Heroes Reborn: Hysterical Blindness, Tabula Rasa, and Strange Attraction

There’s less than 3 weeks until Heroes Reborn premieres. There’s 15 episodes left in the original series. It is time to continue with chapters 4, 5, and 6.

Chapter 4, “Hysterical Blindness”, begins with Sylar digging himself out of Nathan’s grave. He wanders the streets until the police find him.

At the carnival, preparations are being made for a family breakfast. Samuel tells his family about those he has found and his hope to bring them into the family. By the end of the day, one of them will join them.

Claire is loving her normal life. A girl comes over to offer her to join her mom’s old sorority. She wants to but Gretchen isn’t into it. Claire talks her into it. They end up talking to a lot of people where Claire has to lie about a lot of her life. And Gretchen discusses Claire more than herself. Back at their dorm room, Claire discovers that Gretchen is doing her homework on Claire. And maybe more.

The police officer and a doctor (both amazing actors) are discussing Sylar. They don’t know who he is, and neither does he. They go to talk to him, and this is a brand new Sylar. He is afraid, alone, unsure, on the verge of crying in fear. He has no memory and doesn’t know what to do. She (the doctor) offers to help him. As she helps, he is like a child experiencing everything for the very first time. She decides to try a memory exercise, and he hears the clock moving, knowing that it and her watch are off. Later, the officer figures out who Gabriel is and knows he killed his mother, ready to arrest him. He uses his powers is self defense and escapes. He finds the doctor, frightened of himself and needing help.

Emma is in her job again. The her doctor comes in and says she has a new theory of “hysterical blindness”. And Emma is her daughter. Peter, meanwhile, is reconnecting with his mother. He called Nathan with no answer. Peter and Emma are both trying to figure out their lives with their families. Angela is worried about Nathan though, not listening. Emma blames herself for someone’s death, and her mother wants her back in the world. Peter and Emma cross paths again as Peter saves her life. But because he touched her, he lost his speed and picked up her power to see sounds as light. He looks for her at work, and finds her watching a child’s choir concert. She realizes he can see the colors too. He discovers she doesn’t know it is an ability and explains it to her.

At a party, Claire has a near death experience and Gretchen is the only suspect. They argue at their dorm, Gretchen trying to show her innocence. Turns out Gretchen has a crush on Claire and didn’t know how to tell her. They are both accepted into the sorority.

Samuel’s new family member hasn’t shown up, and his ink isn’t showing anything on Lydia. His niece shows up; it’s the leader of the sorority Claire and Gretchen just joined. She can turn invisible and is behind pretty much everything that’s been happening between Claire and Gretchen. Including Annie’s death. Lydia gets a reading on the new family member, and Samuel is ready to move the carnival.

Gabriel is in the doctor’s car, not believing he’s Gabriel. He knows he can’t be a killer, his memories don’t fit, his own name doesn’t sound right to him. The police catch up to them and Gabriel tries to turn himself in. Elle’s power kicks in, though, and he is shot but unharmed. He becomes even more frightened and runs away.

Emma returns home to find a cello waiting for her. She is wary but delighted. Peter returns home and Hiro comes to him, collapsing after teleporting. Emma plays but grows frustrated. And it turns out when frustrated her powers can be destructive. Gabriel is running until he finds Samuel and the carnival waiting for him. Having no other option he goes in, and the carnival disappears. Samuel reassures him that he will be safe in his home. And Gabriel is once again child-like. And chapter 4 is over.

Let’s once again talk Zachary Quinto. If I haven’t sung his praises enough, he just proves that everything I’ve said about his amazing acting is right with this episode. He was completely innocent the entire time, when throughout the rest of the series he has been frightening and dark and crazy. His acting abilities are gorgeous.

Chapter 5, “Tabula Rasa”, opens with Gabriel in the carnival. With Nathan’s empty office. With Peter taking Hiro to the hospital. With a frightened Emma. With Noah researching. All as Samuel narrates (BECAUSE WHERE THE HELL IS MOHINDER). Hiro wakes up in the hospital. Peter hasn’t left his side. Hiro knows his brain tumor is killing him, but he keeps his Hiro demeanor. Peter offers to help him with anything he needs as he dies, but Hiro has a different theory, thinking he is there to help Peter fix his life. Peter grabs Hiro’s ability and finds Emma. He goes to talk to her; he didn’t send her the cello. She tries to tell him about the destructive part of her ability, but he has to go get Hiro some help. Peter sends Emma to talk to Hiro while he goes to find Hiro’s cure. Lydia and Samuel are watching Gabriel, who is not the Sylar they expected. She theorizes that he has two sides at war in himself. Samuel talks to him and calls him Sylar, but he rejects this name like he did Gabriel. Samuel thinks he is there to heal and tells Gabriel to walk around. He asks what he wants to be called, and Gabriel answers Nathan.

Samuel mentions his powers, and Nathan/Gabriel becomes frightened. Samuel tells those he works with to show off their powers to show Nathan/Gabriel that he doesn’t need to feel alone. He introduces Lydia, and as they shake hands Nathan/Gabriel remembers being a politician. Samuel watches Nathan/Gabriel and wants Edgar to invite the police from before to jump start Sylar. Cause apparently Samuel wants a crazy killer. Edgar doesn’t completely listen, keeping a close eye on Lydia and Nathan/Gabriel. Edgar approaches and tries to talk Sylar out of Nathan/Gabriel, but of course that isn’t going to work. He tries to tempt with powers, but because Sylar isn’t inside there isn’t that hunger that would normally come. They have a power off which ends with Nathan/Gabriel putting Edgar in dirt. Samuel takes Nathan/Gabriel to meet more people, and as planes pass over head he shifts slightly to Nathan but returns to Gabriel. Samuel sends him to Damien, who can make his true memories return. They enter the house of mirrors. Damien reaches for Nathan/Gabriel’s head. The clock ticks faintly in the background for a brief moment. Damien leaves Nathan/Gabriel alone to find himself. And who shows up but Gabriel’s mother. He remembers the fight, remembers killing her. And he becomes frightened, not wanting to be a killer.

Claire arrives at Noah’s for a family check in and laundry. Peter arrives, having teleported in. Peter wants Noah to help him find a healer to help Hiro, and Noah knows just the person. A child named Jeremy Greer. Peter and Noah teleport to him. The house they arrive at is filled with death, however. They enter and find Jeremy’s parents dead. It seems he has evolved passed simply healing into one who can control all life. Jeremy is shooting at them as a warning. Noah begins talking to him, trying to make peace, as Peter finds another way to get to him. Jeremy is frightened; everything he touches ends up dying. Noah asks when it all started, what happened to start the death. Noah believes in him, knowing he is a healer. But Jeremy is afraid that he has lost that healing side of himself. Peter poofs in a freezes time as Jeremy shoots. He shoots Peter through the heart. Noah tells Jeremy he can heal Peter, but Jeremy is afraid. Noah believes in him, says “My power is understanding people like who”, which is a beautiful statement I love these writers. Noah grabs Jeremy’s shoulders and shows that he doesn’t always kill. Jeremy hesitantly touches Peter, and he is healed completely.

Emma goes to Hiro, who is precious and adorable as ever. She wants to ask him about her abilities, mostly to stop them. Hiro believes he has come to help save Emma, but she isn’t interested in keeping the power. Emma leaves, but Hiro tracks her down to keep talking to her. She tells him about her ability, and is convinced that she needs it to stop. Hiro leaves a flyer for Emma; he’ll be entertaining children as a magician. He calls her up to be an assistant, to make her disappear. He freezes time all around them, which freezes the colors that she sees. He has proven his power to her and shown her the beauty in hers. He knows she can use her powers for good.

Samuel greets the police officer and his family. Nathan/Gabriel sees all of his killings and wants it all to stop. He is afraid of himself, afraid of who he was. He runs out of the house of mirrors and gets sick. Samuel finds him sitting alone and afraid. Seeing the murders didn’t unlock Sylar like Samuel planned. He is simply disgusted that the truth of his memories show him to be a monster. Samuel tells him he needs to figure out where to go from here, to wallow or to embrace himself and his powers. Samuel tells him that the police officer is at the carnival and he needs to decide what to do about it. He goes to look for the officer and his family, a bit of Sylar showing itself for a brief moment. He finds the officer, but won’t harm him. He tells him to leave, wanting to save his life. But his powers take control; Elle’s lightning strikes. The clock ticks again, but Nathan/Gabriel will not become a killer as the clock is abruptly cut off. He goes to leave, but Edgar rushes in a kills the officer. That night, Nathan/Gabriel is inducted as a member of the family. Samuel and Edgar discuss a plan to make a better Sylar from what is left of the old one.

Emma knows that Hiro’s power isn’t helping his tumor, and wants to know how he can keep using it as it kills him. And Hiro remembers Charlie. She makes him promise not to leave until Peter returns. Peter has just gained Jeremy’s ability. Noah sends him on his way, himself staying to help Jeremy. He has fixed it so that Jeremy won’t be implicated in the deaths of his parents. He will stay until  he knows Jeremy is ok. Hiro watches Emma play the piano and love her power, and as they return to bed he vanishes. Peter returns to find Hiro’s disappearance. Peter discovers that Hiro’s powers have taken him to Charlie three years in the past. And chapter 5 is over.

Chapter 6, “Strange Attraction”. We begin in LA, where the Matt Sylar battle is ongoing. Matt and Janice are enjoying an adult night, when suddenly Matt isn’t Matt. Matt wakes up and realizes what has happened, and isn’t thrilled by Sylar’s actions.

Noah’s plan hasn’t worked out; Jeremy has been arrested. But Noah hasn’t left, still planning to see Jeremy through to happiness. The sheriff is suspicious of Jeremy, who has apparently caused trouble before. Noah calls someone looking for help. The next day Tracey rolls into town and meets with Noah. He tells her what is happening, and she promises to help, acting as the next of kin to get him out. She goes in to talk with him and finds that he is losing hope. Tracey connects with him; she discovered her ability by killing. She shows him what she is now and promises to get him out. The sheriff, however, still isn’t letting him out. Tracey calls a friend to get legal help when she meets Samuel. He shows her the carnival as an option for Jeremy, and for her. Tracey is suspicious of it all, but listens to Samuel. He takes her back, but gives her a compass so she can get back when she’s ready. Nathan/Gabriel sees Tracey and knows her from when Nathan saved her and helped her.

Claire and Gretchen are both awake and talk about the crush. Claire is afraid of losing her newfound ordinary life, and doesn’t want to lose Gretchen. People in masks come in and grab them and Claire goes into attack mode. It’s the sorority sisters coming for some sorority thing. As they go wherever they’re going, the girls keep talking. Claire isn’t sure of she feels the same way for Gretchen. They arrive at Hell Week mission one. Find a treasure and sit out of Hell Week. They’re in a slaughterhouse looking for the clue, which Gretchen finds. Claire solves the clue and they get water bottles to help them. Claire and Gretchen continue on and are followed by Samuel’s niece. They talk about their love lives and bond more. As they talk, Claire realizes that they are being followed. Claire saves Gretchen’s life.

Matt is arguing with Sylar, who’s being a dick. He threatens Matt’s family; brilliant. Janice sees Matt packing a bag. He has to leave to protect his family, telling her about someone else being able to control his body. She takes it the wrong way, fighting with him. He tells her about what he did to Sylar as Sylar stands by and makes his comments. She believes he needs to stay, offering to take baby Matt out so he can stay home and work through everything. Matt calls Mohinder (FINALLY) and leaves him a message (DAMN IT WHERE ARE YOU). He and Sylar are alone together, and Matt discovers that as he drinks Sylar gets affected by it and cannot be in control of Matt’s body. Matt drinks and drinks, making them both drunk. Sylar begins to fade away and passes out, disappearing completely. Janice runs in with Matt’s partner before he passes out.

Tracey goes back to Noah, who has finally gotten Jeremy released. Noah has arranged a new life for Jeremy, one where he lives down the hall from Noah and learns to control his ability with Tracey’s help. They’re leaving the police station through an angry mob. Jeremy uses his powers against one who attacks him and allows himself to be taken back into police custody. Some of the sheriff’s men have gone rogue and kill Jeremy. Noah and Tracey are leaving town when they find Jeremy’s body. Tracey blames herself and Noah and doesn’t want to hear from him again.

Gretchen isn’t believing that she and Claire are in danger. Claire knows that another special is with them and convinces Gretchen that she is the ultimate target. Claire and Gretchen find the other team and she wants them all to stick together, which they agree to. Something has frightened them. The sticking together doesn’t last long though, and as Claire and Gretchen go off together and find the winning prize, a strap comes and strangles Gretchen. Claire is kicked away, but she hits the invisible girl to save Gretchen. She stabs Claire with something and when Claire fights back they find out her identity. Claire’s powers, and Becky’s (Samuel’s niece), are revealed to the other girls.

Matt wakes up and sees Janice and his partner. He believes his plan has worked. Janice hugs her husband before he leaves to shower. As he leaves, we see it isn’t completely Matt. Sylar has trapped Matt in his own mind. Janice sees “Matt” talking to nothing and knows something is wrong.

Samuel arrives at the police station that had held Jeremy. He uses his power to bring it to the ground. And chapter 6 is over.

So, next time, with chapter 7, prepare for emotions. It’s called “Once Upon a Time in Texas” and it involves Hiro and Charlie. So yeah…emotions. Also possibly prepare for more Zachary Quinto love because he is rocking the acting this season. Between being Sylar and being innocent child Nathan/Gabriel…he’s amazing.
















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