Nerds Gotta Eat: Thou Shalt Have Avocad-No Other Goudas Than Me Burger

Fangirls, I love Bob’s Burgers. Its a strange, passionate love that I harbor for this foolish show; so much so that I rematch the seasons over and over again, to the point of having parts memorized. As you may recall, I read the comic last month, and was all about it, especially Bob’s Burger of the Day Ideas. I grabbed a couple of his ideas, and ran with them, the first is from a list of the Ten Condiments, and is called “Thou Shalt Have Avocad-No Other Goudas Than Me.” It’s great.


I’m really into these comics with the recipes. I got to do this with both Bee and Puppycat, and Steven Universe as well. Comic writers; keep including recipes. They help me feel like I’m a real part of each character’s world.


To make the burger with a name too long to go on Bob’s tiny chalkboard, you’ll need:

Burger (I used a fake one because vegetarianism)
Gouda Cheese (I used the Babybel rounds of cheese because they’re less expensive and also great with apples)

Smush it up.
Smush it up.

Get your burger ready the way you like it, while you toast the bun. After the bun is at the right heat and crispiness, slather some avocado on the bottom half. Pop your burger atop that, mash up the gouda so it takes up the right amount of space, sprinkle your fresh spinach on it, and get to eating.



I wasn’t expecting to like this all that much because I’m not super adventurous when it comes to food, even cheese can throw me off. I thought the combination of gouda and avocado was going to craaaaazy weird, but I ended up loving every bite. I highly recommend you make this burger, and fall in love with it the way I did. And creators? Keep the comic recipes coming; I’m hella into them.















All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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