Penny Dora & the Wishing Box by Michael Stock, Sina Grace, and Tamra Bonvillain

Fangirls, do you know the story of Pandora and her box? It’s a piece of Greek mythology, where Pandora receives a box, and once it’s opened, it releases all the evils of the world. This is a comic kind of about that same thing.


Set in California at Christmas, Penny Dora is an all ages comic from Image, about a mysterious box with wish granting abilities. Penny Dora finds it on her doorstep the day before Christmas, wrapped without a tag. When opened, her mother suggests she throw it away, as the box is empty, and can’t be the present itself.

At night, Penny starts hearing wooshing noises, followed by the whispered question, what do you wish? Once she realizes it’s from the box she hides it away. The next day, her friend Elizabeth comes over and learns about the box. Elizabeth gets hooked on the idea of having her wishes come true, and tricks Penny into letting her borrow it.


When Penny goes to Elizabeth’s house to take it back, she finds that Elizabeth has abused the power, and refuses to give it back. It spirals out of control.

I don’t want to give all of it away, but it ends with a pretty serious air of mystery. There only seem to be these five collected issues, but I would love to read more. I’m very intrigued, and not quite ready for the story to be over. This storyline is wrapped up with the five issues included, but there is mystery that could be solved.


I enjoyed reading Penny Dora. It was fun, the art was lovely, and there were some classic Disney references toward the end which were pretty neat. I recommend this book for people ages 10 and up; it’s pretty lighthearted, but is a good fable type book, where you’re reminded to be careful what you wish for. The collection was released in July of this year, and is by Michael Stock, Sina Grace, and Tamra Bonvillain.










All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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