A-Force #4

Fangirls, issue 4 of “A-Force” told us who betrayed the team and what she will do to get the power she desires.

As you may have guessed, the traitor was…Loki! Surprise! Except, not really cause it’s always Loki. Anyway, yes, Loki opened the portals that caused the A-Force to break the laws and become fugitives. But She-Hulk has already figured that out, seeing the rainbow bridge through one of the portals. She gathers the remaining A-Force members and they go kick some Loki ass.




But, naturally, Loki isn’t done yet. She declares that if she can’t kill the A-Force herself, she’ll ensure that someone – or some things – can. She breaks down the wall that keeps out all of the monsters and lets in the Marvel Zombies.



A couple of important things. One, this time Loki doesn’t seem like the heartless villain. She actually mourns the losses of the members of the A-Force, her friends. And she does what she does because she thinks she would be better in power than She-Hulk was, and instead of talking it out, she betrays those closer to her.


Two, the end of the issue said “To Be Concluded”. Please just mean that this particular story line is ending and not all of the stories of all of team. Please. I love this series, I love that it’s these amazing women working together and kicking some serious butt, and I don’t want to see it end.












All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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