Jem Recapathon Issues 4 and 5!

Welcome to the latest installment of the Jem Recapathon!

issue 4 cover

We join our story already in progress as the Holograms- minus Kimber- are unloading their gear for their first big live show at the Starlight Foundation’s annual fundraiser. The girls grumble about all the heavy lifting and Jerrica isn’t happy that Kimber has disappeared on them just in time for the hard work portion of the day.

Kimber, though, has a very good excuse to be AWOL, as she’s managed to meet up with Stormer in a book store coffee shop. She apologizes in person for scramming when the Misfits showed up, and Stormer lets her know its ok. But. Kimber instantly knows this ‘but’ is bad news, and her worst fears are confirmed when Stormer tells her they can’t see each other anymore. The Misfits were so mad at her, she’s worried they’ll kick her out of the band, and she lives for her music. It’s about eight million miles of sad, and Kimber looks just heartbroken by it. Who can really blame her?

issue 3- stormer's outfit

Also, look at this outfit. Whoever is in charge of fan merch needs to make this Misfit t-shirt dress thingy that Stormer is wearing! I would buy one of these in a heartbeat and wear it to death. I may just have to make one for myself if there isn’t an officially IDW licensed line of Jem/Misfit products in the near future. Crafty AND nerdy, my friends! A fan’s gotta do what a fan’s gotta do, and that’s just all there is to it!

Kimber decides to throw caution to the wind and go after the girl of her dreams, and it’s like the ending to every rom-com ever only so much better because this is Kimber and freakin’ Stormer! I mean, it’s too cute!

kimber stormer kiss

Meanwhile, the other Misfits are gearing up for their own big performance, and they are also super annoyed that a member of their band isn’t there yet. This might be the single most precious image of Pizzazz ever. I love this. She looks so sad and alone for a split second, and then RAWR she’s back to scary angry Pizzazz. Love it!

sad pizzazz

Across town at the Starlight fundraiser Clash meets up with her friend Blaze for the catering gig. Blaze is none too happy to see that Clash didn’t show up dressed and ready to work, plus there’s that lackadaisical attitude of hers coupled with the fact that Clash has gotten her fired from her last two jobs. Some friend! But Blaze is willing to help her out anyway. I like this character already. She knows Clash is trouble, but still goes out of her way to help her and give her another chance. That’s a real friend, right there.

clash and blaze

Inside the venue as the Holograms set up, Rio shows up early and offers to get the Holograms coffees, thus endearing himself to all of them, and most especially Jerrica. I have to say, I never cared for Rio much in the cartoon, but so far I’m enjoying the way the character is being written for the book. I like that he’s a journalist now. It gives Jerrica a legitimate reason not to tell him that she’s really Jem, which is something the cartoon always seemed to be lacking. In the cartoon Rio was always kind of the long-suffering guy that Jerrica dragged around like a regular Mr. Fix-It. He was forthright and a little uptight, and he was always there to lend the Holograms a hand or rescue them from falling off a cliff. In the cartoon Jerrica and Rio had been dating for a while before the Holograms started the band, and he’d been a friend of the family even before that. It never made any sense in the cartoon that she wouldn’t tell him she’s really Jem considering their very long history. I mean, she clearly trusted him with every other aspect of her life in the cartoon, but why not her Jem secret? The comic gives Jerrica and us readers a feasible reason why she wouldn’t clue him in from the get go, and it’s a change I really appreciate.

When he finally comes back with the coffee, Jerrica has already changed into Jem. Rio calls out to Jerrica in an attempt to find her, and she answers back, totally forgetting she’s Jem now. I loved this scene, it shows how new and unfamiliar this whole new identity still is to her- something Jerrica didn’t really have to wrestle with much in the show. Rio, however, has no idea what’s going on and is taken aback that Jem would swipe the coffee he just bought for the girl he’s courting. Jem instantly realizes her mistake, and feels terrible.

jem and rio

Both the Holograms and the Misfits finally perform. I truly enjoy the contrasting color schemes that Sophie Campbell has chosen for each band. When the Misfits perform everything is dark, accented by lots of purple and neon green- dark and edgy. Hologram performances are primarily bubblegum pink with splashes of blue- vibrant and light. It speaks volumes to the differences in their respective styles of music. As Jem sings, we get a peek at Clash in the rafters above the Holograms, bolt cutters in hand.

Which brings us to issue 5!

issue 5 cover

Scaffolding crashes to the ground thanks to Clash’s wicked little plan! Aja dives, shoving Jem out of the way of getting hit, but gets squished in the process. Everyone is freaked out, the show is off, and poor Aja is carted off to the hospital in the back of an ambulance.


Rio wants to know where Jem disappeared in all the commotion, and Jerrica askes Synergy to project a hologram of her leaving in a cab. That, coupled with the coffee incident, leaves Rio convinced Jem is a big jerk. Meanwhile, Blaze tries to reach Clash on the phone, demanding to know if she was behind the incident.

The next day Pizzazz wakes up, only to find Jem and the Holograms splashed all over the newspaper due to their harrowing ordeal. She’s furious that they’re getting so much publicity. Stormer looks worried that the Holograms (or one Hologram in particular) may have been hurt, while Pizzazz promises severe bodily harm the genius who orchestrated the little accident. Clash does the smart thing and keeps her mouth shut!

skull onesie

Rio sneaks into the hospital bearing caffeine reinforcements, only to find that Aja is the only one awake. The other Holograms are all asleep at the end of her bed, having fallen asleep while keeping watch over their injured friend. It’s super cute!

Aja is released from the hospital and we’re treated to a visual montage complete with music. This might be my favorite part of this whole issue. It’s really fun to get a glimpse into what each of the characters was up to, and it gives us a little insight into each of their personalities along the way. Also, check out this Bella Morte cameo! I thought this was great, as Bella Morte showed up in several other Sophie Campbell books, like Wet Moon and the Abandoned.

bella morte

Much later on, the Holograms have written an awesome new song for the contest and head over to the venue to get ready for the show. They discover one trailer has been given for all the bands to get changed in, and that is just not going to work for Jerrica! Kimber runs off to get something to eat and runs into Stormer, who’s so adorable it renders Kimberly nearly speechless.

Elsewhere at the fairground, Aja shot enough toy sharks to earn herself a giant My Little Pony plush, and then runs into a cute guy with lots of tattoos, blue hair, and a magenta shirt that matches Stormer’s ‘classic’ outfit. We aren’t given a name of this new guy, but if the cartoon is anything to go by, then this has to be Craig Phillips, Stormer’s older brother! It fits, in the comic he’s not only got the matching hair color, and he was also Aja’s love interest. I’ll hold off squee-ing about this (and the possible plot ramifications)until we have confirmation it is indeed Craig. (But it’s gotta be Craig!)


Jerrica and Rio get into their first real fight, over Jem of all things! Rio thinks Jem is leaving Jerrica to take care of all the work and not carrying her own weight in the band. Jerrica, of course, tries to defend her, but without being able to tell Rio her big secret it sounds flimsy.

Jerrica finds the other Holograms and they all run into the Misfits. Attempts at pleasant introductions are thrown to the wind when Kimber spots Clash bringing the Misfits coffee. She puts two and two together and instantly blames the Misfits for orchestrating the scaffolding collapse. Tempers flare and pie flies! A massive food fight erupts between the two rival bands. It’s war! (And, anyone who saw the cartoon knows that the Misfits love a food fight!)

food fight

How will this all effect the big battle of the bands? Will they ever get those pie stains out of that fabric? Does Pizzazz spontaneously combust and immolate everyone in the process?! All these burning questions and more will be answered in the next installment of the Jem Recapathon!










All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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