Heroes Rewatch: Let It Bleed, Close to You, and Pass/Fail

It’s almost over. The rewatch is almost at its end. We have only six more episodes to go, and we’re gonna cover half of those here. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost all over again. I can easily remember watching the series finale in my dorm room on my tiny little television. And now here we come to it again. So, let’s continue with chapters 13, 14, and 15.


Chapter 13, “Let It Bleed”, begins at night with Peter meeting Noah, who has brought Nathan’s body to set up the plane crash that to the world kills Nathan Petrelli. Eighty-six hours later, Peter and his mother are at Nathan’s wake. Samuel is prepping his ink for it to draw a person when Doyle comes flying towards him. Sylar has returned to the carnival, his usual self. His sights are back on killing, and where better to start than the carnival. He plans to begin with Samuel, but his powers won’t let him kill. Samuel builds up a dust storm around Sylar which briefly kills him.

Noah comes and offers Claire a ride to Nathan’s wake, but she doesn’t want Noah there at all after he lied to her all over again. He still feels it was the right thing at the time, but she doesn’t want to listen. Angela tries to reconnect with Peter, but he is angry. Angela begs him not to give in to his anger and revenge, not willing to lose both sons. Peter spots Claire and pulls her in the kitchen for some privacy. Claire and Peter are prepping food while talking and Claire cuts herself, feeling the pain and watches as it doesn’t heal. Peter still has the Haitian’s power. They remember happier times, and we get a West update. They’re still friends, he’s at NYU. Peter doesn’t want to share stories though and leaves.

Noah returns to his apartment and someone is watching him. It’s Edgar, who sneaks in with his speed but doesn’t catch Noah off guard. He calls Lauren in and she brings a serum. Noah shows her Edgar, who’s locked up in the freezer, and Noah plans to use a truth serum to find out everything from the carnival.

Samuel wants Lydia to help Sylar figure out why he couldn’t kill and how they can use this new Sylar. She reluctantly agrees and figures out that he’s afraid to be alone, to die alone, that no one will ever care about him. He absorbs her power and figures out that she wants to use him to help her plans of killing Samuel.

Angela goes to Claire, who tells Angela that she is disappointed in all of them. Angela is worried about Peter, fearing he doesn’t know how to grieve because of how empathetic he’s always been. She tells Claire where Peter is and wants her to help him. Peter has gone looking for revenge wherever he can. He goes to answer a call for hostages and a shooter, and Claire finds him trying to save a woman’s life. Peter plans to take care of the shooter and leaves Claire with Wendy. The shooter comes to Claire and Peter comes and pours his heart out to show that they are not alone. It doesn’t work and Peter is shot. The authorities arrive and get everything calmed down. Peter wants Claire to heal him but she argues that he needs to stop being reckless. She still heals him, and he still won’t listen. He doesn’t want to accept Nathan’s death, but she gets him to.

Noah apparently doesn’t believe that Edgar left before finding out anything important. Lauren stops him before he can go too far with Edgar. Lauren gets him to see reason and to come at the questioning from a new angle. Edgar tells Noah everything. He isn’t a killer, he’s a juggler, the best. He’s afraid; he’s lost his life balance and he’s afraid of what Samuel will do to the family. They come to an understanding. Edgar draws them a map of the carnival and figures out a way in through Lydia. They make the plan to get Samuel alone. Edgar wants no one else hurt, but Noah and Lauren can’t make that promise, not understanding the family that’s been built. They want to integrate the family members into the real world, which upsets Edgar. He leaves, taking his map.

Sylar wants some of Samuel’s ink. He wants to use Lydia’s power to find out where to go next. Samuel tries to befriend Sylar once again. He tells Sylar about the woman he drew; Vanessa, the woman he’s always loved. He’s afraid that Vanessa won’t accept him, and he knows that that fear is what is stopping Sylar’s powers. He offers Sylar a home, but Sylar wants the tattoo still. If what Samuel says is true then he’ll stay. Samuel whips up some ink, and it shows Sylar that Samuel was wrong. He leaves, knowing where to go next.

Claire and Peter are alone on a rooftop, back to being friends. Claire offers to stay, but Peter assures her that he’ll be ok. He asks to meet West, and Claire arranges it. Peter wanted to be able to fly one last time.

Samuel is actually normal around the pictures of Vanessa. Claire returns to her dorm to see Gretchen is studying in the library. Noah tries to call her but she doesn’t answer. And she’s being watch, because Sylar’s tattoo showed him Claire. And chapter 13 is ended.

Chapter 14, “Close to You”, opens with Noah and Lauren trying to figure out how to get to Samuel any way possible. They find Vanessa Wheeler, who grew up in the house where Samuel’s parents worked. Noah calls her to ask about Samuel and if she’s heard from him. She hangs up after claiming not to know him. Noah plans to go to Vanessa, and Lauren leaves the mission. Samuel, meanwhile, is writing a letter to Vanessa. He plans to bring her into the carnival, even though she isn’t one of them. Lydia confides in her daughter that the family needs a new leader, someone more compassionate. Her daughter doesn’t want her to stir up trouble. Lydia uses her power to try and call to this new leader, Peter Petrelli. He wakes up with a compass tattoo spinning on his arm.

Matt is home with Janice and baby Matt. He’s playing the stay at home dad, not leaving the house and he’s happy. Noah shows up in his house, looking for help. Matt refuses, not wanting to relive what he went through the last time he helped them. Noah uses the threat of losing his son to get him to help. They find Vanessa, who keeps insisting that she doesn’t know Samuel. Matt uses his powers to get Vanessa to talk to them about Samuel. They were close as children, and after his family left hers he still came back. He wanted her to marry him and run away to the carnival with him. She says he’s been showing up more and more after Joseph’s death. Noah gets her to call him.

Hiro has a plan to get committed in an asylum, but Ando doesn’t like it. Hiro is still talking in riddles that Ando can’t figure out, and he doesn’t know how to help his best friend. Hiro points to a door and tells Ando Dr. Watson is in there. Ando uses his powers to break in and finds Mohinder. Ando talks to Hiro about the plan to save Mohinder and Ando comes up with his own plan. It backfires a bit, leaving Hiro to try and get Mohinder out on his own. Mohinder’s powers are working, but once again Mohinder has to translate Hiro’s speech. They grab Ando, who accidentally took some medicine not meant for him. They all escape.

Peter calls Noah to let him know the tattoo returned. He’s walking down the street when he hears music. It’s Emma playing her cello. He comes to her door, and her plan worked. She sirened him, calling to him while playing. And it worked. Peter sees the cello, which has a compass on it. She tells him about Samuel and he shows her the tattoo. Peter and Emma discuss Samuel. She shows the compass he gave her, and Peter warns her that the last time he saw a compass like that people were killed. Angela comes and when Peter introduces Emma Angela is cold. Emma leaves and Angela tells Peter that she dreamt about Emma, that Peter can’t save Emma and save himself at the same time. Her dream told her that Emma will help kill thousands of people with her cello. Peter grabs his mothers power, needing to know exactly what she saw.

Noah and Matt use Vanessa to get Samuel, but he didn’t come alone. He brought Eli, the multiplyer. Samuel has grabbed Vanessa but by the time Noah gets to him she’s gone. Samuel uses his powers to escape. They follow a tracker to the middle of nowhere, an area where the carnival once was. Matt unknowingly agrees with Lauren that Noah needs to talk to Claire, and Matt is ready to go back home, advising Noah to do the same.

Peter dreams about the carnival, about Emma in the house of mirrors uncomfortably playing her cello, crying, and Sylar arrives to save her. He wakes up…what a fun dream. Emma is awake late that night when Peter arrives. He smashes the cello and explains to her what he saw. He wants to stop the dream from happening, but she doesn’t listen to him, kicking him out.

Mohinder is having trust issues with Hiro, but Ando explains about the tumor and how Hiro has decided to spend his last days. They keep running and Mohinder figures out that with Ando’s power combined with Hiro’s they could teleport away. Ando tries, but all it does it unscramble Hiro’s brain. He tells them what they need to do and teleports them out.

Noah goes to Claire’s dorm, wanting to mend fences. She offers to talk about it later, and he leaves with the hope that their relationship is in tact. Matt is at dinner with his family, but he’s busy thinking about the day’s events. He believes he’s a coward after not going after Sylar once he was out of his head. He thinks he’s let his friends down. Janice wants him to leave the rest of the world be and to keep taking care of his family. Vanessa is surround by Elis and tells Samuel she wants to go home. Samuel blames Noah for rushing the plan to bring her to the carnival. He wants to show her something and if she still wants to leave he’ll take her home. Lauren comes to Noah’s apartment and they mend fences…and then Hiro, Ando, and Mohinder telelport in. And chapter 14 is over.

Chapter 15, “Pass/Fail”, takes us to Gretchen wanting to help Claire in anyway she can. Claire leaves and Sylar shows up to talk to Gretchen.

Hiro, Ando, and Mohinder are still in Noah’s apartment, and Hiro isn’t doing too well. Mohinder rebuilds that compass that will lead them to the carnival, and Mohinder plans to return home. Hiro collapses and wakes up in the diner sitting across from Adam Monroe. Hiro asks if he’s dead, and Adam says that’s for the judge to decide, the judge being his father. Kaito accuses him of using his powers to alter the past for personal gain, and if he is found guilty he will die.

Claire shows up at a study group led by Sylar. He wants her help to figure out what’s going on with him. He was told that he needs a friend, that he’s afraid to be alone. She won’t help him, but he shows her Gretchen’s bag as incentive. She agrees, and he begins the study session. He shows all of the similarities between them. She tries to reject them as arbitrary, but he believes them to be the most important pieces to shape their lives. So how did they end up so different, he wonders. She brushes him off and tries to leave but he stops her. He decides to use Lydia’s powers to get the answers instead.

Vanessa wakes up in Samuel’s trailer as Samuel preps for the day. She dresses and goes out to meet him, still angry. He tries to go off down memory lane, but she is determined to go home. He promises to get her some breakfast and then she’ll never see him again. And she agrees. They go a diner where he orders what he remembers as her favorite foods. He keeps going down memory lane, bringing up what he recalls as her dream home.

Ando takes Hiro to the hospital to find out what’s happening to his best friend. Adam Monroe is arguing as the prosecution with Hiro as the defendant. Hiro requests a lawyer, and Ando shows up as his lawyer. Adam calls young Ando and young Kimiko as his first witnesses. The doctors try to operate on Hiro, and the trial continues. Adam has brought up the slushie incident. Adam argues that changing the incident was selfish, but Ando and Hiro know it brought two people together to fall in love. Adam calls his next witness – Sylar. The deal they made when Hiro had Sylar save Charlie. Hiro argues that he only made the deal and then sent Sylar on his way so as not to alter the timeline. He stands by his decision. Adam calls Charlie to the stand, but she doesn’t appear because she is lost in time.

Sylar realizes that he and Claire have more in common than they knew. They use their powers as walls so that no one can get close to them. Claire uses a pencil to stab Sylar and get to Gretchen. Claire finds Gretchen unhurt but tied up. She unties her as the windows blow out. They begin to run and hide. Gretchen asks about Sylar, and Claire apologizes for keeping her at arms length. She tells her that she’s afraid of getting hurt so she builds up walls to protect herself. Claire is afraid that she’ll end up alone forever like Sylar fears. She understands now why Sylar is all messed up, having all those powers to hide his humanity behind. And Gretchen morphs into Sylar. He tells Claire that Gretchen was never in danger and leaves in peace. Claire finds the real Gretchen unharmed and hugs her. She opens up to Gretchen more than she ever has, and Sylar watches, wanting that ability. For once, the clock wasn’t ticking.

Samuel’s charms are working on Vanessa once more. He kept a drawing she made of that dream house, and he’s done more than that. He’s created the dream cottage for them to settle down in. He offers her the dream life, but she turns him down, knowing their fantasy can’t become a reality. He leaves her.

Ando calls Hiro to the stand as his only witness. Ando and Hiro show that Hiro only ever used his powers to save the world, never for darkness. Hiro admits he was desperate to leave a legacy and found himself trying to right all wrongs. His judgement was wrong, but his intentions were always right. He admits that that could make him guilty, and Kaito agrees. Ando watches through the window as his best friend dies. Hiro accepts his fate and walks with others he has lost. He pauses and makes one last argument, wanting to fight for his honor and go out a hero. Kaito gives him the opportunity, but Adam doesn’t agree. We get another wonderful sword fight as Ando urges his best friend to survive and be the Super-Hiro once more. Hiro defeats Adam once more, and his mother comes to him. Hiro is ready to go with his mother, but she isn’t ready to take him. She heals him once again, and he returns to the land of the living.

Samuel is very upset and lashes out at the waitress in the diner he went to with Vanessa. He has snapped and begins destroying the building around him. But not just the building; the whole area is in danger, his power reaching as far as the carnival. His family watches as a town sinks into the ground.

Claire and Gretchen are closer than ever. Hiro’s tumor has been removed. Sylar comes to Matt’s house, calling himself Gabriel. He needs to find Matt, to talk with him. And chapter 15 is over.

Three more episodes. Two more posts. That’s it. That’s all there is left. Hard to believe it, but we’re crossing the finish line soon.















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