Heroes Rewatch: Once Upon a Time in Texas, Shadowboxing, and Brother’s Keeper

Here we are once again, Fangirls, in the middle of a season of Heroes. We’re getting closer both to finishing this final season and to the premiere of Reborn. I am so excited for everything. So let’s get started with what I think will be an emotional episode.

Chapter 7, “Once Upon a Time in Texas”, is reuniting Hiro with Charlie. We begin with Hiro appearing in Texas three years ago. He looks in the window of the diner and sees Charlie once more. He goes to find clothes because he’s in a hospital gown. We get a review of Charlie and Hiro’s relationship all the way back in season one. He recruits a child to help him on his quest, tells him the story, and the child gives him a cowboy hat just as Sylar appears to enter the diner.

In the present day, Samuel is losing another family member to death. He’s breaking. He thinks they need Hiro to fix their past, but Samuel has no idea how to convince him. Lydia helps by seeing Charlie and finding out her past. She sees Noah, Claire, and Sylar connecting to Charlie. Samuel needs to get back to the time of Charlie’s death.

Three years ago, Hiro is hiding himself, because his past self is going to pop up with past Ando any time now. Charlie talks to Sylar about his watch and tells him how she can remember everything she’s read. He tests her, being charming. He knows about the clot in her brain thanks to his gift. He loses his charm a bit. Samuel shows up next to Hiro and they walk past Noah who is also in the diner as past Hiro and past Ando walk in. Noah meets with a pretty blond who has also walked in. She can read Noah like a book. She is also a Company agent, living a life of lies like Noah. Are they implying he cheated on Sandra? She certainly thinks they’re working to that but he doesn’t fully see it. She has gotten them a motel room. Noah can’t cheat on Sandra, he’s a great family man. He gets a call about Isaac’s paintings and leaves, walking right past Sylar. Samuel and Hiro are watching everything. Samuel asks Hiro why he is there, and Hiro is back on his path to save Charlie. Samuel shows him the magnitude of this choice, how many people are involved, how much history will break if he succeeds. He’s almost too late. Charlie is in the back where Sylar will kill her. He’s hiding and is about to begin when time freezes.

Hiro grabs Sylar and moves him to a bus stop, packing him away to continue on his path in Odessa. Hiro returns to the diner to greet Charlie. He starts to realize the implication that if he saves her here he never goes back in time to fall in love with her. And history will break. He goes to his younger self and tells him about his destiny to save Charlie. He tells him Charlie is dead and that he has to go back in time to save her. He sends his younger self on his way and preserves the timeline.

Noah, meanwhile, has gone to Isaac and Eden and we see scenes from season one as Noah tries to find out about Claire’s safety. Noah gets frustrated as this blond woman returns. She heard everything Noah said to Isaac and is determined to help him catch Sylar. They kiss (NO NOAH BAD NOAH) but he stops it (GOOD JOB NOAH).

Hiro returns to Charlie but feels his own brain tumor paining him. He tells Samuel that he succeeded, and Samuel reminds him that he needs to talk to Ando about what’s happening. History is all better and Charlie is alive. They hug (YAY!!!!!) and Hiro tells her to pick somewhere to go, wherever she wants to go. She picks the place in Japan where Kensai was born according to the legends. They plan their trip but Charlie begins stating too many facts, as if in a trance. She begins to feel faint, and knows the aneurysm has ruptured. He goes to the bus where he stored Sylar without freezing time. Hiro wants Sylar to fix Charlie, and finally freezes time before Sylar can kill him. He taunts Sylar using his power. But doing so is killing Hiro. He offers to tell Sylar everything if he saves Charlie.

Sylar agrees and returns with Hiro. Charlie tells Hiro she’s ok with dying if this is her time, but he is determined to do whatever it takes. Sylar destroys the aneurysm. Sylar is still hanging around wanting his end of the deal. Hiro tells him how he dies; he gets a lot of powers and becomes strong but it won’t help him as everyone gathers to stop him and no one will be left to mourn him. He returns Sylar to where he’s meant to be to continue hunting Claire.

Claire is at a cheer rally and spots Noah. He tells her he might miss homecoming, and she offers to ditch the cheerleaders to be with him. They talk about his job, and he reveals that he wanted to teach high school, focusing on Shakespeare. She encourages him to take up teaching someday so that he can be happy. She has to run, and he thinks about his life. He has the motel key (WHY NOAH). He uses it and finds this blond co-worker (WHAT IS HER NAME ALSO NOAH NO STOP IT) waiting. He tells her he can’t do what she wants (AHAHA FINALLY) and as she argues that they should and that they’ve already begun with some of their actions, that they deserve happiness, he tells her that he is already happy with his family. Her name is Lauren (why did it take this long to find out her name) as he tells her he still needs his help with the Sylar mess.

Ando finds Future Hiro watching Charlie. Hiro tells him to keep waiting as Charlie comes out. She feels that something is wrong, and it’s because she feels that Hiro cheated. She knows he is supposed to be a good guy, and he tries to argue that he did the right thing but she knows he cheated time because of his own selfishness.

Lauren comes in with a room key again and acts like nothing has happened between them. She had the Haitian wipe her memories and her feelings.

Future Hiro knows he has made a mistake, and Noah, sitting next to him, asks what’s wrong. Hiro feels he has lost his one chance at love. Noah wishes him luck and leaves as Charlie returns. He tells her he understands what she said to him, but knows that saving the world has made the world better. She wants them to be happy just as much as he does. They go to leave on their adventure, but as Hiro exits he only finds Samuel. Samuel has stolen Charlie and taken her to the carnival. Samuel tells him that Hiro has to take them home to see Charlie again. His power works but no Charlie. Samuel’s family surrounds them and Hiro runs into a trailer to find Samuel’s dead friend. He died from a tumor just like Hiro has. He died by trapping Charlie somewhere in time. I hate Samuel a lot. Samuel won’t tell Hiro where Charlie is so that Hiro will stay with the family. If Hiro does what Samuel asks, he will tell Hiro where Charlie is. Samuel tells Hiro he made a mistake eight weeks ago. We flash back and see Samuel having killed Mohinder. AND THAT’S WHERE THE CHAPTER ENDS NO NO I HAVE BEEN ASKING ABOUT MOHINDER SINCE THE SEASON STARTED WHAT NO. Obviously I remember NOTHING  about this story line otherwise I’d be more calm about this. But anyway, let’s go into chapter 8 shall we?

Actually, no, let’s not yet. Let’s discuss the whole Noah story line because why was the a necessary thing? I don’t remember if Lauren comes back, I have no idea. But if she doesn’t, why did we need that?

Ok, now we’ll start chapter 8, “Shadowboxing”. We open right back where Claire left off, with two others discovering Claire and Becky’s powers. Claire plays it off as hallucinations, and luckily the others go along with it. Gretchen is not ok after almost being killed, understandably. In NYC, two trains collided and Peter is in an ambulance using his new found healing power to help people. His partner still doesn’t trust him completely. Peter sees Emma at the hospital but there is no time to talk. Emma is trained as a doctor remember, but she doesn’t know how to help with this emergency. Matt/Sylar is in the LA airport on their way to New York. Matt refuses to tell Sylar anything, and Matt uses his powers from inside his mind to project a gun in Sylar’s bag instead of socks that he thinks he packed. Sylar has no control over Matt’s ability while he’s in control of his body. And Matt is pretty satisfied.

Nathan/Gabriel is asleep at the carnival remembering life as Nathan. He features shift until he is Nathan once more. And Nathan is confused. He hears Samuel and Lydia and flies away. Samuel has a mess on his hands apparently; his attempts to recruit Claire through Becky aren’t working. Shocker considering the methods.

Gretchen is still panicking because of Becky trying to kill her. Claire tries to help but it doesn’t work. Gretchen doesn’t want to be alone, but Claire reassures her that she’ll be safe. Claire goes to the sorority house to look for Becky and runs into the two girls from the scavenger hunt, who have forgotten everything thanks to our old friend the Haitian and Noah. Claire called them in for back up. Noah is complying with Claire’s wishes to keep Gretchen’s memories. Noah is going after Becky and the Haitian is going with Claire, to stop Becky’s powers from working if she goes near Claire.

Emma works to help the best she thinks she can in the chaos. A doctor asks her to help a patient by keeping pressure on the wound and telling the next nurse or doctor who comes that the patient is prepped for stuff. Emma finds tools and begins stitching the wound up herself. Peter sees her and is pleased. He hears a new patient is critical and goes to help and heal. But every time he uses it he feels terrible. Emma finds Peter feeling awful after using his power too much. She wants him to stop using it, even for a little while, but he’s Peter, he doesn’t listen. He tells her that the hospital could use her help with the accident victims, but she walks away. She finds a young girl collapsed and yells for help. Peter hears her and comes to help, but Emma knows she can save her. She and Peter work together to save the child, Emma using her skill and Peter not using his ability.

Matt/Sylar is reduced to driving all the way to New York when a flat tire attacks. Matt is loving the trouble Sylar is having thanks to him. A tow truck driver pulls over to help Matt/Sylar, and Matt lets him but continues tormenting Sylar. So Sylar takes out his frustration by killing the nice man while in Matt’s body. Sylar tells Matt that if he keeps up the sabotage he’ll keep killing. Matt/Sylar has stopped in Charlie’s old diner once again. Hiro’s time messing worked since Sylar refers to Charlie as an attempted kill. Sylar tells Matt to tell him everything, and of course Matt refuses. Sylar threatens another waitress in the diner until Mat agrees. Matt tells Sylar everything that happened and that he had no idea what was going to happen to both of them. Sylar is not happy at all and threatens to kill everyone involved with what happened. But Matt has stopped him; he made him doodle on a napkin that he was going to take down the diner. Matt is willing to die to stop Sylar. His body gets shot and he fades away.

Claire returns and finds Gretchen packing her things. Claire tells her she can’t lose her, that she called in back up. But Gretchen is too frightened to listen and leaves, not able to handle Claire’s life like this. Claire has the Haitian stay with Gretchen just in case. And then Samuel arrives to talk to Claire. Can he just go away HE SOMEHOW KILLED MOHINDER WHY AREN’T WE TALKING ABOUT THAT. He asks Claire if she’s seen Becky and that he knows about Claire and he pitches his carnival and his family and all that. Noah, meanwhile, finds Becky’s compass and then finds Becky. Samuel and Becky seem to have rehearsed all of this. Becky knows Noah because he came for her dad. Samuel tells Claire that family is about trust and love and tells Claire about Becky’s past. Noah leaves Becky and finds Samuel with Claire, and is understandably unhappy with the situation. Turns out Claire and Noah rehearsed just like Samuel and Becky. Noah asks him about the compass. and Samuel doesn’t really explain it at all. Noah handcuffs Samuel, who keeps trying to sway Claire, when Becky arrives and fights back. Samuel stops her (that’s a shock), and Noah ends up making a mistake; he points his gun at them and pushes Claire aside when she tries to stop him. He doesn’t shoot and Samuel and Becky get away. Luckily it didn’t hurt Claire and Noah’s relationship.

Peter and Emma find each other at the end of the day, and we learn that Emma’s nephew drowned while she was babysitting him. This tragedy is what caused her to drop out of medical school and to hide away. Peter gives her a gift; the tiara from the little girl she saved. Emma tells Peter he saved her, brought her out of hiding.

Matt is in an ambulance attempting to be revived. Claire is alone in her room and unhappy. Emma pulls out her old doctor’s jacket. Samuel and Becky had planned basically everything, and Samuel thinks Claire is almost ready to join them. But Lydia tells him that Nathan/Gabriel is gone, killing his good mood. Noah is in his apartment still trying to figure out the compass and connecting crimes to Samuel. Peter is taking down his clippings of heroism when someone knocks on his door. It’s Nathan, who is thrilled to see his brother even though he believes he is in trouble. And chapter 8 is over.

Chapter 9, “Brother’s Keeper”, possibly is going to FINALLY HELP US SAVE MOHINDER BRING HIM BACK DAMN IT. It opens at the carnival. Hiro is mourning Charlie still, demanding Samuel give her back. Samuel tells him that eight weeks ago Mohinder and Samuel met and Mohinder had something he wanted and he killed Mohinder. Samuel wants him to save the film that Mohinder destroyed, not necessarily needing to save Mohinder (SAVE MOHINDER PEOPLE). Nine weeks ago, Mohinder was alive and happy in India. Looks like he’s teaching or tutoring or something. A box of his father’s is found, something he promised to destroy but hasn’t. It’s all of his father’s work from Coyote Sands. He has a woman to love and a simple life, but he can’t let his father’s work go. Back in the present, Tracey is struggling to decide if she should join Samuel’s family or not. Peter and Nathan are together, Nathan telling Peter he lost a week of his life and woke up in a carnival. They arrive in his office, where it looks like things haven’t changed. Their mother is on her way to meet them. Nathan is having an identity crisis. and finds out his mother told his staff he was on vacation. The Haitian arrives to speak with Peter and needs Nathan to keep his distance. He is there to tell Peter the truth about his brother.

Claire arrives at Noah’s apartment and finds ice next to an open door. She enters cautiously and finds Tracey, who is looking for Noah because her powers are out of whack. Claire helps Tracey the best she can. But she can’t stop Tracey’s powers from acting on their own. She ends up freezing Claire solid on accident. Claire unfreezes on her own thanks to her power.

The Haitian is there to wipe out Nathan, but he can’t do it. He gives Peter a card to get the answers he seeks and leaves. Peter follows the clues, Nathan following him against the Haitian’s advice. In a storage locker, they split up and Nathan finds a body. Peter returns and they see that it is Nathan. Nathan touches the body and sees Sylar killing him and Matt making the new Nathan. They realize they need to find Matt. Unfortunately, they discover Matt is in a hospital in Texas after the whole escapade last episode. Peter offers to heal Matt so they can get answers. They go and find Matt, not knowing the mistake they’re making. Peter heals him, and it’s the real Matt this time. Sylar just needs one touch to Nathan to return. Matt tells them what’s happening. Everything that is happening. Sylar takes over and tries to get Nathan close enough for a touch. Nathan has realized that Matt is telling the truth. Peter tries to help Nathan but Sylar uses Matt’s power. A police officer comes in and breaks the spell but they brush hands enough for Sylar to return. But is he in control?

Nine weeks ago, Mohinder is kept awake thinking of his father’s work. He opens the box and finds notebooks and film of Chandra’s work. Chandra worries about gathering so many specials together. He documents a birth during seismic activity, possibly caused by the child. Mohinder is digging up the answers and falls asleep surrounded by his father’s work. He discovers a new power, a quantifiable force, and he has made a compass. The child from the film can surround himself with specials and if he does he can become the most powerful person. Mohinder goes to the carnival looking for Samuel. He finds Joseph first, and tells Joseph his theories. Joseph takes Mohinder to Samuel, who is very drunk. Joseph sends him away because he knows Mohinder is right and cannot let Samuel know it. Joseph has always know about his brother’s dangerous side, and was tasked with keeping his power subdued. He tells Mohinder to burn the film and return home. And guess who overheard the whole damn thing? In his hotel, eight weeks ago, Mohinder tries to patch up his love life from afar, planning to go home. He grabs the film and sets it on fire. Or he tries to. Hiro freezes time and switches out Mohinder’s film for something fake. He almost leaves but warns Mohinder of the danger coming.

Matt tricks an officer into thinking he is dead to get out and find Sylar. Nathan flies himself and Peter to a canyon; he still seems to be Nathan. He is afraid of hurting others and wants to send Peter away, but Peter won’t listen.

Claire figures out Tracey’s power issues are psychological. Tracey tells Claire her problems, including Samuel’s meeting. Claire knows obviously, the difference being Tracey is considering Samuel’s offer. Noah comes home as the girls have bonded.

Time returns in Mohinder’s room and Samuel arrives as the film burns. Mohinder doesn’t want to tell Samuel anything, Samuel uses a crushed rock to kill Mohinder (NO WHY COME ON HE CANNOT BE DEAD). Samuel leaves and Mohinder wakes up, unharmed thanks to a kevlar vest provided by Hiro (THANK YOU GOD). Hiro tells him what he’s doing and Mohinder wants to stop Samuel. But he has to disappear for eight weeks until Samuel releases Charlie. Mohinder doesn’t want to stand by, so Hiro freezes him in time and returns to the present day. He delivers the film to Samuel, but it doesn’t gain him Charlie yet. Samuel still believes Mohinder is dead. He’s just locked away in a psychiatric hospital. In Florida.

Matt calls his wife to reassure her he’s ok. Tracey meets with Samuel once more, and he wants her to use her power to make the world better. Although we don’t get to hear how. Nathan and Peter are alone again, Nathan understanding that he is Sylar pretending to be Nathan. He knows that Peter will look at him differently now, and Peter doesn’t deny it. And chapter 9 is over.

We’re inching closer and closer to the end. Not much to go now. It’s almost bittersweet; I still love this show like I loved it five years ago. I’ll be sad to see it end once more. But this time, I know there’s more to come.



















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