Sinful Colors Halloween Nails

Fangirls, it’s Halloween prep time, and all of the make-up and nail companies are on their A-Game this year (maybe I’m only noticing because I’m more into it this year than I have before, but whatever). Ashley and I went wandering the other day, and ended up at the Rite-Aide in a crappier part of town. We were disheartened to see that most of the nail polish hadn’t been touched in ages; everything was separating and had a pretty thick coat of dust. But there was a bright light at the end of the tunnel; the Halloween line from Sinful Colors.


There were excellent skull and crossbones polishes, along with spookier colors, but the two that really stood out to me were this deep black with gold glitter, called Starry Night, along with a top coat that glows in the dark (called Glow in the Dark). I grabbed both of those, plus a chalkboard color called Chalk It Up. I figured it would be a great under coat for the Glow coat.

The next day, I was off from work, so I decided to paint my nails! I painted them Chalk It Up, with a coat of Glow in the Dark on top, and put a stripe of Starry Night on each of my thumbs (and painted my toenails all Starry Night). I was really pleased with my nails, not only because they’re pretty dang cute, but also because they kind of look Peridot themed.


Nail art is definitely not my strong point, but I can appreciate a good polish. My nails aren’t super glow-y, but I only did one coat of the top coat. My favorite thing about these colors, is that not only are they cheap ($1.99 each), but they dry really fast. It’s pretty dang high quality polish, dries fast, and even comes through with the glow. I highly recommend them, even if you don’t want Steven Universe themed nails.















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