FanGirl Game Review: Disney Infinity 3.0


First announced in May 2015, the Disney Infinity 3.0 is one of the long-awaited action-adventure video game titles on the mobile gaming market. It was initially released in Europe on August 28 and in North America on August 30.

The video game for desktop, console, and mobile devices is published by Disney Interactive Studios and Lucas Arts. But, it was developed by industry leader Avalance Software with the assistance from Ninja Theory, Sumo Digital, Studio Gobo, and United Front Games.

Compared to its predecessor (Disney Infinity 2.0) which was focused on Marvel characters, the 3.0 version has the popular Star Wars franchise. The free application for Android and iOS gamers comes with other popular Disney franchises:
1. Inside Out (August 2015)
2. Marvel (November 2015)
3. Mickey Mouse Universe (August 2015)
4. Tron: Legacy (August 2015)
5. Mulan (August 2015)
6. Peter Pan (2016)
7. Zootopia (2016)
8. The Good Dinosaur (November 2015)
9. Frozen (August 2015)

Note: The next game versions (Marvel and The Good Dinosaur) will arrive via App Store updates this November.

Game Experience:
Although this game title comes with the console version, experts predict more mobile players to upload and download the game applications for Android and iOS. This can be supported by the number of downloads at the Google Playstore alone that has reached more than 500,000 after a month on the market.

In-app purchase will be necessary to access all the Disney Infinity characters and the Toy Box Speedway Expansion Game. Unlike the console version, users can purchase characters, even without the toy/s. But, each player gets to try three trial characters for free weekly for a limited time only.

In terms of gameplay, one of the most noticeable improvements can be seen in the game’s combat (Thanks to Ninja Theory!). Attacking is now made smoother and faster, thus a soft tap can immediately create movements. However, those players with deeper button smashing powers get an advantage as they are able to create powerful and impressive attacks. So far, the structured game play of the 3.0 version is the best it’s ever been, but the creative mode still requires improvements. Let’s not relay creativity to its high definition feature, but more on the creative gameplay and user experience.

This HD game will definitely be more attractive to younger players, who are into active gameplay and collecting items and characters. The challenges, gameplay, and even graphics are also best for players with powerful smartphones or tablets. For this review, we tested the game on the iPhone 6s, as its 64-bit processor is exactly what you will need in this app to run this heavy 2.24 GB game seamlessly. Amongst the iPhones on the market, O2 said this handset comes with the most advanced processor to guarantee no freezing screens while playing while it also helps reduce draining the battery quickly.

• It comes with new features for the Hub tasks, community, and missions.
• The Star Wars gameplay, story, and experience were well-handled.
• The Disney Infinity 3.0 comes with an enhanced single-player user experience.
• Developers improved the Interiors and included new sidekick mechanics.

• The app only comes with three characters for free. The rest will have to be bought via in-app.
• Due to various content available on the game, it makes the creative modes difficult to find.

Final Game Score: 8/10

Click here to install the iOS app.
Click here to install the Android app.

Have you tried this title on your mobile devices? What’s your take on this game – awesome or a flopped? Share your experiences with us.
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