E-Reader vs. Book

Fangirls, I am a proud book nerd. I have far too many books for my shelves, I’m always reading at least two books at a time, and if I don’t leave the house with something to read it just doesn’t feel right. But here’s the dilemma and debate that has been raging since the e-reader became a popular thing; book or electronic? I say, why can’t we have both? I have pros for both sides of the argument, and even a few cons for both sides.

First, books. Physical, actual books. I love them. I love holding them. I love carrying them. I love sitting with them outside on a nice perfect day, or inside with a cup of tea as the rain falls (I know, cliche, but it’s how I live sometimes). There’s something about holding an actual book that just feels right sometimes. And to walk through a bookstore and see all of them is such a great feeling. To pick one up and to flip through them just has a calming effect.

Physical books, however, can have their cons. Hardcover or paperback? Hardcovers are always more expensive but they won’t break or be damaged as easily as paperbacks, or so it always seems. But do you really want to pay nearly $30 for a hardcover when you could pay half of that for paperbacks? Plus books, no matter the format, don’t always travel easily and can add a ton of weight to bags (especially when you pack 2 or 3 like I do).

So what about e-readers? I am a proud owner of a kindle, first edition. I’ve had it for several years now and I love it. It can hold thousands – THOUSANDS – of books in a thing so small and simple. It’s lightweight and fits easily in my purse so I can take it anywhere and everywhere. And, books are usually, not always, less expensive for the kindle, which makes my life a lot easier. The binding will never break on the books since there is no binding. And like I said I’ve had mine for a while now and it still works wonderfully. Plus, when I pre-order a book on it, there’s no waiting and no having to travel to the store to pick it up and then traveling back so I have to wait to start reading it. It just appears right on my device, and I can begin instantly.

There are a few cons of course. It has to charge, as any device does, so sometimes if I’m in the middle of a section and it tells me to charge it I have to wait several hours. I’m afraid, like with any device, of water damage or dropping it and breaking it. With a couple of the series I read on it, they aren’t organized the way I’d want them to be – sometimes they’re not even together – and I can’t figure out how to make them the way I want. But otherwise, I love everything about my kindle.

So yeah, both sides have great bits and not so great bits. But is one better than the other? No way. Both of them are fantastic and I wouldn’t trade either format.













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