Heroes Rewatch: Orientation, Ink, and Acceptance

It’s time. We’re at the end of it all. It’s time to begin season four, the final season of the original Heroes. This show ended five years ago. Finally, five years later, we will see the consequences of how it all ended. But first, we have to get started. Volume five, “Redemption”, is waiting. So let’s begin.

Chapter one, “Orientation”, takes us to a funeral for a man named Joseph, led by an already creepy individual. He is with their second family, one they built when their original family failed them. As this man, named Samuel – I remember him – , speaks, we see our heroes. Samuel knows about people with powers; he and his family apparently have them. He says all of them have a chance to be who they really are. And now we see Claire at college, Noah alone, Hiro and Ando excited about something. Matt with his child, Sylar confused, Tracey opening a door, and Peter in a hospital. Samuel says it’s time to unite all people with powers, to let them come home. And then he uses his power to close the dirt around Joseph’s grave. They all go towards a carnival.

Claire is moving into a new dorm at college in Virginia. Her roommate has already moved in and is named Annie. Annie is uptight, panics when she hears Claire got in with a GED and thinks Claire got in some other way. Annie already has a map for her future; it’s hanging on her wall. Claire does not look like she’ll get along with Annie. Unfortunately for Claire, they have a placement test together and if they both pass they’ll be in class together. As she begins the test she has a nightmare about an agent coming for her, things she has feared since last season. She leaves the test.

In Tokyo, Hiro and Ando appear to have opened their own business called “Dial a Hero”. But it isn’t working out. Hiro has faith in it, and Ando finds an old picture of them with Hiro’s sister. Ando still loves Hiro’s sister, who comes in and calls them idiots. She is taking care of the family company while Hiro and Ando try their new venture. They get their first client as she leaves. Their call? To save a cat. Not a huge power need, so Ando climbs up and gets it. The cat scratches him and they fall, causing Hiro to freeze time and fix it so neither are hurt. But when time unfreezes, Hiro becomes frozen.

In NYC, Peter is back at his job in the ambulance. They get stuck in traffic and Peter plans to “run” there. He uses his powers to do some sweet parkour and get to the scene quickly. A car crash has left a pregnant woman trapped in her car, and Peter uses his strength to get her out. Peter’s partner finds him at the hospital later, who thinks he needs to be able to move faster, save people quicker.

Noah and Angela have figured out that Tracey is killing Building 26 workers and that they need to stop her. He still isn’t happy that Sylar is Nathan, regretting going along with the idea. He doesn’t know if he can do his job, having lost his family. He leaves to go meet Claire at school when his car floods with water and begins freezing over so he can’t get out. Someone shoots at the window and saves him; it’s Danko. He knows what Tracey is up to as well. He offers the solution to kill Tracey before she can kill them, but Noah doesn’t want to go along with it. Danko is apparently still hunting specials, even if it’s not his job anymore.

Claire meets Gretchen, another girl from Texas who recognizes Claire’s name; she heard the news about the death at Claire’s old high school.

Nathan meets Angela for lunch, but all she can see is Sylar. Luckily, she is just dreaming and wakes up as they arrive at the restaurant. When Nathan walks in, she sees only Nathan, but the words and mannerisms are all from her dream. Nathan looks at the food brought to them and can’t remember if he used to like sushi. Things like this have been happening to him apparently, a lot of changes. She tries to brush it off, but he doesn’t let it go. He plans to make all amends in his life, be a better person. He feels invincible; she tries to keep brushing it off.

Matt is with his son in LA when Angela calls. She knows what he did is breaking and wants him to fix it. But he has stopped using his powers, feeling like there’s something inside of him ever since that day. He refuses to help and goes back to his son. Back in his office, Nathan finds himself using telekinesis, something he’s never had before. When he tries again, he sparks himself with Elle’s lightning.

Noah has been chatting with Annie while waiting for Claire. She tells him about her day, being recognized by Gretchen. But she is determined to be herself no matter what. He warns her to be careful. It’s nice that they connected again. Noah meets with Tracey later, her believing him to be number five on her list. She tells him that she felt herself shatter and melt, and with one thought of revenge she came back together. He doesn’t believe she is a killer, but she believes they took the rest of her away. He tells her he can divert Danko’s interest, willing to help her be herself again. But she doesn’t accept.

We’re at the Sullivan Bros. Carnival, where a woman goes to Samuel. He puts a stick on her, and a tattoo appears. It is of Danko, and as it appears she learns about him. Edgar (Ray Park, how awesome) comes in but doesn’t want to fulfill the favor Samuel is about to ask him. Samuel wants vengence, but Edgar wants to redeem himself and not have to kill. Samuel wants Edgar to go to Danko, get the compass back, and kill Danko. Edgar refuses and Samuel injects him with the tattoo ink. A tattoo hand begins choking Edgar, but releases him as Samuel promises not to ask Edgar to do this again.

Noah calls Danko, to go ahead with his plan to help her even if she won’t agree to it. Danko is determined to kill her, but Noah offers him a start over chance. Noah is determined to get what he wants as the Haitian, who was sadly missing in the last volume, appears behind Danko.

Nathan calls Peter, desperate for Peter to call him. He needs help understanding what’s happening to him, but he won’t give details over the phone. Peter, meanwhile, has a poster board of all his heroic saves.

Tracey comes to Danko, who has no memory of her. She realizes killing him isn’t worth it if he doesn’t remember. But before she leaves she hears Edgar killing Danko. Edgar is fast and dangerous with knives. He tries to kill Tracey, but she bleeds water now and the water repairs itself. Edgar runs, but Danko is dead.

Claire tries her first college party but it doesn’t seem to be for her. She finds Gretchen and they continue to bond. Annie finds her and wants her to join in a game and is very rude to Gretchen. Claire and Gretchen play instead of Claire and Annie, and they bond more.

Hiro is still frozen, so Ando has to hide him from everyone at the company. He finally gets Hiro back, who has no idea what happened. Hiro refuses to go to a doctor, having already been to one. It isn’t good news; Hiro is dying  and he doesn’t know how long he has. Ando, knowing that Hiro can’t time travel, insists he has to go back in time to fix this illness. He knows when he’d have to go back to, but Hiro can’t. He freezes again, but comes back much quicker. He thinks he was back at the day where his hero path started, the day he received the fortune that would cause him to try and lead a hero’s life, and just like that he is gone, in the past.

Samuel sees Hiro in the tattoos. He knows that Hiro was at their carnival as a child, the same place where Hiro has traveled to. Samuel goes to Stein, who wants to stop moving around. And Samuel agrees. He asks Stein to send him back in time to find Hiro so the past can be fixed.

Claire goes back to her dorm to find that Annie has been pushed out of the window and killed. Matt is in his home having a late night snack. Nathan is in his office, confused and angry. Matt goes to his son’s room, but he is not there. Nathan goes into the bathroom and for a brief moment is Sylar again. Matt looks for his son, and finds him in Sylar’s arms. Sylar’s mind, of course. He wants to be whole again.

Matt is afraid, discovering that part of Sylar held on to him and now wants out again. Janice comes in and Matt finds it was all an illusion.

Noah receives a call from Tracey. He meets her at Danko’s apartment and finds what Edgar has done. She tells him what happened, and Noah figures out that the wounds were deliberately to the stomach. He finds that Danko swallowed a key.

Hiro is severely confused about where he is. He tries to go home but can’t. Young Hiro comes and asks him to take the picture that Hiro is holding. He has a chance to change his fate, make sure he never gets sick. But he can’t do it. He tries to go home again but cannot. Samuel finds him and introduces himself.

Claire is being questioned about Annie’s death. She finds that there was a suicide note left, one Claire didn’t find when she walked in. She knows it wasn’t there before.

Ando is waiting in Hiro’s office when Hiro’s sister comes in looking for her brother. Ando tries to be cool, but can’t. Ando tries telling her the truth about where Hiro is, but she doesn’t believe him. Hiro, meanwhile, is talking with Samuel about their gifts. Hiro tells Samuel how he cannot interfere in the past, but Samuel pushes his buttons, tries to convince him to change something small. He tells Hiro he has a rare gift to right wrongs in his life. He considers changing his sister’s relationship with Ando, but can’t bring himself to do it. Samuel literally pushes him into it, and once he does he returns home to find that Ando and his sister’s relationship has changed drastically; they’re in love now.

Matt has a new job as a California detective and is preparing for it. Janice is worried that he hasn’t been sleeping properly. He tells her it’s due to his job and not being able to use his powers at work anymore.

Noah comes to Peter’s apartment to check in. Peter hasn’t only disconnected with Nathan, he’s disconnected from his mother as well. His agility and super strength are thanks to Mohinder, who hasn’t shown up. Noah tells him about Danko and shows him the key. It opens a safe deposit box, and Noah needs a partner to ensure that Edgar doesn’t get to him. Peter agrees, eager to absorb Edgar’s power. At the bank, Noah tries to help Peter; he wants him to put his life back in order. Make connections again. Don’t live for the job. The box comes in, still no Edgar. They find a compass that appears broken. And that’s when Edgar shows up. Peter uses Mohinder’s powers to try and stop Edgar, gaining his power at the same time. We get a sweet fight scene, beautiful. Edgar runs away and they try to figure out the compass. When Peter takes it, it suddenly works.

Claire brings her mom on campus and introduces her to Gretchen, who is trying to figure out what happened with Annie. Gretchen believes Annie was murdered and wants her and Claire to prove it. Gretchen gets a ton of forensic books, determined to prove Annie’s murder. She has a plan to get a dummy the size of Annie in order to figure out what happened to her.

Where Matt is really is a recovery meeting. He talks about his powers as if it’s a drug, and as he chats Sylar appears, demanding his body back once again. He loses it in front of the group as Sylar taunts over and over. Later, Matt is interviewing a suspect when Sylar shows up again. Sylar is convinced that he can make Matt use his powers, saying anything he can to goad Matt. Matt ends up getting the information by throwing a chair at Sylar. Back at home, Matt uses his powers again, much to Sylar’s joy.

Hiro is proud of himself and tells Ando about how he changed the past to help them be together. He feels a new mission, to go back in time and fix wrongs he committed in his life. Ando thinks it’s a bad idea, but Hiro is determined.

Peter is enjoying his new power. He hears a call and runs, finding Noah dying just like Danko died. Edgar got the compass. Peter gets Noah to the hospital, where Tracey comes to visit. He tells her about his day, and she decides that instead of stopping him they should figure out a way to help him. She finds a bag of food that Peter secretly left, and they decide to share.

Claire realizes at night that she and Gretchen don’t need a dummy for their test. She does them herself, knowing she’ll be fine afterwards. She determines that it was a suicide after all, and as she heals Gretchen is watching.

Samuel has his compass once again. Edgar tells him about Peter and has learned about Hiro. Samuel gets his ink and goes to Lydia once more. She finds Claire, Peter, and Sylar. And chapter one is over.

Chapter two, “Ink”, begins with Claire trying to avoid Gretchen. She knows she made a mistake the other night and doesn’t want to talk about it. Matt is regretting using his power again, afraid of Sylar always over his shoulder. Peter is still living his lonely life. And at the carnival, Samuel is ready to go out and find someone to fill Joseph’s place. Turns out Samuel can control the Earth, so the ink he controls must have some part of the Earth in it. He puts a batch of ink in himself and prepares to go out.

Peter is awake before his alarm. Someone knocks on his door to deliver a summons. A new character is woken up by her alarm. She dresses for the day and grabs her keys and headphones. She notices water dripping from her sink, and as she watches it gives off a color. She smiles at the beauty. She works in the same hospital as Peter, who comes to her to get information on the person who summoned him. Peter tries to talk to her but she doesn’t respond. He realizes her headphones aren’t attached to anything. A mug shatters and she sees a red light around it. Peter asks if she is ok, but she sends him off to his summoner. And it’s Samuel.

Matt and his partner or boss are on a stakeout, Matt constantly fearing Sylar’s appearance. He tells his partner that he used once more. Sylar finally does appear and continues taunting. Matt wants him gone but the only way is to give him his body back. Matt thinks he’ll be able to contain him in his mind, but Sylar isn’t so sure. They raid the house, and Sylar actually proves helpful on it, saving Matt’s life and getting his bad guy. Matt continues to refuse to use his powers, no matter how much Sylar eggs him to. Sylar tries to help again, but Matt doesn’t want to listen. But again he proves helpful, figuring out that their drug dealer isn’t just a drug dealer.

Noah comes to see Claire, and they’re basically back to their old selves. Noah has heard about the suicide and wants to make sure she’s ok. She doesn’t tell him about Gretchen seeing her powers. She leaves him in her room so she can get ready to go out with him when Gretchen confronts her. Claire tries to get her to drop the subject of her powers but it back fires as Gretchen introduces herself to Noah, who invites her to lunch with them.

Peter knows that Samuel isn’t the man he saved, remembering every face he’s saved. Samuel tells Peter about Joseph, vaguely. Peter doesn’t listen and leaves Samuel. The new woman, Emma, is having her eyes checked. She is deaf. The doctor believes she has synesthesia, a condition where senses cross and work together differently (like one of my favorite characters in one of my favorite shows ever). She leaves, unsure of the diagnosis.

At lunch, Gretchen says a little too much about what she’s seen, trying to be vague. But Noah and Claire know something she doesn’t know. And Noah vaguely threatens Gretchen while giving Claire a dirty look. Gretchen leaves to go to the bathroom and Claire and Noah have a chat. Noah wants to contact the Haitian to erase her memory. Claire disagrees, wanting to be able to handle it on her own.

Matt doesn’t know what to do with the new information, Sylar projecting his thoughts. Sylar has decided to stop being helpful, instead going back to the taunting. Matt finds evidence that the drug dealer made a ransom note that was never sent. Matt confronts the man, who apparently knows nothing. Sylar gets Matt to use his power to save the little girl’s life. But she looks near death, in fact she is dead. Matt attacks the man when his partner comes back and finds no girl. Matt realizes what Sylar has been doing, using his own power against him.

Peter’s partner tells him that people think Peter is causing the accidents to get glory. Peter tries to reassure him that’s not true, but he doesn’t believe it. Samuel, meanwhile, breaks into Peter’s apartment and inks himself into the accident he pretended to be part of. Peter comes home and finds the altered article, doubting himself.

Gretchen apologizes for pushing Claire, and reveals her own secret to Claire. Claire wants to trust Gretchen, but her past is stopping her. But she needs to let the secrets out and offers to tell her the truth.

Peter finds and confronts Samuel, thinking he made that mistake. He wants to make it right, tells Samuel about working hospice. Samuel tells Peter that he can’t find solace anywhere, no matter where he turns. Peter is empathetic, and Samuel has found who he’s looking for. Also in the park is Emma. She watches a cellist play, sees the colors coming from it. He leaves, leaving his instrument behind. She goes to it and strums, seeing blue this time. She begins to play and she emanates different colors with every chord. The cellist comes back with a coffee and watches her. A crowd gathers around her, and it includes Peter. He smiles at her as she finishes and runs off.

Samuel has gone home, somewhere he dreaded going. He goes inside to find a party occurring. He explains that his parents used to work at the house, and with his brother passing he hopes to take one last look around the carriage house they lived in. The woman turns him away.

Claire has explained everything to Gretchen, who accepts it and even wants to see it. Claire agrees, even letting Gretchen cause the injury. Her phone rings; it’s Noah, checking on her. She tells him that she told Gretchen everything, and he apologizes for the afternoon. He only wants to protect her, always at the ready when she needs him. Claire goes back and suggests that she and Gretchen become roommates.

Matt is in a s*** load of trouble thanks to Sylar. His career is basically over, and he can’t stop himself from using his powers to save his own skin. Sylar is happy for Matt, and tells him that every day can be like that one or they can locate his body.

Peter and his partner arrive at a new accident scene; a sinkhole opened up under the house Samuel had been at. He’s still there as Peter discovers a compass tattoo that shouldn’t be there. Thanks Samuel. Chapter 2 ends with Samuel’s creepy smile.


Chapter 3, “Acceptance”, opens with Tracey emerging from a bath. Literally, she was the water. It seems she has her life back just like she wanted. She returns to her former boss. Hiro and his sister have a heart to heart, telling him she and Ando are getting married. He’s thrilled, especially after she asks him to give her away. Ando is less thrilled, fearing Hiro will be dead before the wedding. Hiro goes back to his mission of righting his past wrongs. They receive a call on the Dial A Hero line of a man who is about to jump off of a building. He is on top of Hiro’s office building and tells Hiro why he plans to jump. He was fired from his job for inappropriate behaivor. He spent the next month constantly pretending to going to work so as not to shame his family. Hiro offers to go back in time to undo the reason he was fired. The man jumps, and Hiro disappears.

Angela comes to visit Nathan with a box of things to send Nathan down memory lane. Literally. She is going to have him touch each object so he can absorb it’s memories and be more Nathan than he has been. He gets all of the memories, feeling like they just happened. One object gives him a particularly horrible memory of a dead girl in a pool.

Tracey gets her old job back, to her great delight. But the more her boss talks, the less enthused she s.

Noah is visited by Peter, who wants to know about the compass tattoo. But it’s disappeared. He tells Noah about it, but Noah doesn’t completely believe him. He tells Peter he’s retired from work and as Peter leaves Claire appears.

Hiro appears to Ando at the same moment as this morning when she asked him to give her away. Hiro has stopped Tadashi from his inappropriate behavior and wants to check on him. The phone rings and it’s Tadashi again. Hiro again goes to check on him, thinking he fixed everything. It’s the same reason, just a different party. He jumps once again and Hiro again goes back in time.

Nathan finds Peter at work, needing to talk to his brother. They find a quiet room where Nathan shows Peter his telekinesis. He’s been getting a new power every day, and he’s getting memories from everything he touches. Nathan tells Peter about the dead girl, someone everyone believed ran away. Peter urges Nathan to find the truth, offers to help. Nathan wants to do it alone. Nathan goes to the house from the vision and talks to the girl’s mother, who puts on a tough front. Her mother still believes she ran away, and Nathan asks if she ever wondered if she didn’t run away. She reveals that she was suspicious of Nathan, but proved that he was in the clear. Nathan still doesn’t buy it all, knowing something else happened. He wanders over to the pool and touches a statue there. And he sees the beginning of the truth. They had been drinking when she started teasing him. A bench reveals the rest. They both slipped, and Kelly, the girl, fell and hit her head, dying instantly.

Claire is worried about her father, thinking he has no plan for his future. She urges him to get a job, even looking in the ads for him. But he resists. She keeps at it, practicing interviews with him until he is a perfect hire. He feels that his life hasn’t amounted to much. She sees him spending his life trying to help people, but all he sees is pain that he caused. She reassures him that that isn’t true, and they continue the job search.

Nathan confronts his mother about the new memories, wanting to know what happened. Angela says she took care of it with the help of the Haitian. Nathan isn’t ok with her decisions. He goes back to Kelly’s mother and tells her the truth of what happened to her daughter. She doesn’t believe him, making him leave.

Hiro once again returns to the moment before Tadashi called. He is tired as he tells Ando what he’s been up to. Tadashi calls once again, and Hiro again goes to him. None of his plans to help seem to be working; Tadashi keeps making the same mistake. And Hiro is ready to accept his fate and tells Tadashi to do the same and find something he loves. Hiro is ready to accept that he can’t run from telling his sister the truth, and he talks Tadashi down, finally stopping him from jumping. Hiro goes back in and tells Kimiko the truth about what’s happening to him and his powers. Ando watches as they hug and sees Hiro freeze. He disappears from the office.

Tracey finds Noah and checks on him. She lets him know that her life is back to normal, but she still feels like there’s something missing. He thinks that maybe what’s missing is something telling her that her old life isn’t who she is anymore. She leaves, running late for dinner. When she arrives, she tells her boss that she wants her job to be more than it was before. She wants to help people, make a difference in people’s lives. He doesn’t listen, wanting things to be like old times. She goes into the bathroom and sees herself breaking apart. She fixes herself after a small panic and returns to the table. She quits her job, ready for something better.

Edgar and Lydia talk. He thinks Samuel is making a mistake, that his revenge will bring the rest of them down. Samuel hears this and establishes himself being in control. Edgar is not happy about it. Samuel questions Lydia about being dissatisfied with their life before finding a new face. He knows this one; Noah Bennet. Samuel knows he’s retired, but Lydia thinks he changed his mind. And he has. He’s looking into the compass and what it could be.

Nathan decides to call the police to turn himself in, but thinks better of it. He is attacked by someone, stabbed in the neck. He is taken to the woods and put into a grave. The man shoots him before burying him. He was apparently hired by Kelly’s mother, who is being nice and peaceful with Angela. The man leaves Nathan in the woods. But the body isn’t dead. Sylar emerges from the grave. And chapter 3 is over.

This was way longer than I thought it would be. I didn’t realize chapter one was two episodes combined into one. But, we’re three chapters in. Only fifteen to go until we reach the end.











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