Harley Quinn Issue 20

Fangirls, our favorite flipped out fruitcake is back with issue 20! After her road trip with the other two sirens (an issue I can’t seem to get my paws on), she’s on her way to LA to go after the daughter of one of her coworkers at the nursing home. As she travels across the country, we learn that Harley is terrible at flying; she’s fidgety and grumpy.


When she lands, she finds that her bags have been misplaced, and the extremely unhelpful guest service representative who “helps” her ends up in a different unclaimed bag. Harley heads out, with her head held high, to find the girl she’s come to California for.

She gets to the address where the blackmail notes were coming from, and finds that Nick (the nude host) no longer has Sparrow in his care. He suggests Harley check out The Chateau, but soon after, they’re attacked by robbers. Harley, of course, doesn’t stand for that type of nonsense, and takes them down. The police, seeing Harley holding a bloody knife, arrest her and go after any other possible baddies. That gives HQ the time to set herself free, and steal their car.


As she peruses the strip, she sees a cowboy, grabs him, and they head off on an adventure to The Chateau. There, they find Sparrow, who wasn’t kidnapped, just trying to extort her mother on her own. Harley shoots her in the foot, grabs her, and all three head out to a cruddy hotel. After Sparrow is tied and gagged, Harley and Cowboy head out to eat. Once the get back to the hotel, they start to get ready for bed, when a knock at the door brings Cowboy to the door. He opens it to a gunshot in the gut. And guess who’s on the other end? Deadshot.


There’s always so much crazy that goes down in Harley’s issues, I love it. I don’t like her outfits all of the time (she dreamt about being a flight attendant and her breasts were weirdly different sizes, and very out in the open). There’s also some language that I’m not a huge fan of; she gets called a whore, and that just seemed unnecessary. Of course, she didn’t tolerate it, but it’s still not something I want to see.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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