A-Force #1-3

So, Fangirls, I have finally caught up on my stack of comics and I want to discuss one I’d been looking forward to for a while; A-Force. And I am not disappointed.

Some background; A-Force comes out of the current Secret Wars. In the Marvel universe, the multi-verses were colliding. One now survives – Battleworld, created out of nothing and now ruled by the god who created it, Victor Von Doom. Obviously, in the actual Secret Wars series a lot is happening since some of our favorite heroes and villains from the multi-verses have survived and found their way to Battleworld. With the Secret Wars happening, we’re getting series within that world. And one of the new series is A-Force.

The A-Force is a team on the island of Arcadia comprised of only female kick-ass heroes, including Jennifer Walters’ She-Hulk, Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel, Nico Minoru’s Sister Grimm, Alison Blaire’s Dazzler, America Chavez’s Ms. America, Medusa of the Inhumans, Jessica Drew’s Spider Woman, and Loki the Mistress of Secrets. The cover of the first issue shows many more on the team, but these are the women that the first few issues are focusing on.

a-force 1

The team are charged with protecting Arcadia and guarding the borders, since according to Doom border-crossing is against the law and is the first law not to be broken. Sadly, during the first battle we see, America Chavez breaks that law and is sentenced to banishment. This obviously upsets the whole team, but it hits Loki and Nico hardest as they all lived together and were very close.

a-force 2

a-force 3

Nico runs off on her own to mourn the loss and finds a mysterious girl made of the night sky. The girl doesn’t speak, but she does have a power. She can open portals to the multiverses. And through these portals She-Hulk discovers that there is a traitor on Arcadia using this new girl as a scapegoat. And the A-Force must scatter as they are all labeled traitors to Doom. The team must scatter in order to find the truth, and hopefully rescue one of their own.

a-force 4

I read the first few issues quickly, and I cannot wait to get the next one. I love seeing these characters come together, make a team, work as a family. I really hope that after the Secret Wars end, some form of this team continues on. An all female avengers, best friends and true family, is what I was hoping for from this new series, and I was so not disappointed. I don’t want to see it end once the Secret Wars end.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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