers (which you should), you know that Bob puts some serious work and pride into his Burger of the Day ideas. They’re beautiful.


In Lousie’s Unsolved Mysteries, Louise attempts to solve mysteries. They really show off her intensity (especially in The Faux Boo Boo, where Louise stalks her not favorite boy band to find out why they’re hiding Boo Boo from the world).

In Letters from Linda, Linda writes suggestions to companies for cool products she thinks of. These suggestions range from dumpster hangouts for raccoons to her album. She’s a national treasure.

Gene’s Original Musicals are well rhymed comics. They tell stories of Gene being the IBS Pied Piper, fusing with his burger suit, and many other silly things.

This was a very quick read, as each segment was unrelated to the last, and was hilarious the whole way through. If you don’t watch the show, there will be some jokes you don’t get, but it’ll probably still be silly to you. But really, the show is amazing and you should be watching it. Erotic Friend Fiction will also make a lot more sense to you. Altogether its an amazing comic and I highly recommend it!















All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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