Heroes Rewatch: Cold Snap, Into Asylum, and Turn and Face the Strange

This is the penultimate post for season 3 of Heroes. Reborn has been posting teasers and images and interviews, and I cannot wait for it. But first, I must finish this rewatch. So let’s get a step closer with that and watch these three episodes.

Chapter 7, “Cold Snap”, promises to introduce us to Rebel finally. Have you guessed who they are? Any ideas? Well it’s time to find out. The episode opens with Danko performing his morning ritual when his front door opens unexpectedly. He grabs his gun to investigate and finds Doyle hanging as a present. In NYC, Noah runs into Angela’s car to give another update. She worries about their plan and that she must sacrifice her relationship with her sons in order to protect her sons. Noah has to find a way to earn Danko’s trust at any cost possible. She suggests having him turn Rebel over to Danko, and says she is leaving the city to keep herself safe. Danko brings Mohinder to the room where everyone caught is being kept in a drugged induced coma. Mohinder has clearly agreed to be freed so he can help Daphne, but Danko has tricked him so he can be stored with the rest. Tracey. however, has not been put in this room yet. She is surrounded by heat lamps but has a small amount of her power left.

Danko shows Noah that they have Doyle, a show of faith. He lies about how he found him. Noah offers to return the favor by offering Rebel. They know Rebel wants to rescue Tracey and plan to set a trap.

Hiro and Ando believe Matt was turned into a baby, but aren’t sure what happened. Ando figures out the truth; it is Matt’s son. The baby has a power of his own, at a very young age. He has a power similar to Micah’s, speaking to electronics. He continuously turns the TV on and off with a touch of his hands.

Angela is stuck in traffic having a nightmare about being taken by the government just in time to escape them. Noah convinces Danko they’ll get to him when the building’s electronics go into lockdown. Tracey is freed from her prison, use of her powers returned. She escapes, knowing Rebel is helping and guiding her. She runs and finds all of the specials trapped in their comas. She wakes up as Matt and Mohinder, Matt waking up Daphne. She leaves them behind but they catch up and help her get out.

Tracey steals herself a new outfit but is caught by Noah, since she abandoned Matt and Mohinder. Noah doesn’t want to hurt her but she is prepared to fight back. He asks about Rebel, but she doesn’t know anything yet. He offers her a deal, lead him to Rebel and she is free.

Matt and Mohinder get Daphne to a hospital. Daphne wakes up with Matt waiting for her. She seems completely better, even getting up quickly, not hooked up to anything. She seems cold to him, planning to leave without him even though they’re supposed to be in love. She runs away.

Hiro is packing a bag to get baby Matt out and to safety, planning to leave a note for his mother. Hiro tells Ando about his final time travel adventure where he saw his mother die, just as Janice gets home. They grab the baby and hide in the closet, which doesn’t really work. Janice wants Hiro and Ando out, but they explain what is happening with the baby and Matt. She knows about the power, and shows them what happened with Matt and the bomb. They tell her everything, and she doesn’t believe them until the government actually shows up for her baby. She leaves the baby with Hiro and Ando, who must escape when the house is searched. Ando uses his power to blast the agents, and as the baby touches Hiro, he turns on Hiro’s power once more. Hiro with a baby is cuteness overload omg. He tries to teleport, but the baby hasn’t turned that part of his power on apparently. Hiro gets Ando in a wheelbarrow and escapes with the baby.

Tracey is summoned by an ATM where Rebel gives her some money and a way out. She listens, and is followed by Micah Sanders. Oh Micah. I’ve missed you. So Tracey follows Rebel’s notes and finds all her new stuff, and Micah reveals himself to her. They’re on the next train out. Oh, and he’s Rebel. Tracey panics, having taken Noah’s deal. But she can’t go through with it knowing it’s him. He sets off an alarm to get them out.

Angela shows up at lunch with a friend named Milly, who had been questioned by the government about people she used to know. Angela asks her for help in disappearing, and she reluctantly helps. Angela tries to get out but agents have found her. She ducks into a building and takes an elevator up as more agents arrive. They force the elevator down, but Peter has found her and flies her out.

Micah is betrayed by Tracey willing to turn in anyone like her. But she knows she needs to help him, especially as a car of agents arrives. They work together to escape, Tracey forcing him to leave as she uses her powers to fight back. He runs after turning on the sprinklers, and she causes an ice storm, letting her power explode from her body, freezing everything and everyone, including herself. Micah escapes, prepared to continue as Rebel. Danko shows up, not frozen, and kills Tracey.

Hiro misses his teleportation, tired from running with the baby and Ando in a wheelbarrow. He starts time again once they are far enough away and Ando is thrilled that his power is back…mostly. Now that they’ve saved little Parkman they need to save big Parkman.

Matt has found Daphne, even after she told him he never would. She is in her favorite place, Paris. She wonders how he got there so fast, and supposedly he flew. He takes her on a flight over Paris, and she figures out what’s going on. She isn’t magically better; she’s dying and he is trying to give her a happy ending before she goes. She’s flatlined as they say goodbye. Chapter 7 is over.

Chapter 8, “Into Asylum”, brings us to Nathan and Claire landing in Mexico to hide away. He plans to keep her safe but has no plan for everyone else yet. Peter and Angela land in an alley, but Peter is angry at his mother. He knows she has answers, but she needs answers of her own first. They go into a church. Danko and Noah are investigating why three of their men are dead after chasing a high school teacher. His powers were unknown, and Noah thinks Danko needs a new tactic to stop his men from dying. In his car, Danko isn’t alone. Sylar is hiding in the back. He’s been leaving Danko the presents. They have a common goal; killing specials. Sylar wants them to team up, help each other.

Danko has put the teacher as the new number one target. He turns to Noah for a plan, but Noah just suggests the One of Us One of Them tactic, the plan that has worked for twenty years. Noah has reason to suspect that Sylar is in town, but Danko says that’s not the plan for Noah, instead sending him after Angela.

Nathan and Claire need money, and Nathan claims he has a plan. Claire thinks his choice is simple; stop what he started and save everyone. But instead, he decides to try hustling. And that goes about as well as expected. He gets drunk easily, and Claire has to take over. Which works out much better since she can’t get drunk.

Peter finds Angela in the church. She needs to dream the next step for them, but she can’t sleep and hasn’t been able to for a while. She has always found peace in the church, but doesn’t know if it’ll help. Peter tries to help his mother, and she confesses how she and Arthur always supported their sons but never gave them their support. She wouldn’t blame Peter for hating her, but he doesn’t; no matter what she is still his mother.

Someone comes in to talk to Danko. They shake hands as Danko receives a special phone call from Sylar. He’s found out that the teacher killed another person and sent Danko proof. Turns out the teacher is a shapeshifter, and was really the guy in Danko’s office. They chase him onto the street, where he could be anyone. That night, Danko is waiting for Sylar at the teacher’s apartment. He thinks Sylar wants the ability, but guess what he already has it or did the show forget Candice? Or because his powers were broken when he stole her powers did they never work? Hmm….I don’t know the answer. Anyway, he and Danko go back and forth, Danko ready to kill Sylar, Sylar explaining his usefulness. Danko appears to agree to the deal.

Peter sees his mother praying and lets her be. He has his own conversation prayer, lighting a candle. He wants to know how he can start helping people again, but he doesn’t know how to. He asks for help, and as the wind blows he sees the agents have arrived. He gets his mother and hides them both in the confessionals. Angela, fearing this is their last time together, tells Peter that she used to be like him – full of hope – until her powers came through and she lost that hope. Noah opens the confessional and sees them both. He chooses to lie, saying that they aren’t there.

Sylar is going through the teacher’s things, trying to figure out where he’ll be next. They discover that he likes to impersonate people in power, and they find his favorite club where they know he’ll be. They find something unexpected when they arrive; he has imitated Danko. He spots them and hides. They split up to find him, and when they reconnect Sylar senses that something isn’t right. Only that’s what we think. Turns out the teacher imitated Sylar and Danko knew it. He shoots him but leaves him alive so that Sylar can steal his power.

Claire gets Nathan back to their hotel, where he finally realizes that what he has done and set in motion is not fine. He tells her that she constantly got the free pass because he was trying to win her love. He knows that he’s hiding behind saving her, and he vows to fix the mess for everyone he loves. The next morning, Nathan takes back what his drunk self said about fixing things. He doesn’t know how to fix it all, thinking he won’t be able to. Claire tells him how disappointed she is in him and walks out.

Angela has had her first good night’s sleep in a long time. She dreamt and knows what they need to do. They need to get Nathan and Claire, and then all together go see her sister. Nathan finds Claire at a bus stop and reconciles with her. Noah finds Danko with Sylar’s dead body. But of course it isn’t really Sylar. But Noah doesn’t know that. Angela and Peter leave to reconnect their family. Danko and Sylar agree officially to work together. And chapter 8 is over.

Chapter 9, “Turn and Face the Strange” (ah, Bowie), opens with Noah going and checking on Sylar’s dead body. I should mention, it had a knife in the back of its head – the only way to ensure his death – that is now missing and replaced with something that can’t be pulled out easily. Danko gloats about catching Sylar to Noah, until Noah gets a visit from his wife. Hiro and Ando have baby Matt in a van and are in Ohio traveling to find Matt. The baby gets upset, causing his powers to turn off the car. Matt and Mohinder are hiding together. Mohinder plans to go to India and wants Matt to go too, but Matt won’t listen. His new target is Danko, the man in charge. Noah goes and finds Sandra, who is angry at Noah for not telling her anything about where Claire is and if she’s safe. He tells her that he doesn’t think the body is Sylar when Danko shows up. She refuses to leave until Claire is found safe. And Danko? Yeah, he wasn’t really Danko. Sylar is having a bit of fun. And he has plans for Noah.

Angela calls Noah and asks if he knows about Coyote Sands. He only knows that he shouldn’t know about it. She, Peter, Nathan, and Claire are heading there and she wants Noah to meet them. He says he’ll meet her after he checks his hunch about Sylar, but it’s too late the body is gone. He doesn’t listen as Angela warns him to leave it alone.

Mohinder goes to his old apartment to get a few things before leaving, but it is empty. All of his research and everything is gone. But he’s in luck, his father left some things in storage.

Hiro and Ando are trying to hitch a ride and a trucker picks them up. He offers to take them to a mechanic in the next town to help with their car. But the baby gets unhappy again, and the truck is stopped. They get the unhappy baby and the truck drives away. They have no idea how to make him happy again until Ando makes a funny face. The car works, but only when he is making that face.

Matt has found Danko and uses his powers to draw out paranoia. He sends Danko to the person he is closest to and follows. He follows Danko to a house with a beautiful woman. She calls him Jakob, and as he lies to her and leaves Matt enters her home. He tries to kill her but can’t, and as he goes to leave she sees him. She says she used to work for an escort service, and doesn’t know Danko’s true identity. Or his job. She does know about a family he says he has, but Matt knows it isn’t real. He shows her everything he knows about Danko.

Noah finds the bodies that were transferred and looks for Sylar’s. He gets everyone prepared in case it is the real Sylar and pulls out the spike. He quickly finds out it isn’t the real Sylar. He gets the spike tested and orders the body remain how it is. He calls his wife over. She knows that Claire is fine and hands him the divorce papers. He fights with her, wanting to hold on to his family. But she can no longer trust him or love him, and walks away. But it wasn’t Sandra, it was Sylar. But Sylar screwed up. He can’t forge signatures, falsely signing Sandra’s name on the divorce papers. He finds that the dead Sylar is the shapeshifter.

Hiro calls Mohinder looking for Matt. Mohinder has given up on Matt, thinking he can’t be saved. But he tells Hiro everything and they drive to find him. What they don’t know is that Claire and Nathan were right there, finding where Coyote Sands is. Mohinder finds in his father’s things research about Operation Icarus in Coyote Sands. His father worked for them.

Noah goes to Sandra’s apartment and pulls a gun on her, thinking she is still Sylar. But this time it’s the real Sandra. Her phone rings and he grabs it. Lyle has called trying to find out what pills to give the dog. And Noah realizes he made a huge mistake. He tries to explain but she won’t listen, for good reasons.

Elena, Danko’s girlfriend, has found his lies. Matt led her to his apartment. Matt and Danko argue and she hears all of the truths she never knew. Including his part in Daphne’s death. Matt realizes that Danko truly loves Elena, and he turns the gun on her. But Matt can’t pull the trigger. He drops the gun and Danko pulls his. He shoots, but time stops and Hiro comes in to save Matt.

Noah comes to Danko, but it’s Sylar with some old files. Except it isn’t really Sylar it’s Noah who has learned the truth about Danko and Sylar. Danko tells him who Sylar has been pretending to be, and Noah is prepared to wait.

Matt and Hiro discuss the choices they have both made. Hiro takes Matt to Ando and his baby. Matt has found something new to live for.

Sylar’s team returns and Noah confronts them. He grabs who he believes is Sylar and warns the team. Danko denies what he said before, showing Noah’s insanity. He shoots the man, who doesn’t heal. Noah escapes, running for his life. Danko stays with the body, who was Sylar all along. Noah calls Sandra one last time as he leaves.

Mohinder makes the connections to Coyote Sands. Matt connects with his son. Danko tries to reconnect with Elena, but she has already left town. Peter and Angela arrive in Coyote Sands and meet Claire and Nathan. She needs this family to come together and she needs them to see the darkest part of their past. She gives them all shovels and tells them to begin digging. And so they do until Nathan finds a skeleton, it’s skull penetrated by a bullet hole. Angela knows who it was, knows who all of them were. But she won’t say what all of them means, just says to keep digging. Noah arrives in Coyote Sands as more bodies are found buried in the dirt. And chapter 9 is over.

This is almost it. Only 3 episodes and a ton of stuff to go before season 3 is over. Then it’s just season 4 sitting between us and Reborn. We’re almost at the finish line.













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