Fangirl Wishlist: Emily

Its that time of year again, Fangirls! Last year we had different ladies and gents from all over the internet write up a short wishlist of the rad and nerdy things they wanted for the holidays! And now, we’re bringing it back. Mine this year is going to feature both things that I already have (but recommend to every Fangirl), and things that I desperately want in my life. I know it’s early to start on this, but my birthday is in November (so it’s two fold for me), but we also want to give you time to order things online!


Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy ($7.25 – 11.23)
Friends of the Fangirl, this is a must have for every single one of your lady geek friends. It covers everything from Conventions to Comics, Disnerds to Trekkies, and everything in between. This book is a fabulous gift. I have the hardcover, and it has come to conventions with me in hopes of using the interview section as a bit of an autograph book. I reviewed it right when it came out, earlier this year, and can not recommend it to you enough. Sam Maggs has absolutely destroyed it with her writing, and it is appropriate for nerds of all ages. It’s a must have for every Fangirl, and can be ordered from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your local comic shop.

Lush Cosmetics ($6.95 – 31.95)
To be honest, Fangirls, anything on Lush’s website would make a phenomenal gift. Their bath bombs are luxurious, their lotions and powders divine, and their anti-animal testing message is strong. Though their products can get a bit pricey, I know that I wouldn’t mind getting a couple of these stuffed in my stocking. Avobath is an incredibly soothing bath bomb that fills your tub with sweet scents and leaves your skin soft as the proverbial baby’s bottom ($6.35). FUN is a neat shampoo/soap/bubble bar/laundry detergent that benefits tsunami relief in Japan, my favorite is the red ($6.95). Whoosh is a super beach scented shower jelly that keeps you soft and clean, while smelling amazing ($6.95). Ocean Salt is another beach product that uses sea salt to scrub you up, without leaving gross stuff in the drain ($21.95 – 31.95). There are many more amazing products from Lush that I highly recommend (including their Christmas line, only available on the UK site for now, and I’m most excited for So White), but it’s honestly more fun to walk into a shop and check out what would work best for your favorite Fangirl (and don’t worry Fanboys, there are some fantastic men’s products as well).

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 6.23.13 AM

Yogibo ($19.99)
Fangirls, I’ve always mocked people with neck pillows when I travel. But I’ve realized that my neck hurts terribly when I fall asleep on a train or plane. It’s rough. At Connection this year, there were two Yogibo set ups, where you could sit in the comfiest chair-things ever. I went to Crossgates awhile back, and found that there was a store of the same name. Though I would love to have a Yogibo bed, I stuck with a neck pillow. It’s incredibly comfortable, and makes traveling to conventions so much better. I can play my DS or pass the heck out, without having immense neck pains. It’s called the Yogibo Nap, and you should all have one. They run at $19.99, and are well worth it. You can pick one up on Yogibo’s site, or at one of their stores (I recommend that, so you can try them out and love them all). If you’re looking to get me something hella rad fro Christmas, I really want a Yogibo Support; a pillow that you can lean against while reading comics or writing holiday wish lists. They run quite a bit higher, at $89.00, but I have such a mighty need.



3DS (and all the games!)
As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been talking a lot more about DS games, because I got mine about a month and a half ago, and I can’t stop. I’ve been loving Disney Magical Land, Animal Crossing, and Pokemon Omega Ruby, but there are many more I’d love to play (Super Smash, Mario Kart, and literally any pokemon game, namely). If you’ve got a Fangirl or Fanboy in your life who likes casual gaming, those are ones to check out!


Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 8.06.24 AM

Fabric ($17.50 +)
I love me some art, like you wouldn’t believe. I have way too much unframed and unhung art in my room, and it’s a huge bummer. And as much art as I have, I always want more. But I have found that a lot of artists make their art into amazing fabrics, on Spoonflower. Spoon flower sells, prints, and sends beautiful fabrics, designed by creators from all over, in styles of some of my favorite fandoms. There are beautiful Steven Universe prints, Harry Potter styles, and even sex toys from Erika Moen of Oh Joy Sex Toy! I bought the sex toy fabric and loved the quality of both the design and the fabric itself, so I want more! I’ve had my eye on these two SU fabrics for quite some time (homeworld gems and crystal gems); two yards of either would make an excellent skirt! Plus, Spoonflower offers gift cards, so if your nerdy pal likes sewing, that may be just the thing for them! I know JoAnn’s also sells rad geeky fabric, that can be found online or in store, and they released a new line for The Force Awakens!


Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 8.06.55 AM

Wonder Woman Leather Jacket ($270)
If I could be anything, it’s be badass. I like putting up the front hat I’m a tough guy, even though realistically I’m scared of everything. So when I saw this gorgeous Wonder Woman jacket, I fell in love. I have a fake leather jacket that I’ve had for six or seven years. I love the style, but it doesn’t fit right anymore, and the lining is rubbing away to nothingness. I could really use a new one, and what’s better than one that symbolizes one of the most rad ladies in comics history?! Nothing. Sure, the price is way higher than I could justify, but it’s a gorgeous jacket. So if you’ve got some cash burning a hole in your pocket, this may be the perfect way to spend it!


hermioneCosmetic Case ($15)
We’ve all got stuff to carry, be it cosmetics, credit cards, cosplay quick fixes, or even pencils, and S & S Ink gets that. They’ve designed these rad little pouches with two of my favorite ladies from geekdom (Hermione and Leia)! I think they look like they’d be the perfect size for my DS, but they’re also great for cosmetics, pencils, or whatever else you need to carry! I definitely want the Hermione one, but having a couple to choose from isn’t all that bad.


Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 8.22.26 AM

Anything from OhMonah’s Shop ($10- 70)
I am in love with the derby, adorable style that OhMonah gives to characters that I’m already all about. I was first attracted to her absolutely perfect Louise and Tina Belcher charms, but then I saw a pair of Mike Wasowski and James P Sullivan charms, and then Pokemon charms and then I got overwhelmed. My absolute favorite item on her store, though, is a Wario print that comes as a part of her Super Mario Bros print set, so you could get the set, keep 3 for yourself (or presents for other people), and send me the Wario one! She has a huge selection of the cutest stuff ever, and is incredibly sweet, so she deserves our support.

Gift Cards
Friends of the Fangirls, when worst comes to worst, you can always give gift cards. I know my mother is not a fan of a card as a present, but she sometimes knows that’s what’s best for pickier people. When you have no place left to turn, gift cards can be the best place to go (and a lot of places have e-gift cards). If I were to get a gift card, I would want it to be from Things From Another World, Comixology, Lush, Amazon, Toys “R” Us, or (of course) my favorite comic shop, Earthworld. Because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want comics for Christmas?!

That’s all for my Wishlist, but check back in next week to see who was what for the holidays!










All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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