Appdicted: Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

Dear Fangirls, did you know I love Pokémon? It may come as shocking, but I do love those little pocket monsters. Since I can’t have my DS on me everywhere I go, or sometimes I need q break, I have a new way to play Pokémon almost constantly, thanks to the mobile Pokémon Shuffle game.


Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is very similar to most of the apps I play, because it’s a simple puzzle game. The goal is to catch Pokémon, but first you must battle to weaken the Pokémon you are trying to catch. You battle by matching little icons of Pokémon you have already caught, and their powers make your opponent weaker.


I like this app because it’s simple and fun, but it makes me take breaks. You have 5 hearts, and once used, each heart takes 30 minutes to regenerate. So when you play it constantly, you have to take breaks. This is great, because it can wear on your battery a bit. It’s tough to beat some Pokémon, and appealing to play forever until you beat them, but the lack of hearts helps me walk away now and then.

I love simple puzzle games, but I also like this because I learn a bit more about Pokémon while playing it. Each Pokémon that you battle has it’s name on the screen (along with its type), and you can optimize your team of Pokémon so they are strong against it. So if you’re fighting a grass type, you can hit “Optimize” and it’ll put any fire types you have against it.


Each Pokémon has different restrictions and powers to use against you, as well. Sometimes they turn your Pokémon into itself, making your attacks less damaging; they also can freeze and put stones in place of your Pokémon. Those are the pieces that make the game challenging, and worth keeping on my phone.

Altogether, this is a free Pokémon app that is beyond adorable, and a lot of fun to play. It’s free, and easy, so go download it and let me know what you think.











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