Heroes Rewatch: Our Father and Dual

Here we go. The final episodes of volume three. Soon we will shift from “Villains” into “Fugitives”. So let’s not waste much time, shall? Let us dive right in to chapters twelve and thirteen.

Chapter 12, “Our Father”, takes us back with Hiro and Claire as we watch Kaito give baby Claire to Noah. There’s a communication issue since ten year old Hiro doesn’t know much English. Hiro discovers his mother is alive in this time but still ill. And close to death. She knows about the catalyst; they need to make arrangements for it. Kaito plans to put it in Claire, but Mrs. Nakamura wants it to stay in the family. Young Hiro sees that the pet bird is unwell and takes it to his mother, who gives it life again. Claire realizes she needs to stay with her dad so that the catalyst isn’t put in her, and Hiro stays with his family to get his memories restored. Back in the present, Sylar gets a call from Arthur and refuses to help anyone anymore. He plans to get the truth by stealing a new power, but first he burns Elle’s body (with the most beautiful cinematography this show has seen omg I wish I could screenshot it).

Angela wants Peter and the Haitian to kill Arthur. Peter hesitates, but Angela talks him into it. When they are alone, the Haitian tries to understand Peter’s emotions, his conflict. He offers to kill Arthur himself, but Peter refuses, knowing it is his responsibility.

Nathan arrives at his father’s office and sees Tracey working with him. Nathan says that though he agrees with the plan his father isn’t the man to lead; he is. He is taking over Pinehearst completely. Arthur gives in too easily. Tracey takes Nathan to the future of people with powers; soldiers. Marines. Nathan interviews them, tells them the truth – sort of – about what will happen to them.

Claire finds her mother struggling with baby Claire and everything else she has to carry. She jumps in to help, using the name Bonnie. She immediately integrates herself into Sandra’s life, who needs the help. Claire offers to help take care of the baby and teach Sandra some tricks. Noah is nowhere to be seen. Claire tells Sandra not to let the baby out of her sight. Noah comes home to find Claire watching over Claire. He’s suspicious, worried. He sees through her lies, so she tries half-truths. The phone rings and she tells him not to answer, not to do as they want. And he listens.

We meet Sue Landers, an office worker who meets Sylar. Her power is amazing; she’s a literal human lie detector. So naturally what comes next is Sylar stealing her power to find out the truth about his life.

Daphne, holding Matt and Ando’s hands, runs them to NYC to the messenger. The one they talk to is hiding something. Matt reads his mind to find out the truth, and of course the guy runs away. But Daphne is faster. She chases him down and gets the sketchbook. They all sit together to look it over. They find the missing 9th Wonders issue and read about Hiro and Claire.

Hiro is trying to cook, being mistaken as the new chef, but it isn’t going well. He hears his parents discussing the catalyst. She wants to give it to Hiro, but this Kaito has no faith in his son. And young Hiro can hear it. He takes his mother her meal eventually, and she figures out who he is. She wants to know everything about him, and he share his problem. He asks for her help, and she restores his memories, healing his mind. He cries at seeing his mother again, tells her all about his life. He asks for the catalyst, promising to protect it for the rest of his life. And she believes in him, giving him the catalyst. She passes after giving it to him. Hiro finds Claire where they promised to meet and prepare to go home. He tells her that he has the catalyst, and Arthur shows up. Arthur steals the catalyst and Hiro’s power and flings Hiro off of the building. He goes to Claire and tells her to tell Angela that he has won and sends her home. He leaves, and Hiro is hanging on to a flag pole for his life.

Daphne and Ando and Matt see all of this. Matt and Daphne come up with a plan; if Arthur perfects the formula, they could make a new time traveler to save Hiro. Ando volunteers for the job.

Arthur adds the catalyst to the formula as Peter and the Haitian arrive at Pinehearst. The showdown begins. Mohinder preps the formula for testing as Arthur senses the new players. He meets Peter and realizes the Haitian is with him. But Peter isn’t able to pull the trigger. Mohinder has his first test subject, the Marine Nathan was talking to before. He gets injected and as they watch he changes. The Haitian can’t hold Arthur’s powers back for long, and Arthur offers to give Peter his powers back. Peter shoots but the bullet stops mid air. Sylar has stopped it. He asks Arthur one simple question, are they family? He senses the lie and lets the bullet fly. RIP Arthur. Sylar leaves them, and Peter sends the Haitian after him. The Marine, meanwhile, has lost control of himself. He has superstrength. And chapter 12 is over.

Chapter 13, “Dual”, has some of the best crazy Sylar since season one. Literally. So let’s begin. Sylar narrates the opening this time; I’d forgotten that, but now I remember quoting it in a paper once. It’s a beautiful speech and shows us all of our heroes and villains. As he finishes, Nathan comes and finds Peter with their dead father. Peter wants the formula destroyed, but Nathan says the Marines are already being injected. Nathan’s going over the crazy edge here. He thinks he’ll be making the world a better place, and Peter fears he’ll have to shoot his brother. Adrian Pasdar is so good at that slightly crazy; he’s really drawing from when he had to be Sylar being Nathan in season one. Peter knocks out Nathan. In Primatech, Noah, Angela, Meredith, and Claire get locked in. Sylar is in control; it’s his party, his game. He tells them Arthur is dead, taunts them. He promises to prove that they are all just as much a monster as he is.

Noah knows where he must be and tells Claire to stay with Angela to keep her safe. Claire knows that putting something in his head will stop the healing power, killing him for good. He talks to Claire about parents and how alike they are, and he plans to prove it to her. Noah and Meredith find where he was but he is gone. He tells them, “You’re not hunting me, Noah; I’m hunting you.”

Hiro is still trapped on that flag pole 16 years ago. Ando, Matt, and Daphne go to Mohinder’s lab to get the formula to give Ando time traveling powers. He isn’t where they thought, so Daphne runs to Pinehearst to grab him. He, meanwhile, believes he is dying thanks to his failed formula. He thinks the new one will cure him. Peter comes in and wants to get rid of it at any cost. Daphne runs in and steals the shot from him. Flint and Knox arrive to destroy the formula as well, not wanting everyone to have powers. They want to be the special ones.

The Marine finds Nathan and wakes him up. Knox kills him, planning to kill Nathan once the formula is destroyed. Daphne returns to Ando and Matt with the formula. Matt fears the outcome, but Ando and Daphne believe in it. Ando injects himself and faints. Hiro crawls into a new position on the flagpole and manages to climb to the rooftop. He finds his younger self mourning his mother. Hiro wants to not be stuck anymore and enlists younger Hiro to help him.

Claire and Angela are waiting when the phone, previously dead, rings. Sylar tells Claire there is a way to stop all of this. He will let her, Noah, and Meredith leave if she kills Angela. It’s her choice. She swears to kill him if he hurts Noah, and shoots the phone. Noah releases the level 5 inmates (bad idea????) and tells them that if one of them kills Sylar they’ll be free. He is using them as bait.

The formula destruction is going well, even as Mohinder tries to convince Peter he’s chosen the wrong side. Flint knocks him out. Knox is with Nathan still, who is spouting things about his brother that he’s never believed before. He has lost faith in Peter, and he draws in Knox enough to start a fight. But Tracey finishes it by freezing Knox and killing him.

They wake up Ando to discover his powers. He tries to teleport, but nothing. He tries and tries and tries, but none of it works. He slams the table in anger, and he has red sparks. Just like in the future Hiro saw. Ando has no control over his powers and when Matt tries to use his powers to calm Ando down his powers lose control as Ando touches him. He touches Daphne and she travels a minute back in time. Ando has an amazing power; he amplifies powers.

Meredith is on her own for some reason, who the hell allowed that oh right Noah most likely. She finds a mess, and a bottle rolling towards her. Adrenaline. Sylar is behind her, and is stopped by Doyle, who is still obsessed with her. But Sylar doesn’t stay held. He breaks free and injects her with adrenaline. Noah, in level 5, finds Meredith with her powers out of control thanks to the injection. He can’t escape though, Sylar locks him in. It’s a test; does Noah use his final bullet to kill Meredith and save himself, or let Meredith kill them both. Sylar taunts as Sylar does and leaves him with his choice. Sylar shows Claire what he has done, and she is determined to save them. Angela refuses, knowing that’s what he wants, but Claire drags her down there anyways. Eventually she leaves Angela and Sylar finds them both. He gives Claire a choice; save Dad or Grandma. He knows what she’ll choose no matter what and leaves her with her choice, returning to Angela. Claire goes to her family and Noah figures out the way out of the room. He uses Meredith’s heat to weaken the glass. He shoots it and Claire finishes the job by breaking through. Noah gets out and Claire wants to get Meredith, but Meredith knows she won’t get out.

Nathan wants to stop Peter, but Tracey wants him to get out, planning to start over once they find the formula. But he won’t play along, instead going to his brother.

Matt makes a plan using the theory of relativity. Combining their powers will allow them to go save Hiro. They zap away together. Hiro has found the formula but Kaito walks in and discovers the plan. Hiro tells Kaito he wants to destroy the formula so it can never be used in the future. He rips it in two as Ando and Daphne grab him and return home. They plan to destroy the paper form of the formula, and Daphne takes Hiro to destroy it.

Tracey grabs it as Hiro and Daphne come in. He bows to her before knocking her down and taking the paper. Peter and Flint knock over the biggest vat of the formula which washes over Mohinder and heals him. They have finished their task and Flint is ready to blow the building. Nathan knocks him out before punching his own brother. Peter is defenseless against his brother. Flint sets the place ablaze as Peter finds the last injection. He gets his powers back and saves his brother.

Angela is with Sylar, as cold as ever. She believes she was right, in killing Arthur he is a hero. He won’t listen though. He knows the lies she will tell. He asks about her being his mother, and she tells the truth finally. She is not his mother. He wants to know why she lied. She lies to him, and when she tells the truth, she reveals she wanted him at the Company to be the killer he was meant to be. She tells him what he wanted to hear, that she is as much a monster as he is, and he chokes and begs, “Is there any good in this world? Tell me something, anything, just make me believe you’re not the same as me.” Let’s take an aside. From season one, we could see that Sylar, though he had embraced his killer side, didn’t want to be the monster everyone knew him as. And as the seasons continue, though he always goes back to his killing ways, that desire grows. Continuity in characters is what I like to see (looking at you Nathan who suddenly hates Peter, where did that even come from). Anyways, Angela tells him she knows where his real parents are. And it’s the truth. He needs to know, unsure of his next step. He yells for the truth when Claire stabs him in his brain, killing him and lifting the curse off of the building. Claire goes to get Meredith, and Noah goes after her, leaving Angela with Sylar. Meredith cannot regain control, and they run as she explodes.

Peter has flown himself and Nathan to Primatech. Nathan calls him a hypocrite and wants to know why Peter saved him. Peter loves Nathan and that is why. Nathan is a selfish ass again and flies away.

Mohinder is walking on the side of the road and discovers he is healed. Daphne and Hiro have succeeded, returning to Matt and Ando. Tracey finds Mohinder. Claire and Noah watch as Primatech burns. Matt sees the African again. Angela joins Claire and Noah. And volume three is at an end.

Volume four, “Fugitives”, opens three weeks later with Nathan revealing everything he knows to Michael Dorn. He wants the government involved to gather up those with powers and lock them all in a facility away from the public. Michael Dorn, the President, agrees to it. And thus volume four has begun.

The show kept numbering the episodes up. So volume four chapter one is labeled chapter fourteen. I don’t want to do that, it could get confusing. So I’m gonna restart the numbers, and next time we’ll begin with volume four chapter one, “A Clear and Present Danger”.










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