Heroes Rewatch: Cold Wars, Exposed, and Shades of Gray

So, apparently there’s only 9 more episodes left of season three. It is flying right by. We’re closing in on some dramatic stuff, here. Gabriel’s past finally coming to light. Nathan’s power hungry hunt facing obstacle after obstacle. Our characters are in for a lot. So let’s get going with chapters 4, 5, and 6.

Chapter 4, “Cold Wars”, takes us back to Costa Verde, where Matt, Mohinder, and Peter are planning the abduction of Noah. Peter and Mohinder believe there is an easier way that drugging and kidnapping, but Matt knows Noah is always on guard. Noah drinks the fateful drugged drink and the three grab him. They take him back to their hotel where Matt is trying to dig out the answers. We’re taken back five weeks; Noah and Angela meet on a park bench. He still believes in the Company’s mission but Angela is relieved that they’ve been shut down. She passes him his “retirement” pay and a special watch from her. She wants him to go home to his family and be a true father and husband. Matt pulls himself out, knows he can go in as deep as he wants to find out how this hunt started and how to stop it.

Danko updates Nathan that Noah is off the grid and hasn’t checked in. He confronts Nathan about Claire constantly getting a free pass and reveals that he’s been spying on Nathan.

Matt goes back in while Mohinder checks Noah’s vitals. Mohinder wants Matt to ease up, and Peter agrees. But they still need the information, so Matt jumps back in. Four weeks ago, Noah was home doing the crossword, trying to get used to normal life. A knock on the door reveals Nathan here to see Noah when Claire isn’t home. Nathan tells Noah that things are in motion but Claire will stay safe. Nathan tells him his plan, and also the part where no one involved knows that Nathan has these powers. Except for Noah. Nathan wants scientists to find a way to take away the powers by studying everyone he rounds up. Noah tries to make him see reason, see that no one will look at him the same way again. But Nathan won’t listen. He wants Noah to tell him how they tracked those with powers. Noah shows him a storage room where he’s kept every file and every weapon used over the past twenty years. And Noah volunteers to join the team.

Matt tells them what he found and a shouting match ensues. Matt gives Mohinder the storage unit and combination and tells him to go. But he won’t so Peter volunteers. Peter flies there and breaks in, finding everything.

Peter, though, sets off alarms which alert Danko to where he is. Genius. Danko calls Nathan in, who wants Peter caught safely. Danko reluctantly agrees. The soldiers advance but Peter is smart and distracts them with a smoke grenade and flies away. Noah wakes up and tells them Peter has been captured and that they need to run before they get caught as well. Matt goes back into his mind to three weeks ago, where Noah meets Danko. Danko doesn’t agree with the One of Us One of Them policy that Noah lived for for twenty years. Noah quickly realizes he volunteered too quickly.

Noah goes into Mohinder’s cab and warns him that something big is coming. He wants Mohinder’s help; because he has been both ordinary and extraordinary he has a unique role. He tells Mohinder exactly what’s coming and that it will end badly unless they work together. Matt comes out of Noah’s head angry. He wanted Mohinder to warn someone, anyone, all of them. As they fight, Noah escapes. They go to find him and split up (like morons). Noah steals a car that Peter lands on before he can drive away.

They tie him down again and Matt fills Peter in on what he found. Matt goes back into his mind to one week ago in DC. Noah knocks on Danko’s door. He wants to reconcile but Danko is Danko; dark and creepy. He knows more about Noah than he should. Noah tries to remind him that the people they’re after are humans, but Danko won’t see it that way.

Matt has found Danko’s address and wants to go after him. Noah tells them it’ll be a mistake to go after him but they don’t listen. Peter leaves to go after him. Danko returns home with Peter waiting for him. Nathan finds out what Peter is up to. Peter isn’t a killer even though he tries to be. Danko wants him to pull the trigger to show how dangerous they truly are. And Nathan agrees with Danko, appearing out of nowhere. He knows that if Peter kills Danko he won’t be able to stop the kill order on all of them. Peter flies away to get back to Matt and Mohinder, who are in danger. Danko orders his men to grab them now.

But the soldiers don’t know what room they are in, buying them a few more moments. Noah tells Matt that Daphne, who Matt believed dead, is actually alive and if he enters his mind Matt will see the truth. Mohinder promises to hold off the soldiers if they come while Matt is looking. Matt goes in to two days ago. Noah walks in a room of body bags and hears a woman screaming. It’s Daphne. He works to help her, ease her pain. And Matt knows the woman he loves is alive.

Mohinder goes and fights as many soldiers as he can, running to keep them away from Matt. He gets knocked out and caught. Matt is ready to fight when the soldiers come in. He surrenders to them. They drug him and Noah offers to walk him to the car. A flash bomb appears and Peter grabs Matt.

Mohinder is chained in Building 26 just like Tracey. Nathan comes to talk with him, tells him the plane was taking them to a facility to contain them, and Mohinder laughs at Nathan’s plan. Nathan wants Mohinder’s help with eliminating the power. He shows Mohinder Daphne, alive but unwell, to convince him to help. Nathan leaves him to his choices.

Danko suggests Noah should take some time off, but Noah refuses. All he has left is his job. Danko thinks Nathan is too involved and wants to change how things are run. And Noah appears to agree. That is, of course, until he goes to Angela and updates her on the situation. He may have won Danko’s trust for now, and now comes the hard part. Convincing them he is truly on their side of the fight.

Matt is painting again in Isaac’s loft, with Peter watching. He has painted himself as a suicide bomber, and the city of Washington DC exploding. And chapter 3 is over.

Chapter 4, “Exposed”, takes us back to the Bennet house where Claire is still hiding Alex in her closet. She wants him to run away and start his life over so that they can’t find him. But he refuses, not wanting to leave his family. Sandra and Mr. Muggles come upstairs because the family secret money is missing. Claire took it to give to Alex, who is found hiding by Mr. Muggles. Noah is keeping an eye on the house from Building 26 with Danko over his shoulder. Danko briefs the team on Peter and Matt being priority one targets to be taken down by any means necessary including lethal shots, which Nathan never agreed to. Matt is painting again, the same image as before. Peter pulls him out of it and tells him they need to leave, but Matt won’t agree. They receive a message on the computer from Rebel with the address where Daphne is and warns them that soldiers are on their way. They get the address and run just as the building is stormed and the paintings are found.

Sandra confronts Claire on Alex, and she isn’t very good at lying, especially when Alex isn’t informed of the lies. Claire tells her mother the truth, who doesn’t take the news well. Sandra knows Claire is taking a dangerous risk by hiding Alex. She knows that the house is being watched, something Claire didn’t figure out. She asks Claire if she has a plan, which Claire doesn’t. But Sandra does.

Sylar and Luke have a new scanner to make sure they aren’t being followed. Luke tries to bond, telling Sylar he shouldn’t go see his father. Sylar pulls over to an abandoned diner, a place he is starting to remember. They break into it and Sylar’s memories begin to return. He sees himself and his father (with a great soundtrack in the background) in 1980. Gabriel is an adorable child oh man. He plays with a toy (which he loses) as his father goes to talk to some people. In the present, he reveals that he is truly remembering by finding the toy he lost.

Matt and Peter are trying to figure out how to break in to where Daphne is. Peter grabs Matt’s power to double the mind control part of the plan but eliminating the flying away escape part. They get inside the building without alerting anyone and use the computers to find her. They’re seen by Noah and Danko and Nathan, and the computers can’t be shut down thanks to someone hacking in to help Matt and Peter.

Sandra’s plan involves making Lyle’s license into Alex’s. And she’s actually good at making a fake ID. She tells Alex to go get a change of clothes quickly. Claire feels bad for dragging Sandra into her plans and wishes she were normal. Sandra reassures her that normal isn’t what she wants or needs, or what the family needs. Claire goes to check on Alex, who has showered before changing, and they talk about how they like each other (not a surprise, they’re both gorgeous humans). Alex is a way better Zach replacement than West was, why couldn’t we have him sooner and for longer. Sandra breaks up the moment by telling them the agents are coming and sticks Alex in a secret-not-so-secret hiding place. The agents search the house for Alex but turns out the secret-not-so-secret place is pretty secret to the agents. And Claire and Sandra barely break a sweat as one agent almost closes in. The agents leave, and the plan has to move into motion. They need to get Alex to the train station and he thinks they’ve done enough and wants to just run. Claire thinks it’s a bad idea, but Sandra develops a new idea.

Daphne has been transferred to a new building. Rebel comes to Matt and Peter and shows them that they have recorded the entire capture of the specials. Peter records it to use it as leverage against Nathan. Noah has developed a plan to take down Matt and Peter. The footage downloads and Rebel says they have 30 seconds to get out. Matt tells Peter to get out while he holds them back. Peter escapes and they manage to capture Matt.

Sylar knows something terrible happened at this diner, something that his father did. Luke doesn’t think he should remember but he has to, thinking he can repair his soul if he remembers. In 1980, Gabriel’s father takes him to a new family in exchange for money. He leaves and goes after his father in time to see the man kill his wife with telekinesis and drive away, leaving the body of Gabriel’s mother. The memory has broken Sylar temporarily.

Nathan knows about Rebel and tells his mother, asking if Rebel is her. But it isn’t. Nathan is afraid that because of what Peter stole he will be killed. Angela doesn’t reassure him, having former experience with what Nathan is doing. Peter calls Nathan and asks for a trade; Matt and Daphne for the footage he downloaded. If anything happens, the footage goes to the news. Nathan agrees and has Danko and Noah help prep the exchange. But Danko is an ass who plans to use this deal to prove his point that those with powers are dangerous. He believes Peter is a terrorist and refuses to cooperate.

At night, the Bennet car comes out of the driveway, alerting the agents. It’s Sandra and Lyle giving Claire and Alex a head start. They run as the agents realize what is happening. They hide in a neighbor’s pool, and the agents clearly have no idea what Alex’s power is because they don’t look there. Claire can’t hold her breath, so Alex shares his air that he doesn’t need by kissing her.

At the exchange, Peter is waiting when Noah shows up instead of Nathan. He warns Peter of what’s happening, that Danko is going to kill him. But Peter doesn’t listen in time and is shot, falling to his apparent death. But Nathan saves him, revealing his power to Danko. Nathan takes Peter to Angela. Nathan thinks he is saving the world and won’t listen when Angela suggests that there is a better way. Nathan knows things have gotten out of control and plans to fix it. He wants Peter to go with him, promising to take care of him. Peter makes like he’ll agree but actually takes Nathan’s powers and flies away. Angela has seen what’s coming and plans to warn Nathan. She tells him, but of course we don’t hear it.

Peter’s footage has been released on the news, showing the world what Nathan is up to. Danko sees the news and Matt’s drawing, forming a plan.

Luke tries to figure out what is going on with Sylar, only angering him more. He tells Luke to go home and leaves him to go find his father so he can kill him.

Danko’s has Matt, who appears to be waking up from something. They’re driving somewhere, and Danko plans to show the world how dangerous these people really are. He drops Matt off in the middle of the capital with a bomb strapped to him.

Claire is home and Alex has safely gotten away. Sandra and Claire plan to spend the night watching some movies. Claire goes downstairs to find Doyle waiting for her. Remember Doyle, creepy puppet master? Yeah, Rebel has contacted him telling him Claire will save him. And chapter 4 is over.

Chapter 5, “Shades of Gray”, takes us back to Claire finding Doyle and discovering why he’s in her home. She refuses to help him, but he is truly afraid. Sandra comes down to find Doyle with her daughter. He seems changed, less creepy. He tells them that Rebel has distracted the agents outside. He tells her the agents tried to kill him by burning his theater down while he was inside, that she has no idea how he’s been living and how he never expected to need Claire’s help. But he won’t force them to help and walks away. Danko returns to Nathan and they fight until Nathan receives a call about what’s going on with Matt. Matt is confused, has no idea what’s happening to him. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone, wants people to know that he was set up. Nathan goes to him and tells him he had no part in this. But Matt doesn’t believe him and can’t read his mind to find out. Danko sees that Nathan is there but still goes forward with the plan.

Rebel is blocking Danko’s team’s access to the weapon, closing the window for Danko’s plan. Nathan is trying to help Matt as Matt’s power returns. He hears how to disarm the bomb and tells Nathan what to do, saving the city and stopping Danko. Natha knocks Matt out and they take him away.

Sylar has found his father’s home and is ready for revenge. It’s a shack, literally. It’s dark and dirty. Sylar finds a man in a work area and knocks, entering. He goes in and confronts the man who sold him and killed his mother. The man he’s confronting doesn’t seem remorseful in any way, and accepts Sylar’s statement about killing him. But he is already dying of cancer, and Sylar pauses.

Danko and Nathan want Rebel’s name for opposite reasons. Nathan is not happy with Danko’s actions and relieves him of his job. But Danko says his orders come straight from the president. Nathan talks to Noah about heading the team once Danko is gone, and Danko reveals that he knows about Nathan’s powers.

Tracey is brought out and receives a message that help is coming. Nathan is pissed and Noah tries to diffuse him. Nathan goes to see Tracey in her cell, having been transferred back by Danko. Nathan wants to help her, telling her that he’s been trying to help her and all of them the whole time. She refuses to believe him as Danko comes in. Nathan watches on a screen as Danko asks Tracey about Nathan. She refuses to tell him what he wants to know, playing dumb about everything.

Claire questions not helping Doyle, but Sandra is convinced that she made the right choice. Claire wants to keep helping people by making a cover for herself and helping from there, no longer surprising Sandra with guests. She takes Alex’s old job at the comic shop. But she is still being watched. She calls her father and asks him how he lead two lives. He doesn’t answer, not helping Claire figure out the path she’s meant to take. He tells her he’s in the same boat. The agents speed away and Claire hears from Rebel that they’ve found Doyle and where. He holds his own, fights back, refuses to kill the agent. And Claire takes out the second agent for him.

Sylar is surprised by how pitiful his father is, having remembered the killer he used to be. His father offers to explain how life works if he helps with a taxidermy job. His father tells him he has many abilities, and knows that Sylar has the same thing as him. He knows everything about Sylar, having lived the same life. And he knows where Sylar’s life is leading if it stays unsatisfied. His father uses taxidermy as a hobby, tells Sylar to get one. Sylar tells him about fixing watches, but it doesn’t impress his father. He asks about abandoning him as a child and killing his mother, but his father doesn’t even remember why he made those decisions. Sylar shows off Claire’s power, sparking his father’s interest. His father uses his power against Sylar, the hunger waking up inside him. His father has an interesting ability to make people sleep as he whistles. He plans to steal Sylar’s powers, live forever, see what he can do to the world. But Sylar is awake and can fight back. He frees himself and begins to kill his father. He has his answers, has found his path, and leaves his father to his sickness.

Noah diverts Danko away from Nathan by giving him Angela. He calls Angela and warns her what is happening, that Nathan hasn’t gotten rid of Danko. But Angela is prepared. Danko and Angela meet in Manhattan. He wants to know about the Petrelli powers, and she diverts and dodges, trying to protect her family. And she gives him a few warnings, showing how much she knows about him.

Nathan has gotten the order from the President to fire Danko and promote Noah. They go to meet President but Danko comes to confront Nathan about his powers. He shoots at him and pushes him out of the window, forcing him to reveal his powers. Nathan flies away to safety.

Claire has made Doyle a new identity, allowing him to be free. He is truly grateful as he leaves, but leaves with one last creepy smile. Claire isn’t sure she’s done the right thing. Back at home, Rebel tells her the agents are coming.

Hiro and Ando are in LA to save someone, though they don’t know who yet. A woman who clearly needs help lets them in. They think they’re saving Matt; turns out they’re saving Matt Parkman Jr.

Danko returns home to once again find a special waiting for him. This time it’s Sylar. Great.

Agents break in to get Claire but she is gone, flying outside her window, saved by her father Nathan Petrelli. And chapter 6 is over.

I know I’ve said it before, but I really hope those who read this are also watching the series. Yes, I can describe everything in detail. But I can’t give a transcript, and without the writing a lot can be missed. It’s great writing, wonderful. And I hope everyone watches and hears this great dialogue.

Six episodes to go now. Six left in season three. We’re almost there.













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