Black Canary Issue 4

Fangirls, we know by now that I love Black Canary. I love her as a character and I love her book. And according to this issue, I’m going to love her newest adversary.


In the last issue, Black Canary played until they got attacked, and Ditto disappeared. It was found out that she was kidnapped by Bo Maeve, the band’s original singer with an attitude problem. In this issue, we see them on the road, as Maeve is telling Ditto about her life.

We learn, through flashback, that Maeve was always a very talented dancer. As a child, her parents worked hard to make sure she had training in dance, but when her attitude reared it’s head, she moved out and moved on. She continued to study music and dancing, when on her own, and was eventually picked up by Byron and Paloma to sing in their band, which she named Alas Insane. She said she picked that name because her father “mockingly” used to refer to er that way. My theory is that he saw it as a pet name, but she does seem a bit crazy, so who knows.

After awhile, Alas Insane got a deal, and when Maeve couldn’t move in a dress during one of their music videos, they tried to pay her to walk out. When she refused, she was straight fired, and they hired DD (Dinah) as her replacement. When Maeve went to see how things were going without her the next day, and saw DD in her dress, singing her songs, she lost it, and set fire to the costumes. DD used her Canary cry and Maeve believed that was why they chose her, and realized that’s what she needed to succeed.


So Maeve has kidnapped Ditto in order to get her own Canary Cry (which, according to this series was forced upon Dinah in an experiment), and brings her to Amanda Waller for an exchange. Unfortunately for Waller, a masked woman beats up her goons, crushes Waller’s vehicle, and brings Ditto to DD (who has been tracking Maeve with the help of Frankie). At first I thought the masked woman was Spoiler, but Spoiler wears purple, and this character was in all white. She looks familiar, but I can’t quite place her.


Obviously, this issue was jam packed with adventure. Maeve got the Canary Cry, DD got Ditto back, and we got a killer issue. I really hope this team keeps delivering at this high of a standard, because this series is beyond amazing, and I want it to continue.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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