Small Press Expo 2015

Fangirls, you know how I made a rad list of the things I was going to do, and I tried to keep myself organized? It didn’t work. As soon as I got inside, I was reminded that SPX is huge and there are so many amazing creators, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.


We got to the Bethesda North Marriott on Friday night after checking out the rad party at Fantom Comics in DC. We unpacked a bit, and went to grab some food (where we had the absolute craziest server), and then played DS late into the night. Saturday I got up, got my Kim cosplay on, and got super pumped to go meet amazing people.


Not going to lie to you, Fangirls, but it took me ages to get the courage to go up to Kevin Panetta and Paulina Ganucheau, the creators of Zodiac Starforce (especially in cosplay). They were the nicest people I’ve ever met, though, and it was so nice to finally meet them.

I didn’t go to panels, I didn’t meet Noelle Stevenson (which I really wanted to, because Lumberjanes and Nimona are both so amazing), I didn’t even see Kate Beaton, I just bought things.


Now these aren’t just the things I bought at SPX, some of this stuff is from Baltimore Comic Con, but it’s mostly SPX. I always feel a bit guilty after spending money on comics, but I feel great spending money at SPX, because there are so many amazing creators that work so hard on their work.

A couple of my favorite purchases from SPX include:
Chainmail Bikini, a girl gaming anthology (about women’s experiences with video games), put together by Hazel Newlevant (Kickstarted, info here).
Girl Knife Gang, a zine of badass women and their weapons of choice (I also bought one of the weapon originals, and got the print of Susie Slugger), all by Simone Nemes (check it out here).
Beauty, Issue 6 of Dirty Diamonds’ all girl comic anthology. Last year I bought their issue on comics, this year’s is even bigger, and I can’t wait to dig in (store info here).

Altogether, it was an amazing show, and I’ll definitely be coming back next year. I love just seeing so many talented people in their element, and watching them succeed. I also love that everyone who goes to SPX is incredibly fashionable. I can’t handle how perfect everything about it is. If you’re looking to go next year, let me know, and we can go together. It’s such a rad time, and everyone should check it out.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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