Heroes Rewatch: The Art of Deception and The Wall

This is it, Fangirls. The penultimate post for the original Heroes series. The last two episodes before the series finale. So here we go with chapters 16 and 17.

Chapter 16, “The Art of Deception”, brings us back to the carnival after Samuel’s break. He tried what he thought was everything to win back the love of his life and it failed. And the entire carnival saw as he sunk an entire town because of it. He goes to Lydia, who tells him the carnival is closed and that everyone is afraid. He has lost the trust and respect of his family. He is determined to win them all back, no matter what he needs to do.

Peter is dreaming of Emma again. He sees the truth of it all. Doyle is controlling her, Emma is frightened, and his worst enemy, Sylar, is the one to help save her. Peter tries to call Emma after waking up, but she isn’t anywhere to be found. His phone rings, his mother calling. Peter goes to see her; she needs help making the final decision for Nathan’s gravestone. They talk about the dream they’ve had. Peter wants to find Sylar, and knows that Angela knows where he is. She agrees, knowing her sons are heroes.

Matt comes home with groceries to find and certain Sylar – a real Sylar – waiting for him. He helps with the groceries, and Matt is severely confused. Janice is safe at home with baby Matt and has heard stories from Gabriel of when they were partners. Janice has invited him to stay for a late lunch. Sylar is using his time in Matt’s head to pretend they were partners. Matt gets him down in the basement to openly talk. Sylar tells Matt that having found a way to live with his powers he has become a stronger person. He doesn’t want to kill anymore, and he wants Matt to go inside his head one last time to take away his powers. Matt agrees to try after Sylar makes (empty) threats to his family and then agrees to let them out. Matt has no idea where to start however, as his first and second attempts ends in failure. Janice comes in and Sylar pins her against a wall. He’s having a fight inside, the ticking sounding broken and chopped.

Gretchen and Claire are outside of Noah’s apartment, Gretchen wanting Claire to tell her father about the recent encounter with Sylar. Claire is nervous, and Gretchen offers to go with her. Claire wants her there but knows she has to reconcile with her father by herself. Claire goes in with coffee in hand, but it’s Lauren who answers the door. Noah isn’t home, and Claire finds that they’ve been looking into the carnival. She tells Lauren that he needs to stop investigating, but Lauren shows her Samuel sinking the town. Claire learns the truth about Samuel’s power, and Claire leaves. Back in her dorm, Claire wants advice as to how to help her father, knowing a showdown with Samuel will end badly. Claire wants to take Samuel down while protecting the carnival, but Gretchen doesn’t want her involved at all. Claire leaves angry. Noah is angry too, not being able to get in touch with his daughter. He decides it’s time to go attack Samuel. Lauren tells him he’s too emotionally involved, and goes with him.

Claire goes to the carnival and finds Lydia. She tells her the danger that is coming and that she doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. Eli is listening though and goes to warn Samuel. Claire wants Samuel to turn himself in, but Lydia knows it won’t happen. Samuel comes to confront them. Claire tries to talk him into turning himself in, promising that if he does Noah won’t hurt him. Noah and Lauren are watching the carnival and spot Samuel and Lydia. Lauren spots Claire, who calls her father to offer her terms. She just wants to try and do it peacefully, with no injuries. And Noah agrees, but with his own secret conditions. Lauren will grab him at the meeting spot and if things go wrong Noah will still have a shot without the risk of anyone else getting hurt. Samuel makes a goodbye speech (side note, this actor is fabulous at speeches, he’s fantastic) telling the family everything…except, you know, the truth about Joseph’s death. He is shot at during the speech and more shots ring out, frightening the family. Claire is hit as well as Samuel. But Noah is not the one shooting. He finds the real shooter, Eli. Eli shoots Lauren, and Noah shoots Eli’s copy. And Lydia? She’s dying, but not before finding out that Samuel staged it all. Eli has grabbed Noah, with no idea that Lauren is still alive and sees him. Lydia dies, Samuel’s plan working exactly how he wanted it to. Claire tries to call her dad but he doesn’t answer. Eli drags him into the carnival, making him the new villain to unite the family. Noah tells Claire he didn’t do it and she knows he’s telling the truth. Samuel locks up Claire and Noah separately.

Matt tries to talk Sylar down, and Sylar asks how he lives with the temptation to use his power. Matt tells him that he needs to know they don’t control him, that he can control them. Sylar lets Janice go, and Matt tells her he doesn’t know how to do what Sylar wants. Matt returns to Sylar with a new plan, we take a trip through Sylar memories, see a lot of his kills, see those he thought important in his life. It worked; Matt buried his powers and trapped him inside his own mind, to be alone forever. Matt hides Sylar’s body as Peter comes to the door.

The carnival is in chaos as Emma walk through. Doyle greets her, telling her Samuel needs her help. He needs medical attention and tells Emma what the rest of the carnival believes. He plans for to make a new world for the family.

Matt greets Peter, and Peter secretly grabs his power. He knows Sylar is down stairs and goes to get him. Peter sees the unconscious Sylar and plans to bring him back. Peter goes into his head and finds an empty NYC as the back drop to Sylar’s hell. He wanders looking for Sylar.

Lauren is still in the woods and calls Tracey Strauss for help. Samuel is with the now dead Lydia when Edgar returns. He tells Samuel everything, believing Noah did this. But he still doesn’t trust Samuel. Samuel goes outside, ready to make one more speech. Noah is locked in the house of mirrors, Claire in a trailer. Lauren stands despite her injuries, needing to save them. Samuel declares that it is time to end their fear and to show the world what they are. And chapter 16 is ended.

Chapter 17, “The Wall”, begins with Peter and Sylar. Peter is searching for Sylar inside his own head, and Sylar is in his old watch shop listening and fixing a ton of watches. He hears something and arrives outside in the empty NYC, looking for whatever the sound was. It’s Peter, ready to get Sylar out. But Sylar knows there isn’t any way out. He believes it’s been three years, but in reality it’s been three hours. He stops believing that Peter is really there, thinking it’s his mind messing with him, and runs away. Peter chases and finds himself in Sylar’s old apartment. Peter tries to explain what’s happening, but Sylar believes it’s real, that for three years he’s been alone. He asks why Peter would want to save him after everything they’ve gone through, and Peter tells him about the dream where he saves Emma. Sylar doesn’t believe him, not being the saving kind. But he plays along, wanting to see Peter try to get them out. But even with Matt’s ability it doesn’t work.

Samuel finds Claire working to break out. She wants to see her father, and Samuel reassures her that he’s safe despite what he did. But she knows he didn’t do it, no matter what Samuel says. He takes her to the hall of mirrors, where Noah is tied up. He brings in Damien, who will show Claire the real Noah. We travel to 1985, where Noah is selling cars – though not very well as he sends customers to another dealership. His wife – not Sandra – comes by to say hi. Her name is Kate, and she is pregnant. Claire sees this memory and is confused, never knowing this before. But she still believes in her father, not wanting to pry into her father’s life. Samuel isn’t done as we flash into another memory. He is thrilled that he will be a father. He answers the door to a new delivery man, one who has powers and plans to steal all of their money. He uses his powers and kills Kate and the baby. Again, Claire sees it all in the mirrors.

Back in the land of Sylar and Peter, time is moving quickly. Peter doesn’t know how to break out, and has apparently gone a month without talking to Sylar. Sylar has accepted being alone, even taunts Peter a little like the old days. They both say they want to escape, but really Sylar thinks he deserves his fate of being alone. But Peter needs his help. Sylar agrees as they find a wall blocking their path. They need to break through the wall if they ever want to get out.

Lauren wanders through the carnival unnoticed. She finds the medical supplies, and Emma finds her. Emma patches her up and learns who Lauren and Samuel really are. Samuel comes and knows that they’re not alone. He lets Emma leave and finds Lauren.

Claire talks to her father about his memories. She understands why he never told her about it, understands how it shaped him. We see another memory, one of Noah being a Company Man before he knew anything about the Company. He makes a map with news articles, and one year later he finds a couple of them, including the one who killed Kate. He confronts one wanting information, but the man he’s confronting knows nothing. The man attacks and Noah kills him. Claire watches in shock, and is finally ready to know everything about her father. We see him back as a salesman, being watched by Thompson. Thompson knows what Noah did and offers him a job at the Company, offering to help find the man who killed Kate. Two years later, Thompson and Noah discuss the new job with the new partner. Noah has been killing those he hunts, and that worries the Company. They want him to balance out his life by finding a wife and starting a family. Thompson suggests he start with their waitress, Sandra. Claire is angry, thinking the Company is the reason any of them were a family. He assures her they are just memories, choices of the past. And then we find Thanksgiving weekend, where Noah confronts Gretchen about Claire going to the carnival. Gretchen tries to convince him that he needs to trust his daughter to make the right decision, but he doesn’t listen. The Haitian walks in, and Noah says he won’t erase any of her memories as long as Gretchen does what he asks. Claire walks out, angry at what her father has done.

Peter is hitting the wall constantly, trying to do any damage to it. Nothing works. Sylar comes to see how it goes. Sylar worries about Peter, and we find that Sylar keeps connecting to Nathan’s memories, remembering them as if they were his own. He apologizes to Peter again apparently, and they have a shouting match about how saying sorry changes nothing. It finally pushes Sylar to grab a hammer and start helping Peter. He knows he can’t bring Nathan back, but he can still help Peter in other ways.

Samuel and Lauren discuss what’s best for the family. Samuel wants change, wants to stop living in the carnival. He wants the world to see him as he is, and Eli lets him know that Claire isn’t in the house of mirrors anymore. Samuel goes to Claire, who tells him he was right. She doesn’t mean a word of what she says. She knows that he wasn’t the one to shoot Lydia. She knows Samuel doesn’t truly know what family means. He tells her he is planning to show the world what they are, that the carnival will go to Central Park so that the world can see them. She still believes him to be insane and sends her to the souvenir trailers. Lauren has escaped them as well. Claire goes into the souvenir trailer to untie her father, and Samuel buries them in the ground.

Sylar and Peter have seemingly given up chipping away at the wall. Sylar is staring at it when Peter comes by. They’re slowly becoming friends, having kept each other sane throughout this alone time. Peter still is afraid to forgive Sylar, not ready to lose the anger that keeps the memory of his brother. Sylar swears to never hurt anyone again, promising not to be the old Sylar again. Peter knows he means it, that he is telling the truth, and for once a dent appears in the wall. They both grab hammers and break it down…and they wake up in Matt’s basement. Sylar – or should I call him Gabriel now – still has his powers, but for the first time since being Nathan they’ll be doing what he wants, no longer killing. They go to save Emma, but Eli has arrived to ensure they don’t succeed.

Claire and Noah discover they are trapped underground. And they are alone. And chapter 17 is over.

This is it. Next time will be the last time. The last time the heroes can save the world. The last time they can unite and stop villains. The last time in five years. Until then, everyone.











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