Appdicted: rop

Fangirls, I think at this point, we all know that I have a very strong love for puzzle games. I think that they can help keep your brain active while being a fun distraction. I know that I’ve been having a stressful time at work (more so than usual, recently), and having rop to go to on my break and at the end of the day is refreshing and relaxing.


rop is a relatively simple game, on the surface. In it, you drag different points on a rope around to make the same shape as is shown above the play area. It’s an extremely simple concept, but in actuality, it gets rather tricky quite quickly.


I think the first difficulty I had was when I found out you can’t put two points in the same spot. It may seem obvious, but I thought it would be okay to overlap them. Nope! If you want two points near each other, put the points on the same line; lines can overlap, points can not.


Another difficulty I had was when I started dragging the ropes around and realizing that they weren’t all connected, and some were connected to multiple points. So instead of a point having a rope running through it (or one on each side), sometimes it had a third coming out of the bottom, or even a fourth coming from the top! Those levels were incredibly frustrating for me.


The only other issue I had with this app was the total lack of instructions. You open the application and are immediately thrown into the game. You have to rag the title (“rop”) down from the top, and it doesn’t tell you to. You are then thrust into the level select, with (again) no explanation. I feel like it could really benefit from explaining things to it’s users.

Other than that, though, this is a wonderful app. I find it’s better to use in the morning post-shower than before bed, because it gets your brain going, and can help wake you up. “rop” is this week’s free app of the week in the Apple/iTunes store, so go grab it!











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