Lumberjanes Issues 15 and 16

Fangirls, it’s time again. We’re slowly getting caught up with the Lumberjanes comics, and the slow build up to the stuff that happened this issue (and the next issues to come), has me squeeing with excitement. I can’t handle how intense this book is getting, and honestly always has been.


In issue 15, Jen realizes that she and this mysterious forest woman, Abigail, seem to have a lot in common. They like reading, chilling out, and drinking cocoa. But when Rosie practically bursts through Abigail’s door, things head south pretty quickly. Rosie and Abigail seem to have some issue that they should’ve worked through as campers together, but that never happened.

Meanwhile, in the forest, the rest of the Lumberjanes (and Barney) are tracking Jen and her captor. They tuck into a shelter for the night, and are “attacked” by some wolves. April punches the heck out of one, and they start whispering careful, murderer, and other spooky things. So of course the Lumberjanes follow them.

Abigail traps Rosie and Jen in a pit after they tell her that killing the monsters of the forest is bad, and she goes off, after her biggest catch ever. Rosie tells Jen about their time together as Lumberjanes, and how Abigail always had Rosie’s back, but when it mattered, Rosie didn’t return the favor. It was a pretty bad situation. After story time, the Bear-Woman interrupts and tells them that it’s time to go stop a murderer. She helps them out, and they ride to Glory Mountain, hoping to stop Abigail in time.


They get to Glory Mountain almost the same time as the Lumberjanes, and the Bear-Woman tells them to stay put while she and Rosie go after Abigail. They do their best to stop her, but she blows a hole in the mountain and releases the Grootslang!


Anna that’s where it leaves off! It’s more than just a bit of a cliffhanger, but it is well worth it. As always, I am very much in love with this seres; the art style suits the story incredibly well, and the characters are phenomenal (especially with their faults). I highly recommend this book to everyone; young and old. Heck, I bought the first trade for my grandmother for christmas, so I definitely believe it is an all ages book!

Plus look at how phenomenal Brooke Allen is.
Plus look at how phenomenal Brooke Allen is.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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