Princeless: The Pirate Princess by Jeremy Whitley, Rosey Higgins, and Ted Brandt

Fangirls, a couple years ago Princeless was a part of the haul from Free Comic Book Day. I picked up a copy and fell in love with the idea. The princesses rescue each other and kind of make a girl gang. It’s an all ages comic from action lab. So when I saw a trade on Earthworld’s shelf about a pirate princess, I was all in.

princeless-coverSo, I picked up Princeless: The Pirate Princess, drew myself a nice bath, and read an absolutely fantastic book.


The Pirate Princess is about Raven, the eldest child in a line of amazingly terrifying pirates who ruled the seas. Her father became known as the Pirate King for the size of his fleet. His two sons (both younger than Raven) were jealous that she was going to inherit the fleet, and convinced their father that since he was King, Raven was a Princess, and belonged in a tower, not on a pirate ship.

Raven breaks out, with the help of Bedelia and Adrienne. That night, Raven befriends and steals Adrienne’s dragon Sparky, in hopes of getting one of the ships back that is rightfully hers. Adrienne followed her, they fought, and Sparky ditched them.


The next day, they get Sparky back, and take over the ship. I won’t go into detail, but it’s a really phenomenal fight. By the end, the previously feuding girls are happy, the ship is in the right hands, and all is almost well. It leaves off with a lot wanted for the next book, and I know I’ll be picking that up as soon as possible.

I highly recommend Princeless because it promotes doing things on your own as a lady. It also breaks down the idea of princesses needing to be saved by princes. I love it, and I’m sure all of you will too!











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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