Lush Halloween Haul

I think it’s no surprise that when I think of the best ways to prepare for Halloween is by purchasing items from Lush. So, when I found their Halloween products, I lost my mind. I bought all of the pieces; some individually, and some in gift boxes. I did end up with a couple doubles, but I’m glad I did!

1. Nightwing Shower Jelly 2. Sparkly Pumpkin 3. Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb 4. Lord of Misrule Shower Gel 5. Aliens and Monsters FUN
1. Nightwing Shower Jelly 2. Sparkly Pumpkin 3. Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb 4. Lord of Misrule Shower Gel 5. Aliens and Monsters FUN

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb


This was the first of the Halloween products I tried out, and at first I didn’t expect to like the scent at all. When I went into our Lush location, I had a whiff of the scent, and my mind was blown. The scent is warm and smooth, and the way it transformed my bath was astounding. Grab these while you can, because they are amazing, and they turn your bath into a haunting wonderland.


It’s just very pretty. The whole time I was watching it explode, I kept saying no way because it doesn’t look like anything could be that rad. And even though it starts by making your bath green, it ends a wine color. The only change I will make, next time I use it, is to make my bath supper hot beforehand, because this bath bomb takes quite a while to go off, so my bath wasn’t as warm as I wanted by the time I got in, so I’ll just make the bath hotter t start with. I got my Lord of Misrule bath bombs from ordering online and the Firecracker Gift Box (which also comes with Cinders and Experimenter).



Lord of Misrule Shower Cream


After using the bath bomb of the same name, I was really excited to try out the shower cream, because I can get more daily use out of it, and enjoy it for a longer time. Since I wasn’t sure I’d be all that into the scent, I didn’t order it with my other items. When I was in the shop, sniffing things, I caught the scent and fell head over heels, so I grabbed the Bat Heebie Jeebie Gift Box (which also has the Nightwing Shower Jelly), and got myself this cute little bottle of the Lord of Misrule Shower Cream.

The scent is just as lovely as that of the bath bomb, and I use it all of the time. This month I’ve been alternating it with the Nightwing Shower Jelly, so I get all the spooky scents, all month long. It’s a good way to live.


Nightwing Shower Jelly


I’ve been trying really hard to come up with a great Dick Grayson pun that’s appropriate, but I really can’t. This shower jelly has everything I need, though. It’s shaped like a bat, so I get to think about Batman while I use it, it’s named the same as Dick Grayson’s hero title, so I get to think about that booty, and it has a pun on the package (“fangtastic,” by the way).  It has all of these great things to think about, but it’s honestly hard to think about anything while using it, because it’s so darn enjoyable. It’s very citrus-y, which is a bit different from the expected with the deep purple color, but I love it. The only problem is that there is a carob syrup in it, which makes it quite leaky; it still holds it’s shape well, but a purply liquid can get out of the pot, even with the lid screwed on. You can order one for yourself here!

It gives your body this fangtastic pale purple sheen while you're rubbing it in!
It gives your body this fangtastic pale purple sheen while you’re rubbing it in!


Sparkly Pumpkin


I’m not entirely sure why, but this was my least favorite item. I opened the little plastic bag it was in, and was honestly quite disappointed in the scent. It’s a weird kind of fruity, and it wasn’t as sweet as I was hoping. That being said; I only used a pretty small wedge, so I get to send it to my friend for her first ever bubble bar! The bath I had with it was a pale yellow, with sparkles and bubbles throughout, and it just wasn’t for me. But if it sounds like something that’s up your alley, you can order it here!




Aliens And Monsters FUN


FUN is one of my absolute favorite items from Lush. I think the smells are always strong enough, it lasts a very long time, and it goes to a good cause. Aliens and Monsters (the Halloween FUN), is no exception. It smells just like the Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb and Shower Gel, but comes in three rad colors (pink, purple, and green). It also comes with 3 different types of eyes to make your aliens and monsters with (I wish there was a single, round eye, because Mike Wasowski would’ve been fun to make). This stuff has a similar consistency to Play-Doh, so it’s quite easy to mold into a monster. I considered going full T-Rex with this bad boy, but was very sleepy; I think the little guy is pretty cute though!


I would definitely recommend this, because it will last forever. I have two other FUN products (red and green), and I’ve had them just about for a year; one is half done, and the other is a quarter done. They last for ages, and are a great travel shampoo/soap, because they don’t have the ability to leak, like liquids do. I’m thinking of buying another Aliens and Monsters FUN to give as a gift for a yankee swap I’m going to in a couple months. You can oder one for yourself here.


Altogether, I enjoyed this line. I am in love with the Lord of Misrule scent; it’s nice and warm, yet kind of spooky. I highly recommend the shower gel and FUN to everyone, because they will last you the longest for the money that you spend. Next month I’ll go over my favorites from the Christmas collection, but until then, stay spooky clean!

Sometimes the Lush USA store is out of stock, so I tend to check the UK site; their products can be a bit cheaper (mind the exchange rate though), and shipping across the pond is definitely higher, but it’s a good way to get some of the out of stock items!

















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