Heroes Rewatch: Thanksgiving, The Fifth Stage, and Upon This Rock

So, I didn’t realize last time, Fangirls, that we had officially reached the halfway mark of season 4. We have 9 more episodes to go. And I think a lot to go through in those nine episodes. So we continue tonight with chapters 10, 11, and 12. Side note: It appears Lauren from a few episodes ago is returning. Guess that story line was important. We’ll see.


Chapter 10, “Thanksgiving”, opens with Samuel watching Chandra’s film about how Samuel’s powers can be amplified. Recall we discovered that his powers are stronger when he is surrounded by many specials. Hiro is angry at him because he has not brought Charlie back even though Hiro did what was asked. I don’t think I’ve mentioned, Samuel is played by Robert Knepper, a fabulous actor who is incredible at being evil and creepy. I’ve seen him in a few other things as a villain, he’s a great actor. Anyway, he taunts Hiro and we find out it is Thanksgiving. Noah is buying food for a Thanksgiving feast and asking Claire when he can expect her. We learn Gretchen has abandoned Claire, moving out of the dorm. Sandra and her boyfriend are coming to dinner as well, which is why Noah is desperate for Claire to come. Noah runs into Lauren (wow, she came back sooner than expected) at the grocery store. She’s been employed at the CIA, and Noah is caught trying to look for her instead of just randomly bumping into her. She helps him finish shopping, and they reconnect. I still don’t like that they almost had an affair, but Noah moving on is good. He invites her to dinner with the family. Nathan is having nightmares as Peter watches. Peter answers a knock from his mother on Thanksgiving morning. She has brought men to cook and set up for them. But Peter isn’t interested, he wants to talk about Nathan/Sylar/Gabriel over in his bed and the dead real Nathan they found. She lies, of course, but Peter doesn’t buy it, knowing what Matt said. Nathan wakes up and wants answers too. Angela won’t provide them though. Not yet. We all know that Adrian Pasdar can play a great Sylar, we saw it in season one with “Five Years Gone”.

Noah’s guests begin arriving, Claire first. Lauren is already there, surprising Claire. Sandra and her boyfriend Doug arrive with Mr. Muggles and a second female version of Mr. Muggles named Ms Lovegood. It’s gonna be a fun Thanksgiving dinner at the Bennet’s. Claire is uncomfortable around her parents and their “dates”. Sandra starts to imply that Lauren and Noah had a workplace love affair, but Noah reassures her. Doug begins a tradition that his family (and coincidentally my family as well) has, going around and telling what they are thankful for. Claire casually mentions that she is debating dropping out of school. Her parents panic, and Noah knows that Samuel had an influence in this.

At the carnival, they prepare for Thanksgiving. Hiro doesn’t believe he is a member of the family and tells Lydia what Samuel has done. Edgar overhears the problem as well. Lydia pulls Hiro aside and tries to find out what Hiro did for Samuel. She offers to help him with her ability. He touches her back and she senses his emotions. She asks why he wasn’t asked to save Joseph. She asks to be taken back eight weeks to when Joseph was murdered. They go and see Samuel and Joseph begin to discuss what Samuel overheard when Joseph was talking to Mohinder. Samuel of the present discovers that Lydia and Hiro are missing. Eight weeks ago, Samuel is angry that Joseph lied to him, controlled him. And Hiro and Lydia learn the truth about Samuel’s power and Joseph’s death; Joseph arranged for the government (Danko) to bring him in and Samuel killed his own brother for the betrayal. Hiro and Lydia leave knowing the full truth. Lydia wants to tell the family the truth, and as much as Hiro wants her not to – knowing it’s a risk to Charlie’s life – she has to.

Peter and Nathan go along with Angela’s family traditions, doing it just to get answers that she still refuses to give. She finally tells them what happened the day Nathan was killed. She asks their forgiveness. Nathan/Sylar/Gabriel knows that he is not Nathan even if the world thinks he is alive. She wants them to still be a happy family. Cause that’ll go well. Angela keeps up the happy family facade, or tries to. Nathan/Sylar/Gabriel, who knows the truth now, is showing his Sylar side as the Nathan side regrets his and Peter’s recent trip. Elle’s power sets off all through Nathan’s body, and he is no longer Nathan. Sylar has officially returned.

Lydia manages to tell Edgar what she saw before Samuel finds her. He makes a Samuel speech and reveals that one of them is a traitor – the one who killed Joseph. Edgar comes out and reveals the truth, but Hiro won’t back up the story, still wanting to save Charlie. Samuel names Edgar as the killer, and as Samuel raises stones to kill Edgar like he killed Joseph, Hiro freezes time around them to save Edgar. Hiro convinces Edgar to disappear, and return when it is time to defeat Samuel. And Edgar actually listens.

Noah shows Claire the collection he’s started about Samuel and the crimes he’s committed. She still isn’t sure a normal life is possible. Noah answers a knock on the door; he invited Gretchen so the girls could reunite. Gretchen agrees to move back into their room as Lauren and Noah set up a date and Sandra and Doug leave. Claire and Gretchen leave, and Claire has stolen the compass, wanting to know where it leads to.

Sylar holds Peter and Angela with his powers around the table as he literally devours Thanksgiving dinner. He begins killing Angela but can’t continue as Nathan/Gabriel inside of him fights the murder. He shifts back into Nathan, though the speech is still Sylar. He runs away and flies out of a window.

Samuel knows Hiro has betrayed him, but Hiro counters with a threat to leave unless he discovers where Charlie is. Samuel counters with his brain man arriving and scrambling his mind. Hiro disappears. Peter promises to bring back Nathan, but Angela has no hope that her son can come back. And chapter 9 is over.

Chapter 11, “The Fifth Stage”, better bring us more Mohinder, I miss him still. Anyway, we open with Lydia at the carnival. She tells Samuel that she knows the truth, but she won’t tell because she needs to protect her daughter. Another carnival member arrives, played by one of those actors who’s literally in everything. He gets promoted to right hand man…I think he’s a multiplyer, maybe a projector, but I have no idea. I’m gonna go with multiplyer. Samuel wants him to get files from Noah.

Lauren arrives at Noah’s apartment for their date. She discovers his Samuel wall and he finds his compass is missing. He calls Claire to warn her off but she doesn’t answer. Lauren uses her CIA position to track Claire’s phone and find out where she’s going.

Claire and Gretchen have found the carnival thanks to the compass. Claire rethinks her decision to go to the carnival, but Gretchen is determined to support her through discovering this possibility. Samuel finds them -_- and leads them through it, giving them free passes for the night. He plays the gracious host and tells them to stay long enough to finish a box of popcorn, and once they’re done he’ll lead them to their car. They agree and begin to wander around. They wander into Lydia’s booth; people ask her a question, take her hand, and see what they need to. Claire plays along, asking if she is supposed to be here. Lydia’s back shows her herself and her power. Claire an Gretchen discuss the carnival, Claire being happy that these people like her have found a way to live out in the open with their powers. They empty the popcorn boxes and Samuel reappears. Claire and Gretchen have disagreeing opinions on the carnival.

Angela comes to Peter at work, wanting him to accept Nathan’s death. He still won’t believe it, planning to take down Sylar and help Noah. The Haitian is there as well, and Peter borrows his powers. Angela worries for her younger son for once. Peter begins to leave on his quest when Sylar impersonating a nurse finds him. Peter runs (why didn’t the Haitian’s powers work against Sylar?) and Sylar pursues. Peter sneaks up on him and now the Haitian’s powers work…I guess being caught off guard doesn’t let the powers kick in. Peter gets the upper hand and offers a deal; he’ll let Sylar heal from their fight if he gives Nathan back completely. Sylar obviously doesn’t agree, so Peter uses the Haitian’s mind erasing powers to destroy Sylar and get Nathan back. It works.

Noah and Lauren find where the carnival is. Noah feels disappointed in Claire, feels like he’s driven everyone in his life away. He tells her about her missing memories, and she doesn’t buy it because the Haitian is really good at his job. She realizes he is telling the truth as the multiplying man who’s named Eli shows up. They make a game plan but he’s already found what he wanted and left.

Samuel continues to be sweet and kindly in front of Claire and Gretchen. Gretchen is still suspicious, but Claire isn’t seeing any problems with it. Doyle shows up, being happy and cheerful at finding a place to be himself again. His nice self, not creepy controlling self. He and Claire plan to meet up later. Samuel pulls Claire over to tell the children one last bed time story, and though she’s reluctant she makes one up about her life. Gretchen questions Samuel about his motives, and he tiptoes around a real answer. An angry customer comes and tests Samuel’s kindly nature. Samuel won’t fight back in front of Gretchen and Claire. Claire protects Samuel, and Samuel gets a creepy look on his face once more. Claire helps patch Samuel up and learns more about how the family operates. He knows what she’s been thinking about his carnival the whole night, and tells her they can become bigger if they figure out how. He has a strong feeling that Claire can help….sure, help amplify his powers. He offers her a chance to stay a few days before going back to school and she takes him up on it. Gretchen reluctantly understands. Claire promises to return by the time classes start and goes back to the carnival.

Nathan heals and talks to Peter about how he can’t fight Sylar anymore. Peter still believes in his big brother, though, and won’t give up. They go up to the rooftop where Peter first discovered his powers and confronted Nathan about his. Ah, season one memories. Nathan is having a hard time fighting Sylar, even as Peter talks about making it through tragedies together. Nathan begins slipping away, and he tries to convince Peter to accept his death. They get a final goodbye as Nathan goes for good. RIP truly this time Nathan. Sylar returns and gets away, off to be Sylar some more.

Peter returns to his mother in tears. Emma practices her cello. Mohinder, Ando, and Hiro are running. Sylar is himself once more, putting on his cap. Tracey is somewhere slightly upset. And Samuel plans to set up shop permanently in the same spot where Joseph is buried once he’s gathered everyone else. And chapter 11 is over.

Chapter 12, “Upon This Rock”, opens WITH A MOHINDER VOICE OVER OMG THAT HASN’T HAPPENED ALL SEASON FINALLY YES MOHINDER IS BACK. We’re at the carnival, where Claire is still finding herself. She’s being watched by Eli, the creepy multiplyer. Lydia comes to her to talk and hands her some pancakes for Samuel. She takes them to him in his trailer, where he is looking at her dad’s files. She sees the files and knows something is up. She is still determined to return to school, and he is off to bring in a new member. Samuel tells Claire she’s free to go, but then tells Eli to make sure she never leaves.

In Tokyo, Hiro appears, his brain scrambled completely. He hears someone in trouble, a purse snatching, and goes to help. He is only speaking in references of all over the spectrum; scifi, books, movies. He gets arrested trying to find his sidekick. Ando has gotten Hiro back after he’s been missing six weeks. Ando sees the problems with Hiro’s mind quickly but promises to help his friend. Ando is trying to understand what Hiro is saying, but translating the references is proving difficult. Hiro’s sister wants to help, finding the best possible neurosurgeon. Ando runs the clues Hiro is giving past Kimiko in hopes of understanding. Ando finally figures out at least part of it, but Kimiko is too worried about her brother to help.

We get a Samuel flashback. Young Samuel and young Joseph as Samuel tries to use his powers. Joseph teases him about his powers not working. And present Samuel remembers it all.

Claire and Lydia talk, and Lydia shows a little of her unhappiness to Claire. Claire asks her why Samuel would want her there, why he’d want so many people like them. Lydia doesn’t tell the truth, instead trying to let Claire find it all herself. Claire tries to go to Samuel’s trailer to look at the files but Eli stops her. Eli continues to not so subtly watch Claire. She runs into the house of mirrors to confuse him and imitate his power. She knocks out the real Eli and the copies disappear. She gets into Samuel’s trailer and finds all of her father’s files on everyone he bagged and tagged. She finds pictures of where he wants to call home. And as she investigates, Doyle shows up with his power to stop her. She’s figured out part of Samuel’s plans, but Doyle won’t listen, thinking he’s found his family finally. Doyle joined when Joseph was still alive, against Joseph’s desires. Claire convinces Doyle to let her go and he tells her to talk to Lydia. She goes and finds her, asking what he’s planning. She tells her the truth, that Joseph started the carnival and made it a good home, what Joseph’s fate was, and that she is afraid for her family. Claire doesn’t want to destroy the carnival, knowing it is good for these people. But she also knows Samuel has to be stopped.

Emma receives mail at work. She reapplied to medical school, but was denied. She is clearly disappointed. She goes home and grabs her cello as someone rings her bell. It’s Samuel. He tries to talk about their gifts, but she isn’t interested. He tells her he sent the cello, and she opens the door to him. She asks about the cracked wall, and he tells her it’s from her fear of her true ability. He wants her help to find someone. Her true gift, he tells her, is that her emotions can be tied to music and she can be like a Siren of old mythology, calling people with her music. He tells her to play while concentrating on the man he wants to find. Samuel’s plan has worked, and we meet a man who can make plants grow and come to life. He offers her a job at his carnival, giving her a compass. He leaves with the new man back to the carnival. And on the news, Nathan’s body has been found in a plane crash.

Ando keeps translating Hiro’s ramblings, figuring out that Hiro wants them to go to a place called Arkham in Florida.

Claire confronts Samuel about what happened to Joseph, and he tells her he lost control after finding out that Joseph told the government about them. He turns the conversation on her, asking about what her father has done to protect his family. She asks about the area where he plans to plant the roots, and they find Ian, the plant grower. Samuel pulls some water up from the ground, and Ian begins restoring the land. He hopes seeing this has convinced her to stay, but it hasn’t. She is ready to go home, and he agrees, telling her she can return at any time. She gets a ton of voicemails, the most important being from Peter as he plans to tell her the truth.

We see Nathan’s funeral, attended by Peter, Angela, Noah, and Claire. Claire tells Noah she’s keeping the compass as she goes to mourn Nathan. Peter gives the eulogy, remembering his big brother. And as the funeral ends, as does our chapter.

Guys. Fangirls. Everyone. There’s only three more posts to go. The next one will have 3 episodes. Then 2 episodes. And then finally the series finale. It’s coming. The end is near.















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