Supergirl Premiere

Fangirls, I am such a fan of the TV shows Arrow and The Flash, that when I heard the creator was making Supergirl I was insanely excited for so many reasons. And now, after watching the premiere, I am not disappointed.


Supergirl tells the story of Superman’s cousin Kara, sent to Earth as a teenager. She was meant to protect her much younger cousin but after getting caught in a place where time means nothing she comes to Earth still as a teenager, and finds her little cousin all grown up and a hero to the humans. He takes her to a family he knows will protect her (fun note: her new father is played by a former Superman, Dean Cain) and she grows up trying to hide her powers. As an adult, she’s trying to blend in; she’s an assistant to a news editor, played by Calista Flockheart. One of her co-workers, played by Jeremy Jordan, totally has a crush on her and is a nerd. Basically perfect adorable sidekick material. Plus there’s a new guy in the office, Jimmy Olsen, who personally knows Superman…and also thinks Kara is cute. Because she is.

Anyways, Kara finally reveals herself when she has to save her sister from a plane crash. As the episode goes on, she becomes Supergirl, tells Jeremy Jordan’s character who she is, gets a super suit, and accepts her new role as a new superhero to the world. That’s the most basic summary I can give, to get all the details watch the episode.

So, let’s talk about what the real impact of Supergirl is. As far as I know, previously in the world of superheroes, the only solo female anything was Elektra and it flopped. Now, in November, Marvel and Netflix will roll out Jessica Jones, which I absolutely cannot wait for. But Supergirl was first, and they have done well so far. There was one scene in particular where Kara confronts her boss, who gave her the name Supergirl, and asks why not something like Superwoman? Her boss asks what’s wrong with that and says something like, “Look at me. I’m a girl, I’m a high up in the news business, I’m a CEO, I’m a very powerful girl. What’s wrong with the term girl?” And I kinda agree; why should the word girl mean something weaker than the word woman? They’re synonyms, there’s nothing wrong with either word.

Another scene was when Supergirl is fighting the villain of the episode and she uses his assumption of her being weaker because she’s a girl to her advantage to stop him. And it worked this time. And now the group of villains coming for her know that she isn’t the weakling they would think, and they really can’t – or should I say shouldn’t – use that ploy again. In defeating the villain, she showed her strength and powers and they all know it. So I’m thinking that’s the only time we’ll see that ploy used.

There was a small, quick scene that should get an honorable mention. When we first see the main villain of the episode, he’s in a diner watching a news story about Supergirl. A waitress sees what’s on the news and says something along the lines of, “Isn’t that great? Finally a superhero for my (I don’t remember if it was daughter or niece) to look up to.” And isn’t that what we’ve all been saying?

I really enjoyed the premiere of Supergirl. Like I said, as a fan of the other shows I had high hopes, and they were not disappointed. Of course it followed typical premiere line but how the opening was done gives me more hope for the series overall.














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