Heroes Rewatch: It’s Coming and The Eclipse part 1&2

A two parter? In this post? I’ll be honest, I only remember a small detail from it, so I’m excited. Also, we have these three episodes and then two more episodes, and we’ll be done with volume 3. Which means there’s a lot to come in these episodes. So let’s dive right in, shall we?

Chapter nine, “It’s Coming”, opens by talking to us about an eclipse. Remember how the entire show opened with an eclipse, and then suddenly all of these people began discovering their powers? Yeah, remember that. So, Arthur is trying to hurt Hiro when Ando goes to save him. Arthur flings him away and finds a painting of the coming eclipse. He leaves Hiro and goes to inspect when Ando tackles Hiro and asks him to teleport away. But something is wrong with Hiro, and Ando must force him to do it. They end up in a bowling alley in Japan, where we discover that Hiro thinks he is 10 years old. Arthur teleports somehow back to Sylar, who is acting like he didn’t save Peter’s life (even though he totally did). Arthur promises to teach Sylar how to absorb powers and satisfy the hunger without killing. He wants to tap into his empathy, and he definitely knows that Sylar saved Peter so there has to be empathy. He puts Sylar in a room with Elle, who’s powers are still acting up. She’s chained to the wall and she remembers Sylar really well, even trying to kill him.

Peter is back on his feet and wants Claire to go home. She wants to stay and protect him, but he wants to stay innocent and not kill. Someone starts banging on the door and Claire tells Peter to run while she holds them off. It’s Knox and Flint, who underestimate her as she jumps out of the window. Peter catches up to her and they run, finding the painting of the world splitting. They go underground, literally. He still wants her to leave because he is afraid of who she becomes in the future. But she can’t leave, wanting to keep him safe the way he did in Odessa. Knox and Flint find them, and Claire stands her ground again. But they came for her, not Peter.

Arthur goes to Mohinder to see if there has been any progress, which is a big no. Arthur sees that Mohinder has been studying the coming eclipse, realizing that many powers appeared during the last eclipse. He thinks it’s coincidence. He knows that something from the formula is missing, like a catalyst, which gets Arthur’s attention. The catalyst cannot be made synthetically, it is in a human host. And Kaito Nakamura knew that and hid it away.

Sylar’s fine, recovering from some burns, lost some of his clothing thanks to Elle. He knows she wants vengeance and says he can take anything she has. And she gives it to him. He tells her he never wanted to kill anyone, that she should know that after saving his life. She swears to kill him and he lets her grieve how she wants to. The clock ticking that happens in the this scene isn’t a ticking like normal. It’s more like a church bell; it’s beautiful. He undoes her chains, and she stays convinced that he will kill her. He doesn’t want to, refuses to, wanting to be a good person. They talk about their past, and he forgives her for her part in making him a killer. He tells her she needs to forgive herself, and her pain is gone as she does. Her powers are in control, and they are also in Sylar.

Matt and Daphne are in Primatech which is abandoned. He sees the African and they find Angela in her coma. He hears her screaming in her mind and has to help her. Daphne goes to find a nurse, but really walks in on Arthur trying to figure out who the catalyst is. She asks him if Angela will be ok, and if Matt can be left alone now. He threatens her and she caves.

Ando needs to fix Hiro but he has no idea how to. He tells Hiro about his powers and how it’s supposed to work, wanting Hiro to make it work. And it eventually works. Ten year old Hiro uses the time to pull some practical jokes. So Ando’s plan wasn’t perfect.

Daphne goes back to Matt and says there’s no one else there. Matt has to go down a dark path to save Angela, going deeper into her mind than he has ever before with anyone except his father.

Tracey and Nathan show up at Pinehearst. Nathan reveals how influenced he was by his father as they prepare to enter. And they find Arthur, who offers him a hug. Nathan, being smart for once, refuses. Arthur tells Nathan that he should have been told his role, his destiny, from the beginning. Nathan won’t let his father touch him and won’t believe a word he says. Arthur won’t relent, telling Nathan if they work together they’d have a chance at saving the world.

Peter comes out to save Claire, even though he’s powerless. Peter is using his brains this time, knows there’s gas. He taunts Flint and they use Flint’s anger and power plus the gas to escape.

Elle and Sylar are becoming friends again, and I need to quote this line he just said; “We’re all at war with ourselves, that’s what it means to be human. The trick is figuring out how to be on the winning side.”  She trains him on how her power works, and they’re adorable psychopaths together.

Ando continues training Hiro and tells him to take them to NYC once he masters teleportation. He wants them to go to Primatech, but ten year old Hiro isn’t playing. They end up in a comic book store and find 9th Wonders, a new one (somehow, who’s making it???) that will tell them what to do next. They see that next is the eclipse.

Nathan is unsure what to do and decides to go back to Primatech to talk to his mother. Tracey returns to Arthur, wanting to make a deal. She promises to bring Nathan into the fold, convince him to join his father – for a price of course.

Matt is inside Angela’s dreams. He finds her chained to a chair, but she is convinced that there won’t be an escape. Matt finds a way out but Daphne walks in and stabs him. His injury comes through the dream, and Daphne tries desperately to wake him up. She holds his hand and joins his dream to discover what happened. Arthur reveals himself with his version of Daphne. He tells Matt the truth about Daphne and she reveals that she’s grown to care for him. Arthur wants to drive a wedge between them. Daphne knows now that she can’t leave Matt, that she has grown to love him. Angela brings herself into the fight, trying to convince Arthur to release her. And it works. They all wake up together, and as Matt looks for a doctor he finds Peter and Claire. Nathan joins the party as well. The three who have seen the future know that they need to stop it. Angela reveals the catalyst hidden in a host, though Kaito was the only one who knew who it was. Claire says that she knows there’s something different about her, something none of the others have. She thinks she is the catalyst.

We get a shot of each team. On the heroes; Nathan, Daphne, Claire, Peter, Matt, and Angela. On the villains; Tracey, Knox, Flint, Sylar, Elle, and Arthur. The eclipse is coming, and each side knows it. Some of them even fear it. And we end chapter nine.

Chapters ten and eleven will be done together, since it’s a two parter. They are “The Eclipse”. It is time. We begin by seeing drawings done by Arthur, none of which we know the meanings of yet. He is still drawing in fact, as Angela looks over an old family photo before looking to the sky. Everyone knows the eclipse is coming, but none of them know what it will mean for them. Elle and Sylar are still practicing, Sylar desperate to prove himself, though he won’t say to who. Arthur wants him to find Claire and bring her to them. Elle realizes who he needs to prove himself to, and offers to go with him. Arthur agrees. Angela has jumped on board with Claire being the catalyst and has sent everyone else out to gather the other heroes. She plans to hide Claire away so Arthur can never find her and takes her to level 5, where her father is waiting to protect her. Peter and Nathan are off to find the Haitian – well really Peter is forcing himself on the trip with Nathan. Mohinder is angry that the catalyst isn’t in his lab yet and goes to Arthur. Arthur has painted Claire’s impossible death, and they come to the conclusion that the eclipse will affect them all in ways they never imagined.

Daphne and Matt are off to find Hiro, not knowing that Hiro thinks he’s ten. Daphne is afraid of Arthur. She desperately wants to run away, and though Matt says he knows her he doesn’t know everything (I do, her story is the only thing I remember). He talks her down and as they try to figure out how to find Hiro, he and Ando show up at Matt’s door. Ando tells Matt what’s wrong and that he has to fix it. Matt doesn’t think he can fix Hiro, even though 9th Wonders says he can. Daphne goes back into panic mode and actually runs away this time.

Noah takes Claire back to California to a safe house. She doesn’t want to be hiding, but it’s for the best. Having found where Noah and Claire are, Sylar and Elle go after them. Sylar knows where they’ll be, and Elle tells Sylar she’s worried that he’s trying too hard. She pulls some bull to make him discover who he wants to be truly. But it just leads to him killing again.

Noah, meanwhile, plans to train Claire. Properly train, not like Meredith training. They fight about it, Claire thinking she doesn’t need training. He goads her into playing along and begins truly training her.

Tracey is in Primatech but reporting to Arthur. He gives her a job that she doesn’t want and as they talk Angela overhears. Angela isn’t a moron, but she’s going to let Tracey be Tracey for now.

Matt needs to find Daphne, Ando needs him to fix Hiro. Hiro sees that they go after Daphne in the comic and they go. Matt finds her house as the eclipse begins. We see how everyone is affected as it begins. And overall, everyone loses their abilities.

Mohinder has cocooned himself and emerges as the eclipse begins. He’s is healed, better. Nathan and Peter have fallen in a jungle, Nathan’s flight having disappeared. Matt knocks on Daphne’s door and is greeted by her dad, who tries to make him go away. Matt tries to use his powers but they don’t work, and neither do Hiro’s.

Nathan and Peter begin fighting about everything, things they’ve never argued about before nor should they be arguing about. They are stopped by the Haitian’s appearance. They tell the Haitian what is happening back home, but the Haitian won’t leave until he stops his brother. The man is special with impenetrable skin, and has used the power to become a warlord. Peter convinces Nathan they need to help the Haitian to get home, but the brother and his men attack and capture Nathan.

Training goes well, Noah allowing Claire to use her anger to become a better fighter. She reveals that he’s angry at her because he is always leaving. As she tries to get air, Elle and Sylar arrive and we discover that everyone here has lost their powers. Elle goes to shoot Noah and Claire jumps in front of him. Noah carries her away, leaving Elle and Sylar. He takes her to Sandra as she stops healing. Claire and Noah reconnect again and it’s so sweet.

As the eclipse continues, many of the heroes realize that they miss their powers and think they can do nothing without them. Matt especially thinks this, believing he can’t save Daphne without his powers. Hiro, with child’s wisdom, proves to Matt that he can do what he must without his powers. Matt goes to help Daphne, and Hiro and Ando go off to find the next 9th Wonders. In the store, we get a Seth Green and Breckin Meyers cameo as they recognize Hiro from 9th Wonders.

Mohinder is completely healed without knowing how. He pauses his studies to go and find Maya. But Arthur and Flint work to stop him, needing him to stop the effects of the eclipse.

Claire is dying, and as Noah plans to go get Sylar and Elle, Sandra tries to convince him not to leave. He doesn’t listen, though, and goes off to fight. Sandra goes to check on Claire and finds her dead.

Daphne’s father leaves and Matt takes the chance to go in and talk to her. She won’t let him in at first, but when he confesses his love she lets him see the true her; she doesn’t have use of her legs at all without some help.

Sylar and Elle recover from their fight only to continue finding that their powers are failing. Sylar feels relieved; his hunger is gone, something he hasn’t experienced since the first time he and Elle met. She doesn’t agree, feeling powerless and helpless. And as they physically connect, Noah watches with a sniper rifle.

Chapter eleven begins with Peter and the Haitian. The Haitian feels powerless, but Peter realizes that if the eclipse is blocking their powers then they’re blocking the Haitian’s brother’s as well. Peter wants to prove that he can be a hero without his powers, and the Haitian is ready to fight. Sandra takes Claire to the hospital – she isn’t dead but she is infected. Sylar and Elle are so wrapped up in each other, they have no idea Noah is watching them. They wonder if their powers being gone is permanent and consider life if it is. Noah shoots at them and storms the building. There is a shoot off as Elle and Sylar escape and Elle is shot. Noah is determined to end the fight.

Nathan is chained with the other prisoners, but since he speaks French he can connect with them. The Baron (Haitian’s brother) comes in and threatens all of them, his men taking one of the women away.

Mohinder is studying the eclipse, trying to find the connection between it and the powers. But he really wants to just find Maya. Arthur asks him, and he says that he has checked everything and has come to the conclusion that it might just be a coincidence. Arthur is paranoid, vulnerable, and won’t let Mohinder end it there.

Sandra calls Noah and tells him what’s happened. He tells her to act like he would, lie about what happened to avoid exposing the truth. He goes to be with his family but picks up Elle and Sylar’s trail.

Daphne has cerebal palsey, had it her whole life until the eclipse from before. He tells her his powers aren’t working, and she thinks this is Arthur’s doing. She thinks she deserves what’s happening to her and won’t hear otherwise.

The eclipse is slowly ending as Mohinder plans to use Flint to test the abilities. Really he’s just planning an escape and manages to knock Flint out.

Hiro and Ando are trying to get the new 9th Wonders. Seth Green is being very doubtful, but Hiro figures out the plan. He buys as many back issues of 9th Wonders as possible to remember who he was. Matt comes into the comic shop and finds Ando and Hiro. Breckin Meyers theorizes about the eclipse affecting the powers and that they’ll return when the eclipse ends. Matt finds a picture of Daphne running again when the sun comes up. Hiro, meanwhile, discovers kill Sylar, losing Charlie and his father, the fight with Kensai, and does not want to grow up.

Sylar is patching Elle up in the middle of a grocery store. Sylar knows Noah is coming and wants them to split up. She knows they need to stick together if they want a chance at fighting him. He agrees as they run away. Noah finds them too soon, and Sylar sends Elle away to keep her safe.

The Baron is being scum when his brother knocks him. He and Peter promise to save the others. The Haitian contemplates killing his brother, but they bag and tag. Nathan talks about how he used to be powerful and have influence over things, and that now he doesn’t and he can’t help her. Peter and the Haitian come in and save them. Soldiers are coming, and Peter, believing he’s expendable, offers to hold them off while Nathan and the Haitian run.

Claire is not well; the doctors say it’s like her body has never been sick before. Sandra says her father is on his way, but Claire doesn’t believe her. The police arrive to talk to Sandra about why her daughter was shot. Claire is frightened as she dies in front of her mother’s eyes. Noah and Sylar fight as Noah’s daughter dies in the hospital. Elle comes back and watches Noah kill Sylar.

Sandra looks at her daughter one last time, as the sun comes out from the eclipse. Claire wakes up, alive once more, and heals herself. Matt knocks on Daphne’s door as the sun comes up, and her father comes out and says she’s run off again. Matt’s power is back as well, and he hears Daphne nearby. He goes to look for her, listening as she blames herself for everything. He finds her by a scarecrow, one she made as a child. Matt convinces her that she isn’t the villain she thinks she is.

Peter is alone against an army, powerless and armed only with a gun. Which he somehow uses fairly well until it runs out. He surrenders, but the Haitian and Nathan return, restored to their powerful selves. The Baron shows up, powerful once more. Nathan flies him into a car, which almost helps. Peter tells the Haitian to use his powers and the Haitian listens by destroying his brother’s mind.

Mohinder has found Maya just in time for his power and his deformity to return. He runs as she opens the door, not willing to face her.

Seth Green is trying to convince Hiro to come out of the bathroom, that he has to grow up. He tells Hiro that saving the world comes before everything else, even the bad things. To be a hero, especially one like Hiro, gives people hope. Hiro emerges, knowing he is right. Breckin Meyers finds something important; Hiro and Claire are meant to go into the past together to see the day she was given to Noah. Hiro teleports to Claire without Ando.

Noah comes home to Claire, who is unhappy with him. He tries to tell her he never meant to be away. When she tells him she died, he realizes that he f***ed up and Sylar is totally fine. Also, he and Elle are in their house threatening Sandra. They want to take Claire with them, nothing more. She agrees to go if they leave her family alone. As Sylar advances, Noah reveals that Angela and Arthur aren’t his parents (surprise, who woulda guessed). He also turns Sylar against Elle once again, and guess who’s empathy and kindness disappears. Hiro teleports Sylar and Elle away and then takes Claire with him.

Matt and Daphne find Ando in the comic shop. But with Hiro missing they don’t know what to do. Remember when I asked how there were new 9th Wonders? They were printed posthumously, and though the last issue came out it isn’t the last story. Seth Green knows about the 9th Wonders given to the mail carrier way back in season one. They need to find that messenger.

The Haitian takes the girls home, and Peter and Nathan share a moment. Nathan tells Peter that he finally respects him. But, he’s joining Pinehearst because the plan to give people powers is the right thing apparently, but only give it to select few. Nathan. Is. A. MORON. Did you think this moronic thinking was fixed? WRONG HE’S AN IDIOT IT’S KILL THE CHARACTER BUILDING DAY. He flies away and leaves Peter and the Haitian to find their own way home.

Mohinder returns to Pinehearst and Arthur, who is not happy. Mohinder is ready to return to work.

Sylar and Elle are teleported to the same beach and guess who’s unhappy. Sylar asks if Bennet was lying, and Elle says yes but he already knows the answer. He kills Elle, his changes erased. I can’t complain about this character building loss, I know where it leads and I really like his storyline continuation.

Hiro and Claire arrive at the day Claire was given to Noah. Claire reads their words from the 9th Wonders issue Hiro has, and as she realizes what’s happening, chapter 11 ends.

Guys, there’s only two more chapters of volume three. Then we’re halfway through season three. We’re getting there guys. We are getting closer. So next time we’ll wrap up this volume.
















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