Heroes Rewatch: 1961, I Am Sylar, and An Invisible Thread

Here it is, the final 3 episodes of season 3. After this, just one more season to go. I’m surprised by how quickly this rewatch has gone. But I’m glad; with Reborn less than a month away, seeing everything again quickly has helped. So, let us not delay as we finish volume 4, “Fugitives”.

Chapter 10, “1961”, takes us back to what Angela has feared all volume. It begins with our group – Claire, Peter, Nathan, Noah, and Angela – still digging up skeletons. Coyote Sands is clearly a mass grave, but why? Peter and Nathan are still tense with each other, but Claire is trying to convince them to reconnect, be brothers again. Peter goes to talk with his mother about why they are in Coyote Sands and this mysterious sister she never mentioned before. We go back to February 1961, when Coyote Sands was alive with life…as a relocation center. Chandra Suresh comes and picks up Angela and Alice. The place has everything for children. Dr. Zimmerman is there as well, and the girls are told that they will live across the compound from their parents. Charles Deveaux comes and introduces himself to Angela and Alice, along with Linderman and Bob. Alice is scared, but Angela reassures her that she’ll be fine, that it’ll be fine. But it doesn’t work. Dr. Suresh has told Angela’s parents that he can make her nightmares (visions) go away, but that the whole family will need to stay because it is genetic. In the present, we learn that Angela’s entire family died in Coyote Sands and that she fears history will repeat itself. And someone is watching them.

Everyone has come to hear Angela’s story of how the government learned of people with powers and rounded them up, promising a cure. Angela has had dreams of her sister being alive, which she doesn’t understand since she’s meant to be dead. She needs to know the truth. The Company began at Coyote Sands with a dark opening. She and Noah tried to shut down Nathan’s campaign quietly without this truth out there, but that hasn’t worked. Peter knows that her dark past doesn’t give her the right to do the dark deeds she’s done and flies away. Nathan goes after him.

In 1961, Angela has another dream and finds Charles, Linderman, and Bob waiting for her. They show her their powers, proving that she isn’t alone. She and Bob still believe that Coyote Sands will help them, but Charles and Linderman don’t agree. Charles tells her to stop being afraid, to start believing in her dreams. Her most recent one showed her not to trust Chandra. Alice comes to her sister and confides in her that she believes she can control weather. She proves it by making it snow, and she fears what Suresh will do if he finds out.

Claire is alone with her grandmother, wanting to help and understand. Angela admires Claire’s strength and spirit, wishing she had had it when she was a child. A storm begins suddenly, just like Angela’s dream. And she knows Alice is alive.

Nathan finds Peter at a diner and tries to fix their relationship. But Peter still blames him for everything that’s happened. He’s trying to get past it, but can’t. They hear a storm warning on the television. Noah is caught outside in that storm when he is knocked by a plank and dragged away by Mohinder, who has also appeared in Coyote Sands for answers.

In 1961, Suresh comes to talk to Angela away from Alice, who is afraid. Suresh is testing Angela’s mind and power while being filmed. She is passing every test if flying colors, having dreamt about the cards before. She tells him one of her dreams showed him killing everyone in Coyote Sands. She knows he’s kind but if he continues it will end in disaster.

Angela in the present is convinced that the storm is Alice’s doing, even if Claire isn’t. Angela leaves to go find her sister. Claire goes after her as the storm stops. Nathan and Peter fly in and discover that Angela is missing. Peter, Nathan, and Claire find Noah and Mohinder and split up to find Angela. Peter and Mohinder find Chandra’s old lab, where Mohinder fears is he becoming his father, and not a version he wants to be. Peter knows Mohinder, reassures him that he is not his father. Mohinder has to hope for redemption for everyone, including Nathan. Claire, Nathan, and Noah reflect on the things that have happened and what could be in store for them all.

In 1961, Charles and the other are planning an escape and want to bring Angela along. Angela formed the plan and wants Alice in on it but the others don’t think that is a good idea. She tells Alice what’s happening and tells Alice she can’t come, promising their return. Alice’s fear manifests a rain storm. Angela promises her sister that’ll she’ll be safe her. And present day Angela wakes up to find things collected from the past. The door opens and down comes a woman named Alice. And she’s angry. She doesn’t want to talk to her sister, ignoring her as much as possible.

In 1961, the group that escaped aren’t able to find help to shut down Coyote Sands. Charles finally shows his power, which is just like Eden’s. Remember her, she could convince people just with voice? He can too apparently. A storm comes through and Angela knows it’s Alice.

Alice finally talks to Angela. Alice has been living there for years, stealing what she needed. She stayed because of Angela’s dream that she’d be safe if she stayed, and that if she stayed the world would be safe from her. Angela asks about the night she left. Alice tells her that Suresh came to see Alice, test her powers. In her fear, Alice caused a storm to roll in and ran to her father, who also had a power. A battle broke out, killing everyone except Alice and Chandra. Present day, Angela tells Alice that it’s time to come home, reveals that anytime she felt lost she stole socks for Alice (remember that from the very first episode?) because back when they were kids Alice forgot her socks and her feet were cold. Angela blames herself for everything, and in Alice’s anger a new storm appears as they all find Angela and Alice. She attacks them, and Angela knows she needs to help her sister somehow. She talks to her sister, apologizes, and the storm calms down. Alice leaves and disappears once again.

Mohinder figures out what his father was doing, and Peter gives him a roll of film to help give him more answers. They are all prepared to leave, but Mohinder stays, needing to find a way to forgive himself his own sins.

Angela remembers one last time. The four of them plan how to hide their existence. She has dreamt about the Company that will protect them. They must do whatever they have to to keep themselves hidden. She knows their plans are a necessary evil and is prepared. In the present, she knows she’ll never see her sister again. Nathan tries to be optimistic, understanding her guilt. The family, including Noah, all sit together once again. Peter doesn’t want to plan a new Company, wanting them to just stay a family while keeping themselves secret. He has forgiven Nathan finally, and they plan to fix everything and put their lives back together. Nathan plans to go to Washington to fix things, but Sylar is one step ahead of them, playing Nathan in a press conference. And chapter 10 is over.

I loved that episode. I’d completely forgotten everything about it, but damn do I love it.

Ok, chapter 11, “I Am Sylar”. That’s a promising title. I should mention I remember NOTHING about the end of this story save one detail. That’s it. So let’s keep going. It opens the way the last episode ended, with the surprise press conference held by “Nathan”. We go 18 hours earlier, where Sylar in his life as Agent Taub finds he is losing control of his transformations. If he stays as one person too long he loses himself. Matt calls Janice telling her he has baby Matt and swears to take care of him. Hiro and Ando find out Matt has a plan to return baby Matt home. Hiro and Ando want to take down Building 26, but now with a child Matt doesn’t want to take any risks to miss out on his child’s life. He doesn’t want them to go after Building 26 either, fearing their deaths. He leaves with his child, and Hiro and Ando form a new plan. Sylar is sitting alone in a park when Danko comes to find out why he isn’t hiding. He confides in Danko that he is losing himself and is afraid of the consequences. Danko threatens that if Sylar doesn’t stay hidden he’ll have no choice but to hunt him down. Sylar turns in Taub again but isn’t happy about it.

We meet Tom Miller in Virginia who receives a message from Rebel to get out. Sylar is coming for him and sneaks into the apartment. Instead of killing Miller, he talks to him, offers to help him. Tom shows his power, which is with a build up and a snap of his fingers he can destroy something. Sylar tells him the agents are coming and has to choose, them or him. Tom picks Sylar, which leads to his death the old fashioned Sylar way. This doesn’t make Danko all too thrilled but Sylar reveals he knows that Rebel is still in town. Danko wants Sylar’s help to take down Rebel, but only as Agent Taub. Sylar still fears remaining as Taub; his body doesn’t change back to himself completely. Danko tells him that he can stay himself if he finds an anchor to bring him back when he feels lost. Danko shows him his anchor, a watch from his father. Sylar listens and knows it’s running fast, knows everything about it really. He tells Danko that the power to know how things work is the only one that “was ever truly mine”.

Hiro and Ando are planning to get caught by breaking into Isaac’s old loft. Ando is once again bait so that Hiro can find Building 26. Ando doesn’t like the plan, thinking Hiro still resents him having a power. They are ambushed, and Hiro’s plan mostly works as he stops time to escape. But Ando isn’t stopped like normal. Which thrills both friends.

A package comes to Taub about Sylar’s mother’s unsolved murder. He turns into himself and goes through the evidence piece by piece, remembering what happened as he does. He smashes one of her snowglobes, and she appears to him. They talk about truth and family, and Sylar tells her how he saw his father, feared becoming him, took the shapeshifting power, but now feels lost. She reassures him that he doesn’t have to feel lost, that she was always there for him as his mother. Apparently how this conversation is working is him shifting from Sylar to his mother. Not Norman Bates-y at all. Danko comes and tells Sylar they found Rebel.

Hiro figures out that by touching Ando when time froze is how he can be moving around now. They use the time to try and reconnect, but Hiro goes through with the original plan. He gets Ando caught then freezes time to disguise himself as one of the agents. In the truck, Hiro freezes time and shuts off Ando’s drug machines. But Hiro made a mistake of still wearing his glasses. So Ando saves him by using his power to knock everyone out. Plan B begins; they get the GPS coordinates to go to the building.

Danko and his men are ready to go after Rebel. They find his building and shut down the power to drive him out. But Taub doesn’t join the raid. Micah is packing up and ready to run when Sylar comes to him. Micah thinks he can fix Sylar’s problem of knowing who he really is. He knows that everyone with powers are connected and tells Sylar he doesn’t need to be alone. Sylar resists until Micah tells him he can save all of them, everyone with powers. Danko gets a call that Rebel is on the run, but Sylar and Micah have teamed up. Sylar is being Micah so the real Micah can escape. Danko’s men take down “Rebel”, and Micah gets away. But Danko knows what Sylar has done. He waits as Sylar comes to him. Sylar convinces Danko that Micah is dead. Danko says they got intel on dozens of new specials and wants Sylar to go after the more dangerous ones.

Micah is asleep on Sylar’s couch when he wakes up and sees Sylar and his mother talking. Micah wants Sylar to become a hero, like his mother was. He wants Sylar to be Nathan, to tell the president to shut down the operation. Sylar tells him to get out and not come back, and Micah listens. You know who else listens? Sylar. He’s in Nathan’s office looking for something to help him transform. He has another discussion with his mother about what to do next. She, of course, wants him to take the opportunity. But he fears it, fears what he is and what he’s done. He thinks he can’t be special like she wanted when he killed the only person who ever loved him. She gives him her forgiveness, and they plan his special future.

Matt gets baby Matt home. Janice isn’t home, and Matt discusses his options with his child. Janice comes home, and Matt senses the agents watching them. He says he can hold them off while they escape. She asks what will happen to him if he stays, and they agree that they need to talk about baby Matt and the family’s future. Janice and baby Matt are ready to leave, and Matt can’t go with them. He knows now that he has to fix everything in order to get his family back. He plans to fight to have his family back as the agents come to the house. He knows he can protect them.

“Nathan” has a plan to change America for the better, one which every free hero hears. And Danko, he’s watching too. Our team in the diner know what Sylar is planning and Nathan feels like he needs to fix this on his own. They all know that Nathan going alone is dangerous, but Nathan won’t let any of them risk their lives for his mistakes. He leaves them at the diner.

Hiro and Ando find Building 26, and Hiro finally agrees that they are equal in hero partnership. They make their plan, but freezing time doesn’t work. Hiro’s head hurts and his nose bleeds instead of time freezing.

Nathan goes to his office where Sylar is waiting, still looking like Nathan for a bit. Sylar knows everything about Nathan, knows his inner feelings. They have a standoff, and as Sylar goes for the kill Danko stuns him instead. Danko stupidly thinks he controls Sylar.

Mohinder is still in Coyote Sands when agents come and grab him. Hiro and Ando are defeated outside Building 26. Matt uses his powers to hide his family. Noah, Claire, Peter, and Angela drive to help Nathan and save everyone until the come to a roadblock and are all captured. Danko, realizing he can’t control Sylar, stabs him in the head, which would usually work to kill him but isn’t this time. He gets up and removes the knife. And chapter 11 ends.

And now, the season finale. The final chapter in volume four. It is time for “An Invisible Thread”. We begin by learning Matt saved his family and is on his way to help Hiro and Ando, who aren’t doing well. Claire, Noah, and Angela are on the road when dreams about Nathan being in trouble. Noah knows that there will be a road block and gets Angela and Claire out so he can buy them time to go help Nathan. Noah pulls up to the roadblock as a van of agents approaches the car. We see Sylar not die again, and he explains that thanks to his shapeshifting he altered where the killing point for him is. Nathan is still unconscious and Sylar hides the body. He plans to get all the information he can about Nathan so that he can keep his meeting with the president. He tells Danko his plan before shifting into him, shooting someone, and then becoming Taub to set Danko up for arrest.

Angela and Claire have made is Washington and they split up. Angela needs to go find Matt, who will save Nathan’s life based on her dream. Claire is left to find Nathan alone.

Sylar is preparing for his big day with an unconscious Nathan near him. He uses his power to touch objects and learn their owner’s history to get everything about Nathan he can. Claire comes and finds “Nathan” and asks about his plan. She also asks how to know he isn’t Sylar, and he touches her necklace to find out all about Mexico. This works to fool her. He tells her to stay in his office and lay low if anything goes wrong, but she insists on going with him. And he agrees, wanting her with him if things go wrong.

Danko has been taken to Building 26 as Hiro and Ando watch. They still plan to storm the building, Hiro not caring if his powers are hurting him. Ando says his powers will be enough to get them in, but Hiro insists his power will work. Danko, meanwhile, is thrown into a cell with Noah. Danko tells Noah that the usual plan of killing Sylar once they escape won’t work. They agree to work together to get out as time freezes and Hiro and Ando go looking for the prisoners. Ando notices blood coming from Hiro’s ear, but Hiro blows it off as nothing. They find the prisoners, all of them. Ando finds Mohinder and Hiro frees him, having a plan. They switch all of the prisoner with the people who work in Building 26 as time unfreezes. Noah and Danko see their door open and know that something has changed. Hiro and Ando get everyone out and Hiro collapses in front of Mohinder. Mohinder uses his medical knowledge to figure out that Hiro’s body is acting like his power is a virus. He can’t use them again.

Nathan finally wakes up and Peter finds him. They go to stop Sylar, who has arrived with Claire at the meeting with the president. He has to sign in, and gives himself away to Claire by writing left handed instead of right.

Danko and Noah find out what has happened, what Hiro and Ando did. Danko prepares tranquilizers for Sylar. He tries to use them on Noah but Hiro saves Noah at great cost to himself. Mohinder and Ando stay with Hiro as Noah goes to stop Sylar. He calls Claire, who is still in Sylar’s presence. And guess who answered the phone? Yep, Sylar. He’s gotten good at these powers. Somehow he has Doyle’s powers, he must have just absorbed them since I don’t remember Doyle dying, and controls Claire while recounting how much they have in common. She promises to kill him, especially as he gets super creepy.

Nathan and Peter arrive and discover that the building is under full lockdown. They find out “Nathan” is already inside and they are let through. Nathan tells them that Sylar is “one of us”, giving himself and Peter away. He finally accepts who he is and plans to take full responsibility for his crimes once they stop Sylar. Peter has to get close enough to touch Sylar to absorb his abilities. Claire and Sylar are already fighting when they arrive to take him down. She thrown out of the room and barely sees the fight. We, sadly, see nothing. The sounds of fighting stop and she goes into the room. She finds Peter awake but injured and Sylar and Nathan have gone out the window. Peter lost his flight by getting Sylar’s powers. They leave to find them as Sylar and Nathan re-enter, and Sylar kills Nathan. He shifts into Nathan and leaves to go after Claire and Peter.

Matt has finally arrived in DC and finds Angela waiting for him. She tells him what he has to do, but he plans to go to Building 26 to save his family. She convinces him that the best way to save his family is to save Nathan.

Peter and Claire plan to split up when Noah arrives, paranoid about Sylar being one of them. He quickly realizes he isn’t there and they know they can stop Sylar. Guards come to stop them, and Claire convinces them to listen. Angela and Matt arrive to find Peter and Nathan and get through to find the result of the battle and Nathan’s body. Angela breaks down and doesn’t understand her vision anymore.

“Nathan” finds the president as he is leaving and imitates one of the men in the detail. He goes to join the president in his car and shakes his hand, gaining the ability to become him. But he returns as Sylar, and the president is actually Peter. He takes Sylar out, injecting him with something that shuts down his body.

They bring Sylar’s body up to the room where Angela and Matt are, and Noah is there as well. Matt doesn’t want to go along with their plan; they want Matt to make Sylar Nathan permanently. Angela and Noah don’t like the plan either but it is the only way to keep them all safe, including Matt’s family. Matt gives in and goes to Sylar’s body, using his power to make Sylar and Gabriel Gray no more, to put Nathan in his place. The change works, and Sylar becomes Nathan.

They burn the fake Sylar’s body, convincing everyone that Sylar is dead. All our heroes gather for this burning. Nathan has talked to the president about starting a new Company, a better Company. One that Noah will run. Hiro still feels terrible, and he and Ando leave for home. Claire goes to her father, amazed that Sylar is dead. One by one, our heroes separate, going back to their lives. And volume four is ended.

Volume five, “Redemption”, begins six weeks later. A former Building 26 agent has returned home to find his water running, nearly flooding the apartment. It moves of it’s own accord and forms a person. Tracey has evolved and drowns him mysteriously, her fourth one. Nathan reads about the mystery as Angela comes to check on him. He hasn’t been feeling like himself, and she tries to reassure him that everything is fine. He doesn’t believe her though, and he can hear that his clock is broken. He returns to his happy Nathan self, but Angela is afraid.

Volume five is the end. It was, until September 24th that is. We’ll dive into that soon, I promise.













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