Batgirl Issue 42

Being that 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything, I was looking forward to this issue kicking a whole lot of butt. It did, and a lot happened that I didn’t expect to see. Issue 41 left off with Batman telling Batgirl that she’s under arrest (after her father having told her that he is Batman now), and that’s right where 42 picks up.


Batman shuts down the suit for just over a minute to tell Batgirl to skedaddle, and possibly hang up the cape for awhile. He knows that the Batfamily had a lot to do with Gotham not exploding and sinking into the sea, so it’s great to see him respect that. It’s a little funny though, after Gordon freaked at Batgirl in Simone’s part of the series; he refused to look at her because heroes were an irritation to him. I just think it’s interesting that Simone’s and Fletcher’s Batgirls are the same series, so it’s the same time. Within a year, Gordon has changed his mind and that’s fantastic.

Later, Batgirl shows up to Qadir’s office to find him moving; he’s been headhunted by Lucius Fox to work at Fox Technologies (the place Batman got a lot of his special gadgets). It’s really great to see Batgirl becoming more and more like Batman, without losing her fun spirit. Nadir gives her something that should help her stop Livewire. She heads home, and predicts her next spot, then heads out.

Batgirl and Batman work together to take down Livewire, with Batgirl in command. She tells Batman what to do, and where to do it. I really love this series because Barbara is really finding herself, and kicking butt while she’s at it.


The next morning, Barbara wakes up to see Alysia in her living room, with the news that she’s engaged! It’s so cute and exciting; a little reminder that Babs isn’t just a girl in a cape. This series is just so fun, I can’t handle it. Barbara is so sassy and fun, and it’s very clear that she loves being Batgirl. It’s exciting to see her succeeding so much in what she loves.











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