Heroes Rewatch: A Clear and Present Danger,Trust and Blood, and Building 26

Alright, everyone. We’ve just finished volume 3 which means we’re halfway through season 3. And with Reborn coming upon us soon, it’s time to get into gear. Volume three did give us some weird characterization (looking at you Mohinder and Nathan, what’s up with that) and it gave us more true to character growth (basically everyone else in the series, even new people like Tracey and Daphne had character growth that made sense). Let us hope that volume four, “Fugitives”, resolves at least a little of the poor characterization (hint, I only remember Nathan’s character, I don’t remember anything about Mohinder until season 4…oops). So, let’s begin shall we?

Chapter 1, “A Clear and Present Danger”, begins with Tracey receiving a phone call to watch the news as Nathan is being interviewed. She and Nathan have lost contact and she doesn’t know what he is planning. Nathan says there is a threat, though he won’t say what. He means specials. Tracey notices an open window, one that shouldn’t be open. A soldier approaches her and his armor is ice proof. More are in her apartment; they stun her and the leader calls to tell Nathan the first one has been caught.

Hiro has a surprise for Ando. He bought an old firehouse as a hero lair. He has made a costume for Ando so he can continue being a superhero. Ando believes Hiro wants to live through him, Hiro having lost his power. Ando isn’t interested in being the hero, but Hiro tempts him with some great tech. He gives Ando a GPS implant, also giving one to himself, so he can keep track of his best friend.

Peter has become a paramedic in NYC, still trying to save everyone. But he loses an accident victim and blames himself. His partner is kind and talks him down from blaming himself. Also in NYC is Claire with Angela. Claire has gotten her GED and Angela is helping her pick an exceptional college. But Claire isn’t ready. Both her fathers still want her to have a normal life, but Claire can’t be normal while Sylar lives. Although he doesn’t live; he was in Primatech as it burned. Or so Angela says. But Claire knows something is happening, that he isn’t gone.

And wouldn’t you know it, she’s right. In Baltimore, Sylar is alive and walking right into a clock shop. He begins repairing a watch when the owner arrives. It’s his father’s shop. Sylar recounts his father leaving him and his mother before asking some family questions. He senses a lie about being his biological child and discovers he is actually the nephew of this man. He plans to go and find his true father with an address given to him.

Matt and Daphne are living together, but things are cold and rough. Matt doesn’t trust her using her powers with her new job. He is still working as a police officer but he wants to open a private detective agency. He tries to convince her to get back to a normal life but he sees the African again. And doesn’t tell her.

Claire hears Angela on the phone with someone and when she starts listening in she hears Nathan’s voice. Angela is in on what Nathan is planning; taking down Peter and Matt in his plan to round up specials. Peter tells his partner that he and his brother aren’t talking to each other. Claire calls him to warn him of what’s happening and that they need to stop it. Claire plans to warn Matt while Peter goes to see his mother. He hails a cab and the driver is an old friend; Mohinder Suresh. They reconnect, even revive a small piece of the conversation from season one. Mohinder says everyone like them are in hiding except for Nathan. Mohinder can see a small amount of logic in Nathan’s plan, but Peter doesn’t buy into it. Peter leaves and next in the cab is the leader of Nathan’s army. He forces Mohinder to drive to a secluded area where others are waiting. And we learn, as Mohinder begins to fight back, that his powers remained in tact. He still has his superstrength and agility. He runs and Noah gets him out of there. Noah asks a series of questions but reveals too much; he is working with Nathan.

Peter arrives at his mother’s house, and Nathan is waiting. They discuss what Nathan is doing, and Nathan sees no wrong. He wants Peter to give him advice on something, but Peter won’t hear anything. Nathan offers dinner and Peter agrees to it. Nathan asks about Peter’s abilities, but Peter doesn’t answer him.

Home alone, Matt interacts with the African, who has a message. He tells Matt that he has been called to be a prophet, and this new ability kicks in quickly. He immediately begins drawing. He is pulled out by a banging on the door, but it is only Claire. She has come to warn him about Nathan and his people. He shows her his drawings, which warn him of a taser shot coming, but not in time. Men storm the apartment and grab Matt and Claire.

Hiro calls Ando and tries to talk to him. As they talk, Ando hears a fight and we see men drag Hiro away. Ando immediately goes to find out if his best friend is ok. No one is at the lair, and Ando has to figure out the password to the computer system. The password is his own name, and he sees that Hiro is in a hanger bay.

Nathan is at Peter’s apartment waiting for him, wanting to talk about things that can’t wait. Nathan completely believes that what he is doing is important to the world. Nathan wants to protect Peter, but he needs Peter to understand what he’s doing first. Peter won’t agree, promising to fight Nathan no matter what. So Nathan calls in his men – Noah – to take Peter down.

Sylar arrives at the address and finds a very Norman Bates atmosphere. Taxidermy everywhere, dust covering everything. No one is home, but Sylar finds a picture of a child; himself. He hears a door open and a fresh cigarette when Nathan’s men come for him. But nothing works. He takes them all down and picks one to question.

Nathan has rows of specials in orange jumpsuits with masks over their heads. The leader brings Claire to Nathan. They are keeping those they gather drugged and cuffed. He lets Claire leave. Those who are kept are gathered on an airplane. Claire takes out her driver and gets out of the car just as the plane is leaving the hanger. She sneaks aboard before it can take off. She finds the others and waits for the guards to not watch before releasing them by undrugging them. She releases Hiro, Peter, Suresh. Peter uses Mohinder’s power to free himself as Claire finds Tracey and Matt and some we’ve never met. She goes to the cockpit and finds Noah flying the plane. Oh, new info, apparently Peter can now steal powers only by touch. He takes Tracey’s and freezes a wall of the plane, breaking it. The plane begins to crash as chapter 1 ends.

Chapter 2, “Trust and Blood”, takes us back to the plane crash. The wall breaks; an unknown hero is lost; Peter almost flies out but Mohinder grabs him. Soldiers are searching the crash site. Hiro is running for his life when he falls and is picked up by Matt and Mohinder, also hiding. They go to run but Matt is trapped seeing the future. Mohinder and Hiro follow him. Peter and Claire are running when Noah grabs Claire. He lets Peter go. A missile comes and destroys the rest of the plane.

Nathan arrives at the site and argues with Danko, his leader, about how to handle the specials. Peter finds Tracey, who is scared. Peter convinces her to run with him and escape. Matt leads Hiro and Mohinder to a camper where he finds paper and pens and begins to draw. Mohinder and Hiro steal clothes (Hiro promising to send them money in return) to blend in.

Ando is looking for Hiro when Daphne shows up looking for Matt. She grabs him and they run to find Matt and Hiro. Hiro tells Mohinder that he lost his power, an unfortunate situation. Mohinder wants him to run if he is powerless, but Hiro refuses. Matt comes out of his trance and sees what he’s drawn. Daphne at the crash site, others over the world. Matt heads back for the crash site to find Daphne and Hiro and Mohinder go after him.

In New Jersey, Mary and Luke Campbell are coming home, Luke having just been picked up from juvenile. She is a happy mother with her teenage son. And they aren’t home alone. Sylar and the agent he grabbed for questioning are with them. He plans to use the Campbells to get the agent to talk.

Daphne and Ando arrive at the crash site and watch. They see Claire and Noah, and Ando fears Hiro’s death. Daphne goes to investigate without Ando, using her speed as an advantage. Tracey is waiting as a soldier comes by. She and Peter knock him out and grab gear and weapons. Peter reveals his powers are different now; he can only have one power at a time. Claire is angry at her fathers, barely believing that they can be acting this way. Noah and Nathan say they’ve made special arrangements for Claire to keep her safe but she refuses to be treated differently. Daphne comes and grabs Claire away from her fathers. And Noah reveals that Danko doesn’t know about Nathan’s powers.

Matt, Mohinder, and Hiro have arrived at Matt’s drawing and find Ando. Daphne comes back with Claire. Hiro and Ando reunite. Claire tells them they need to get out. Daphne gets shot, dying. Claire is shot as well. And Matt uses his powers to make the soldiers turn on one another. Matt, Mohinder, Hiro, and Ando get away as Danko grabs Claire and Daphne.

Back in New Jersey, Sylar is losing his mind completely as the agent lies over and over again. Sylar turns on Luke and senses the anger between mother and son. Luke tries to defend his mother, but there’s something there that Sylar can connect with. As Sylar kills Mary, Luke reveals his power. He and Sylar go into a different room to talk. Luke has microwave-like powers, and a dark side. Sylar thinks that Luke living down the road from his father isn’t a coincidence. (There’s some beautiful Sylar sass in this scene, I love it). He connects with Luke as the agent frees himself. Luke sees it and saves Sylar’s life, killing the man with his power. His mother truly hates him now. And fears him. Sylar leaves and Luke wants to go too. Sylar is resistant until Luke says he knows where Sylar’s father is. Sylar knows it isn’t a lie and agrees to take Luke with him.

Danko threatens to kill Claire, but Nathan and Noah arrive and stop him. Claire wants Noah to help her stop this, but he is determined to let her have her normal life. He promises to do what he can for the others. Danko doesn’t like Nathan; he wants to eliminate the specials once and for all, but Nathan won’t hear it. Tracey calls Nathan and she hears Danko call them all animals. He wants her to give herself up, believing there isn’t a negotiation. She says she can give him Peter if she can have her old life back. She tells him where to meet and to come alone. She tells Peter that Nathan agreed to meet.

Nathan pulls him to Tracey and Peter. Peter plans to kidnap him and leverage him against the government, cutting all emotional ties and telling Tracey to do the same. Tracey goes to talk to Nathan and she prepares her power to take him down. Nathan uses emotions against them, using her trap deal as a real deal to get her trust. Peter hears Nathan say awful things about him and reveals himself, ready to shoot. Nathan didn’t come alone, coming with Noah and Danko and a whole truck of soldiers. Noah refuses to shoot and Peter flies away. Tracey is taken captive again.

Matt and Mohinder find Ando and Hiro and Peter finds them. They don’t have much time together. Mohinder shows the drawings to them all. Hiro must go to India. Mohinder and Matt are painted with weapons, Matt going down a dark path because of Daphne. They plan to bring the fight to Nathan, but it’ll be tough. Peter makes a great speech about how they have no choice but to do things they normally wouldn’t in order to get their lives back.

Claire is home again. Her mother doesn’t know the truth of what’s happening, thinking Claire was touring colleges. Claire receives a message from someone named Rebel that says “There is hope. You can still fight back.” She asks who Rebel is, and receives an answer of simply a friend who hates them as much as she does. She tells Rebel she is scared, and Rebel says they are too, but it doesn’t matter, they need to be ready.

Nathan tells Angela everything that happened, looking for her help and her reassurance. She no longer believes in Nathan’s goals and will not help. Nathan goes to a truck where Tracey is being held. They are being filmed as Nathan talks to Tracey, tries to make her see his side. She won’t buy it, and Nathan leaves her drugged once more. And chapter 2 is over.

Chapter 3, “Building 26”, opens with the entire Bennet family at home at an awkward breakfast table. Noah lies as Claire receives a text from Rebel telling her she needs to warn a new target. Claire leaves the table as the lies continue, refusing to continue lying to her family. She also refuses to listen to her father anymore, who has enrolled her in courses at the community college. Rebel sends her the information for the new target, a man named Alex. Those who escaped the crash are being hunted. Danko is chomping at the chance to hunt Claire, but Nathan refuses. He plans to double the soldiers to find his targets. Luke is being all friendly to Sylar, which Sylar does not appreciate. Luke is vague on the details of where Sylar’s father is, which Sylar also does not appreciate. Luke lies to Sylar – bad idea – and Sylar tells Luke what he really is; a serial killer. Luke knows where Sylar’s dad is, but he refuses to tell, knowing it is the only thing keeping him alive. Danko’s men get a hit on Sylar based on a traffic camera. Claire finds Alex at his job in a comic book shop and tells him he is in danger. He doesn’t believe it, so she convinces him by showing her power. And he understands just as her father comes in.

Claire and Alex run and hide from Noah until Noah asks for him. Noah is distracted by a call from Claire, giving Alex and Claire a chance to run away. They get in his car and drive away. They drive to the coast, where Claire tells Alex everything. Claire asks if Alex has a power, and he does. He can breath underwater like a fish can. Not exactly dangerous. She doesn’t know how keep helping him until she sees her dad’s car go by. They leave the car and run as soldiers arrive.

In India, Hiro and Ando are ready for the next step in their destiny. Ando doesn’t understand why they must stop a wedding about to happen. When he sees the bride from the painting he follows her and finds that she is crying. He talks her into calling off the wedding, and she believes he is a sign from the heavens. He uses his powers to show he is the sign she wanted and Hiro believes Ando has stolen his destiny.

An agent from Homeland Security has arrived to help take charge of Nathan’s operation. Her name is Abby Collins. She is skeptical about Nathan’s operation, not believing in people with powers. He reveals to her that he has a prisoner in his building and she wants all of the details. He takes her to Tracey, who knows Abby. Tracey is in a heated room to stop her powers. She is shackled to a chair. Abby plans to shut down Nathan’s operation and file human rights violation against Nathan.

Sylar and Luke stop at a diner, and Luke is desperate to be friends. He tells how close he was to Sylar’s father, and at mentioning a red wagon memories appear to Sylar. Luke knows what his father did; he sold Gabriel for money. Sylar asks why Luke would know something like that, and Luke says “Maybe I reminded him of you.”

Hiro and Ando are in the bride’s restaurant receiving a special thank you meal. Hiro is sulking in losing his destiny and his believed chance to get his powers back. As they fight, the groom bursts in to confront the woman who left him. Hiro tells Ando to keep saving the day, and it doesn’t go well as the groom hits him with a pot and carried him away. Hiro must save his best friend. She believes the groom will let Ando go if she honors the commitment. Hiro crashes the wedding and stops it, yelling out the truth of what the groom has done. The bride goes along with it, but the groom won’t listen. Hiro knocks him out and fulfills the painting.

Danko realizes that Claire’s car is near the comic shop, which Noah deflects, although Noah knows the truth. Claire goes to her car where Noah is waiting. They fight about what she is doing. He believes he is still protecting her by working with these people but only if she plays along. And she is done playing along.

Luke is good at annoying Sylar, especially by using his powers in public. Sylar mentors Luke in power usage; always have an objective, watch out for emotions, and always understand your motivation. Sylar shows his vulnerability as he connects with Luke in this way, convincing Luke to write down the address where they’ll find his father. He knows he’s list his advantage, hoping Sylar will have a good heart and not kill him. And agents walk in. They walk towards the emergency exit where many more are waiting. One gets his gun to Sylar’s head, and Luke distracts him enough to let Sylar use his powers. He grabs Luke and they run, but Sylar abandons Luke there to the agents.

Nathan receives his cease and desist and tries to explain to Abby what is happening. Tracey realizes one of her chains is loose and works to free herself. Abby won’t listen to Nathan at all. Tracey breaks free and escapes. Nathan and Abby find her threatening one of the agents. She uses her powers to kill him, shocking Abby. She is stunned and taken back to her cell. Abby’s mind is changed; she will help Nathan as much as she can. In Tracey’s cell, Nathan reveals his true asshole side. Tracey believes he set up the escape to convince Abby of what he is doing.

Claire decides to tell her mother the truth about everything, the whole truth. Sandra is shocked and when Noah comes home he knows something has changed. Sandra sends Claire upstairs so she can talk with her husband. Claire listens in on their fight. Noah comes to see Claire in her room later and tells her Sandra wants him out of the house for a while. He plans to work to be a better person to his family. He is clearly heartbroken, and so is Claire. (I’ve started crying again FYI…the emotions) He leaves, and we see that Claire is hiding Alex in her closet.

Luke is packed up in a van that suddenly can’t move. Noises come from inside the van, deadly noises. One of the agents leaves the van; it is Sylar. He killed all of the agents and frees Luke, taking him along for the ride once more.

Ando and Hiro reunite, and Hiro realizes he was sent to India to prove he can be a hero without his powers. The bride brings a fax to them from Rebel with an address in LA that says to save Matt Parkman.

Sylar says he didn’t go back for Luke, he went for how the agents were tracking him Luke just happened to be there. Sure, Sylar….sure.

It wasn’t Nathan who let Tracey out, it was Danko. I apologize a little to Nathan for the comment earlier. Nathan doesn’t agree with what Danko did.

Noah is drinking his sorrows away in a hotel when he realizes he’s been drugged. He collapses and Matt, Peter, and Mohinder come and grab him. And chapter 3 is over.

As much as I don’t like Nathan reverting back to his gotta-hide-who-I-am-and-betray-those-I-love stage, I do enjoy this season. I loved “Villains”, where this Nathan came back. And I like the different feel to this season. Unlike some superhero things, the show never focused on government involvement in the lives of these heroes until the volume. And I love that. Superheroes and government don’t have to go hand in hand, they can be separate. And when they do come together it doesn’t have to be overkill. I really enjoy that aspect.














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