Appdicted: Soda Dungeon

I feel like every time I open this app, it’s begrudgingly. I really enjoy it, but I feel like it drags me back in; every time I play it, I feel the need to destroy my battery by playing it forever.


This is an incredibly simple and addicting application from Armory Games. In it, you hire people that you find in the Soda Tavern to help you get through the Dungeon across the way. There are many different types of people to hire, each with their own individual abilities.


As you play, you gain money in the dungeon. With that money, not only can you hire people, but you can also make upgrades to your Tavern. You can buy tables and stools, which will help you get more customers (hat you can then hire to help out). You can also buy different sodas for the tavern to sell; different sodas attack different people, so the more types of soda you have, the better! You can then purchase upgrades like beds, a banker (who makes it so you earn gold while you’re away), an armory (so you can buy fancy equipment and sell your extra equipment), and a wizard (who makes it so you can skip to one of your most recent levels instead of starting at level one each time).


Inside the dungeon, there are many levels. The above screenshot is from level 90, which I have yet to beat (as you can see, my hires are very weak and most of them have died). Many characters have special abilities (lightening strikes, healing powers) but that doesn’t stop me from struggling at beating the bosses. The goal is to have your most powerful characters survive up through the boss levels, but that rarely happens for me.

Though I gripe about the amount of time I spend in this app, it is quite fun. I haven’t spent any money on it, which is really nice, and I have fun while I play. Plus, with the banker, I now earn game money while I’m not playing, so the longer I stay away, the more I make! Its a good exercise for my perseverance.

If you’re looking for a simple and fun application, Soda Dungeon is definitely one to check out. It’s cute, easy, and a pretty good amount of fun.












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