Catwoman 44

Fangirls, this businenessy Catwoman is still throwing me off. I love that she’s in control and kicking ass, but it’s still bizarre to me that she runs a crime syndicate, and barely steals stuff anymore. But in the last issue, Eiko Hassigawa let Sionis think that she was the Catwoman he wanted, and got shot. Now both Catwomen need to talk, and they’ve got a big, green mediator.


Killer Croc was the one who found Eiko Hasigawa in her Catwoman outfut, looking pretty shattered. He found Selina, and brought her to her. While they discussed Selina’s foolishness for thrusting the helm onto Eiko (which she didn’t), Hasigawa woke up, told them she was the one who made the choice, and wanted to be credited as such. Croc brings her back to the penthouse, which Eiko says is unguarded, but Sionis (Black Mask) has installed security cameras, and sees Croc carrying Catwoman into the Hasigawa’s for safety.


After meeting with Croc, Selina goes to a family dinner with Ward and Antonia. There, Antonia confesses that she went to the Penguin to see if he would support their family instead of the Hasigawas. She relayed that he told her the only way that he would trust her would be if she killed Catwoman. Selina is not surprised in this, and tells Antonia that it may be better if she led the family instead of herself. Antonia seems taken aback, and Ward definitely isn’t into it, but they accept the idea. Selina will stay figurehead, but they will share the power until Gotham respects Antonia the way the leader of the Calabrese family deserves.

Back at the Hasigawa building, Sionis is exacting his revenge. He believes that the Catwoman he saw entering the penthouse was Selina, instead of Eiko. He kills just about all of Hasigawa’s men, ending with Hasigawa himself; writing “play with the cat, get scratched” on a wall in his blood. Eiko finds him and is, of course, distraught.


I feel like Catwoman is going to end soon. In the Future’s End comic, Selina is still running the Calabrese family, and just about all of Gotham’s crime. Ward tries to kill her, and thinks he succeeds, but really she got away and is chilling at the beach. Even though Future’s End is supposed to happen ten years into the future, it feels like it’s happening very soon.












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